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SURVIVE DEPOPULATION: 11 Affordable Ideas to Improve Your Odds (and Health!)

1. Avoid fluoridated toothpaste/mouthwash and other toxic personal care products. 2. Filter all your water and drink the cleanest water you can afford. Stay hydrated. Always. 3. Avoid GMO’s, pesticides, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and junk food in general. 4. Filter your air at home and at work. Try not to smoke, but if you do keep it organic and additive free. 5. Minimize exposure to electromagnetic pollution. Shut off wifi, keep your phone in airplane more, lobby to remove smart meters, shut appliances off while sleeping, etc. 6. Sleep well and destress. Get 8 hours of restful sleep as often as possible. 7. Try to stay positive no matter how bad life can seem. Chronic levels of stress hormones cause sickness. 8. Stay active. We evolved to be outside moving our bodies, not sitting at desks or on couches fiddling with technology. 9. Build strong community. Positive changes and preparations for an uncertain future are built on resilient relationships. 10. Help expose corruption. “Dark is not the opposite of light. It is the absence of light.” 11. Develop a well-rounded understanding of all medical options. No health care system is 100% perfect.
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