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Fertile soils, mineral resources such as iron ore, bauxite, lead, chromium, titanium, uranium, zinc and oil reserves provide for the carnivores of today, international corporations, enough reasons to pitch into Ukraine.

From the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the economy was ruined with the shock therapy of neo-liberalism, to prepare the country favourable for the takeover by Western corporations.


The annual income in most of the country is below 2.000 euro.

In the age of ‘land grabbing’ tens of thousands of acres of fertile farmland for the greed of Western investors and agricultural companies are reason enough to provide strategies to destabilize the country.


And if the EU Commission still supports a ‘Central Committee of the corporations’ billions can run like clockwork.


Why supported the West suitable candidates in election campaigns if they do not, what they are told?


Putin just needs to be portrayed a villain and Obama is sold as a saviour of democracy and freedom and the staging of a coup is done.

Now Putin has an unforgivable flaw: He puts the state interests, i.e. the interests of citizens against the greed of corporations through.

He violated the unwritten code of Western politics, lulling the people and to do everything what serves the international corporations.


If the government then act like corporate puppets (must), regardless of whether they are called Bush, Clinton, Obama, Hollande or Merkel, finds this in the corporate-controlled media positive echo.


President Bush said at the1992 Rio - Summit:

'American way of life is not negotiable'

And this way has history, genocide of the indigenous population, resource exploitation, military intervention on the basis of lies, in order to secure oil with simultaneous control of the media to portray themselves as protectors of freedom and democracy.


The television images of the barricades from Kiev remember striking to stage design of operas and Interviews, can be made and ordered as well as unwanted cut.


translated article from German to English by Parsifal, written at March 11, 2014, by

Professor Dr. Hermann Knoflacher

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