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A soldier on the verge of death rescues a kitten with no hope. Then, the kitten rescues him. Omeleto

U.S. Army veteran Josh Marino was in a battlefield in Iraq when he sustained traumatic injuries in a mortar attack. Josh returned home for treatment, and during recovery, he began to develop post traumatic stress disorder. Oe day, he'd had enough and decided to end his life. He wrote a letter and took out his knife and stepped outside for one last cigarette. There, in a thunderstorm, a kitten suddenly started to call out to Josh. He walked over and petted and comforted him. Then, every day, Josh would walk out and feed the kitten, establishing a friendship that saved his life. Then, one day, the kitten disappeared, only to reappear at another pivotal moment in both their lives. Even before he was my cat, before he even knew me that well, "Scout saved my life. He put me on a different path," Josh added. "He gave me the confidence to try to come back from all the adversity that I was feeling." Used with permission from Mutual Rescue and PetSmart Charities. Learn more at and Mutual Rescue™ is a national initiative created by Humane Society Silicon Valley to change the conversation around animal welfare. You're not only saving animal lives when you donate to a local animal shelter, you are helping to transform the lives of people in your community for the better through life-changing human-animal relationships.
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