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This is what decent press looks like - T. Robinson in Cottbus/Germany

Ask yourself, what if 'our' media whores would report decently. If these liars of service would not permanently twist the truth. Robinson has made this public. In a short clip he makes clear, as what the 'German press' (mainstream media) called German protesters in Cottbus: As a brown swamp, as ultra-right, right-winger, as racists. This is only because there are people walking on the street, who are afraid, who have to be (also legitimately) afraid of the changes happening in Germany. Moreover, these people are afraid to express their opinions in public, because then they have to experience job loss or other serious disadvantages. These are classic features of a dictatorship. The video by Robinson was not widely accessed. That's why it comes here. The German press whores, who want to bring Robinson somehow to a statement, dodge, become annoying and disappear quickly from the circle of his camera. A 'press woman' even calls the red-haired lady a liar when she says these things (often deadly incidents caused by foreigners) are happening all over Germany. Then Robinson is not squeamish: he wants to question this 'press woman', who but does not want to comment further, and because of this he calls her a fascist. Then this liar disappears furious. Robinson only laughs, he knows such things. Watch the above clip, it takes less than 10 minutes for the truth in Germany to be revealed. So. And now you wonder what would happen if the mainstream media (eg. Tagesschau and large print media) would report correctly, in this country ? Report about what really happens in this country ? If they do not turn such processes as demonstrations, if they finally take place once, twist beyond recognition, or the participating people who simply have FEAR, name as ultra-rights, brown swamp or otherwise, to be called, so would stigmatize ? If the people taking part in it would not have to be afraid, despite the correctness of their concern, to be publicly branded and to experience disadvantages ? Also, and above all, through this lying press. For who goes to a demo, or a rally, if he therefore later has to fear social disadvantages ? What would happen in Germany and other european countries, would there be a decent press ?
Added by Parsifalrain on Sunday, February 11, 2018
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