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PHILIPPINES: The Hidden History of Ancient Kingdoms and Empires

Published on 1 Jan 2016 -This video is not an Anti-Hispanic culture documentary and doesn't aim to abolished Hispanic/American culture in Philippines, I think it's important to remember that we need to appreciate every collective culture that history has throwned to the islands of the Philippines for it would be a monument of the richness of the country, to remind every Filipinos that many great nations with different cultures of the world have fought for it's richness but in the end it was taken back by the Filipino people, and the Filipino people alone. that way they can feel a sense of uniqueness amongst the other Asian cultures! i don't wantt this video to be misunderstood plus it could make Spain and America get away with everything they did while colonizing Philippines,if we don't resourcefully use the the substitute culture they gave us in replacement of the culture we lost because of them. Parts of Philippine cultures was lost already because of them and if the Filipinos don't use the substitute cultures of the colonizer all of the direct contact to history will be lost, making Filipinos lose all of it's history and cultures, making the colonizers forget overtime what they did to the Philippines, making them guiltless.. I personally saw it happening today, some Spanish people today are rejecting the fact that they did colonized Philippines at all. Why? because Filipinos are destroying every evidence of it from their cultures and architectures[for more info watch: ] thinking they belong to Asia when that is not the case! Colonial era is already part of Philippine history! and no matter what, history will never change! European cultures is already passed to Philippines and you cannot forced it not to, Colonial history is the only part of history that has a direct contact with the pre-colonial era as it is the sequel of the story,... if the rejection of colonial evidence(demolishing many heritage cities instead of rebuilding a replicating it) still continues, even history of colonization might even be rejected as a myth and this is very very possible as it also happens to many histories in ancient mesopotamia that ended up as a myth but later found that it was true. So reection of a certain inherited culture is not the video's agenda at all. This Video only aims to let them appreicate the lost Pre-Hispanic cultures too instead of always copying the west.The Lost History of Ancient Philippine Kingdoms and Empires, Unknown to present day mainstream Philippine Education. Buried by the destructive sands of time and Sunken by the war waging seas of fate, lies a paradise of melting cultures, The Pearl of the Orient.
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