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THE MESSAGE: full length version now ~ please pass around!

Freedom Central is proud to present THE MESSAGE, our first feature length documentary, which is a collection of information gathered from all over the world and communicated by those on the front line of the information war. This film hosts a stellar line up, including David Icke, Bill Ryan from Project Avalon, Patricia Cori, Marcel Messing, Albert Toby, Dr Eric Pearl, Charlie Veitch of the Love Police and of course Alternative Media Journalist Mel Ve. This film is humbly presented by Freedom Central to all those on the path to seek truth and freedom. We hope you enjoy this film, which we have decided to release, because we believe information is not just the exclusive intellectual property of those who can afford it. Rather it is the common heritage of all beings of this great universe. Peace Love Unity and Respect (PLUR)
Added by SiNeh on Thursday, August 19, 2010
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