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Why is the West protecting the terrorists in Idlib ?
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Why is the West protecting the terrorists in Idlib ?

The Syrian Army is determined to free Idlib from the terrorists, the last stronghold of bloodthirsty head cutters, which could lead to the end of the war in Syria.
The US, along with France, Britain and Germany (the Gang of Four), as well as their regional allies, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, are strictly opposed.
The question that arises is, why do Washington and its warring flunkies side with radical Islamic terrorists when they pretend to be against terror and Idlib is the largest concentration of terrorists in the world ?
The Syrian government has been warned NOT to recapture its own territory from the terrorists, otherwise Syria will be massively attacked.
How does this fit together and what is the reason for this threat ?

Parsifal, September 14, 2018

Trump warned Russia and Syria of a 'serious mistake'.
He warned Syrian President Dr Bashar al-Assad against an attack on Idlib province, which would have serious military consequences.

As a reminder, in the last 12 months, the terrorists in the various regions of Syria have been systematically and successfully encircled and defeated by the Syrian Army.
They were then given the choice either to surrender, lay down their weapons and participate in the reconciliation programme in order to integrate into Syrian society ... or to leave for Idlib with weapons and annexes.
So, as I said above, it came to the largest gathering of terrorists in Idlib.

When President Assad was asked why he would like the terrorists who wanted to continue fighting to be concentrated in Idlib he said he would rather gather the terrorists in one place than all over Syria.
This would make it easier to fight them.
This is the current situation with between 30.000 and 40.000 terrorists in Idlib and the Syrian Army is ready to kill them so that the 7-year war can finally end.

But why don't the gang of 4 and the opponents of Syria as neighbouring countries allow the cleansing of Idlib and the liberation of the suffering and detained civilian population there and threaten with an attack, thus protecting the terrorists ?

It's been a year since Brett McGurk, the US government's special envoy to the Global Coalition Against the IS (Daesh, ISIS), at a conference of the Middle East Institute, called Idlib Province 'the largest safe haven for Al Qaeda since September 11, directly tied to Ayman al-Zawahiri'.
He then immediately added that Al-Qaeda's presence in Idlib had been a 'huge problem' and 'for some time'.

Listen to what he said in July 2017:
Brett McGurk corrected after he insinuates Turkey is to blame for al-Qaeda's deputy getting to Syria


McGurk also noted that the efforts of foreign governments, including the U.S.,

'to supply tens of thousands of tons of weapons and look in the other direction as foreign fighters invaded Syria may not have been the best approach. Al-Qaeda has taken full advantage of this and Idlib is now a big problem'.

And now the same US government is protecting exactly these Al-Qaeda and IS terrorists in Idlib ?


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I gave some thought to this and came to the following conclusion s:
Because the Western states would then have to take in the 40.000 terrorists, just like the helpers of the terrorists, the White Helmets, which recently left Syria via Israel to Jordan and were taken in by the West.

The USA, France, Great Britain and Germany, as well as Turkey and, of course Israel, do not want to let tens of thousands of the most brutal and radical terrorists into their own country as 'refugees', so the status quo in Idlib must be maintained and the terrorists stay there.

In the past, after 'successful' deployment in a country such as Libya with the fall and murder of Col Muamar Ghaddafi, the terrorists were taken to a new country 'to bring happiness' the next victim of the criminal American policy of 'regime change' as mercenaries and proxies.
The jihadists were taken from Libya with their weapons in 2011 and smuggled into Syria via Turkey for their new mission.

Erdogan is the main culprit in this whole situation, because he has not only let the terrorists in via Turkey, supplied and massively supported them from there, he has also used them for his plans to conquer Syrian territory, because of his criminal goofy Ottoman fantasy !

Now he doesn't want to take them back and it reminds me of Friedrich Schiller's drama 'The Conspiracy of Fiesco from Genoa' (Die Verschwörung des Fiesco zu Genua) and the quote from it:

'The Maure has done his duty, so the Moor can go'.

But where should the terrorists go ?

In Syria the fall of Assad after seven years of the most brutal terrorist war did not work and the terrorists are stuck in the last bastion in Idlib, surrounded and facing a complete defeat.

