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YouTube closes all Syrian channels before the war
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YouTube closes all Syrian channels before the war

The Syrian state's YouTube channels were closed on Saturday just as the Syrian army's ground offensive against terrorists in Idlib officially began.
These include the following Syrian government-related channels: Syrian Presidency, Syrian Ministry of Defence, SANA and Sama TV.

This happened after YouTube closed the Syrian Ortas News last week.

The presumed reason for the world not receiving any information from the Syrian side when the Western criminal coalition consisting of the USA, France and England attacks Syria after the planned staged chemical weapons attack by the White Helmets.

If one visits the channels the explanation comes, 'this account was terminated for a violation of YouTube's terms of service'.

Parsifal, September 9, 2018.

As early as 23 August, Google (which includes YouTube) blocked or deleted 58 accounts of its various services with suspected connections to The Iran and Russia.

Google thus followed the same censorship that had already been carried out by Facebook and Twitter.
The reason given was that Russian and Iranian accounts would spread 'disinformation'.

Yes, showing the other side of the events is 'disinformation' and must be censored, in the eyes of the US Deep State Propaganda Tools called 'social media'.

Now that the last bastion of terrorists is being recaptured by the Syrian army in Idlib, the media monopoly is to be controlled, especially if another false-flag attack with chemical weapons is staged and Assad is framed.

With YouTube videos with fake scenes they want to convince the world audience again, civilians, women and children are victims of the 'evil Assad regime' and therefore the 'good West' MUST bomb Syria for 'humanitarian reasons'.

Only this time can there be a direct military confrontation between the US and Russia, because Moscow has warned not to stand idly by this time.

Elsewhere in the country, in north-eastern Syria, where American forces are stationed to support Syrian-Kurdish groups, there have already been clashes between US-backed terrorists and the Syrian Army.

What are the Americans doing in Syria anyway?
Nobody invited them and they are illegally there.

With this coordinated censorship, it looks like the American tech giants are part of a (secret) conspiracy (conspiracies take place in secret, if official, conspiracies wouldn't be conspiracies) that tries to control the world's information and suppress all opposing opinions.

However, this is 'out of the question', as we have been told by the political actors and fake news media since 9/11 that there are no conspiracies and that these are only fantasies of mental patients suffering from persecution mania.

If this liberation of the last stronghold of terrorists by the Syrian Army with the help of the Russian Air Force is used in any way as a pretext to start a war with Russia or The Iran, it will only indicate that the Western leaders are completely insane.

Unbelievable if the struggle for the province called Idlib could possibly lead to the end of civilization on this plane-t.
But the responsible psychopaths in the West are completely capable of that !

Trump is only a liar and a puppet of the Deep State, because as a candidate he said during the election campaign that US foreign policy in the Middle East was a disaster, but now as president he follows the same policy as the last SEVEN Presidents.

This confirms that the White House occupiers have nothing to say and make no decisions !


Here is the live stream of the Syrian Ortas Canal, about which you can inform yourself ... or via this link:

this just came in:

Nine Civilians Killed as UN Warns Syria Not to Fight Terrorists

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