Washington must either reinstate its terror mercenaries somewhere new or take them in itself and the 'Allies'!

The Americans cannot simply give up their assets and have them destroyed by the brave Syrian Army, because then they will no longer be able to recruit jihadists for the dirty work of destabilizing states in the future.
Moreover, Washington has invested too much money, weapons and training in terrorists.

So it has been decided to warn President Assad, not to attack Idlib, so that the terrorists can stay there.

Because it will be difficult to convince the population in the above-mentioned countries to take in 40.000 professional terrorists, who will be able to carry out their terrorist work to the best of their ability !

Turkey doesn't want them, much less Israel; anyway.  
Neither does Jordan, and the Saudis certainly do not.
Where should they go ?
To the USA or to France, Great Britain and Germany ?

How will the Merkel explain this to the Germans, after what is already happening in terms of everyday 'single cases' foreigner crime and terror in Germany ?

My fellow citizens, we must accept 10'000 terrorists who fought for us in Syria as refugees in order to save them from the Syrian Army.
We can still do that !

If she says so, then the AfD will get the majority and she will be thrown out of the window !

That is why the terrorists must remain in Idlib.
That is why the Von der Leyen and the Merkel decided to participate in the attack on Syria.

The question is, will the Syrian government and Russia remain silent, let themselves be intimidated and postpone or give up liberation from Idlib ?

And if they nevertheless free Idlib and start the recapture, will the murderous gang of four attack Syria to protect their terrorists ?

Now we understand the tricky situation and will soon see what will happen.
Will World War III be triggered because of the protection of the terrorists in Idlib ?

UPDATE I - September 14, 2018
It is important to understand how Moscow operates and how the EU twists the facts to use humanitarian corridorsin order  to save its death squads (see below, UPDATE II).

As in other cases, Moscow will again create humanitarian corridors in Idlib and promote local reconciliation agreements to prevent civilian casualties, the Russian Foreign Minister said.
Anyone who is not a terrorist can safely leave Idlib.
But he warned that terrorist groups would continue to be targeted.

'We will do everything we can not to hurt the civilian population',

the diplomat said.

In announcing this news, Lavrov pointed out how criminal and unscrupulous the U.S.-led Western coalition had been in 'liberating' Iraqi Mosul and Syrian Raqqa, long strongholds of terrorists of the Islamic State.

'The cities were razed to the ground during the offensives carried out by the West and corpses were lying under the rubble for months',

he stated.
The minister recalled that during these operations no adequate escape corridors for civilians were created by the Americans.

UPDATE II - September 15, 2018
- here we have it:
Of course, among the terrorists are not just a few 'special forces' of the USrael, French, Turks and British, who would be killed if the Syrian Army stormed Idlib.
Above all, how are Trump, Macron and all the other - completely dominated by the Zionesia Apartheit regime - felons going to explain to the bereaved and their peoples that the dead have been taken care of by the Russian and Syrian military ?

This is why the optimized fascist-communist merger, the EU coming to the rescue of their special forces, training and advising the brutal head cutters:
As the German Economy News (DWN) would report as of 15.09.18: (- in a political corrected world - as is so increasingly the case - even the DWN editorial office following the flawed corporate mainstream narration)

'EU wants to make room for people who have to leave Idlib
The EU begins to transfer refugees from the camps on the Greek islands.
The EU wants to make room for people who have to leave Idlib'.

Only, this evacuation certainly does not concern the civilian population in the region of Idlib, taken hostage by the head cutters, rather the personnel of the so-called western community 'of values' consisting of NATO military advisors and their terrorist trainees !

Syrians are completely irrelevant to the West, they serve at best as extras for the usual poison gas stagings by the terrorists who can then be rescued in selfless sacrifice by the White Helmets from the 'evil, evil dictator Assad' as a pretext for military bombing adventures of cities in Syria by the usual waring regimes in the EU and USSA and as a covert operation to be able to smuggle the most perverted and most unscrupulous terrorists into the EU - and elsewhere - disguised as poor civilians (without identity) who have unfortunately lost their passports on the run.

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