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Twin Flames, Sexuality and Your Aura


How many times have you heard someone say: "We live only once." (Translation: Therefore, let's go out and do all the stupid things we can, because there are no consequences in the long wrong anyway...)

We live and sleep with people as if we truly did live only once. Unfortunately what takes place on a spiritual level when two people merge their bodies, be it in the way of true Twin Soul love or a "quickie" with someone with "no strings attached," matters in the world of spirituality and evolution and shapes your energetic DNA and your future life times.

We have heard of the "law of balance," or at least of something called "duality." Up and down, in and out, as above so below, and so on. Everything that happens on this physical plane also happens on a non-physical level the very moment it takes place on this physical plane. The opposite is true as well, the moment something happens on the etheric plane it also happens here on the physical plane (with a matter of delay). When we die we leave this physical body, this shell if you will, behind. We take with us the memory of what we have experienced in this life time as well as all previous life times. Based on these memories we formulate the lessons we need to learn in our future life times to come.

Most know that we have what's called an aura. Just like a flame on a candle gives out a beautiful light around its flame, we too have a flame inside of us, which is our soul, and it too gives out a beautiful light around us, which we call aura. This aura is of an energetic nature and can have rips and tears and streaks in it just like any other fabric. Everything and everyone we encounter, whether in our real body or just inside our minds, shapes and colors our aura.

Being in a room with another person immediately affects your aura, for the better or worse, depending on the other person's energy and your weakness or strength to uphold your own frequency.

Just like we recharge batteries with masculine and feminine energy, our bodies get recharged by merging our physical bodies with our counterparts. We need this life giving and life sustaining merging in order to recharge our batteries (our bodies) and continue on with life.
Merging with just anybody can have detrimental effects on our bodies and our souls. It's of utmost importance that we merge with only the person who is as close to our energetic charge or our battery (body) gets damaged. Electricity always travels downhill faster than it does uphill. The same principle applies when you merge your body with someone whose energetic callibration is of a much lesser strength than yours. You being the higher vibrational being are being pulled down much faster than the other person is raised to your frequency.

Merging your body in ecstasy with the right person, your Twin Soul, opens up your channels to art, innovation, creation, progress, life, growth, change, inventions and everything good in life. We always merge our energies with people we meet physically or even only on a mental level. Where this meeting becomes even more powerful is if our bodily fluids become part of this exchange. It is during these interactions that energy exchanges become actual links like those in a chain, and our DNA strands become interlocked. The person you want to be interlocked with forever is your Twin Soul, not some stranger you met at the local bar for a one night stand. Unfortunately that person's DNA is now interlocked with you too, long after you've already forgotten his name, if you ever even got his name.

Our auras are affected to certain levels of degrees. If you look at a child you see its pure aura surrounding its being. If you look at a person who has had multiple partners you see his or her aura of a tainted and merky matter. The more physical partners anyone has had, the more "watered down," distorted and weak their aura looks and feels.

Sexual intercourse creates an even more intense bond energetically and physically, than if you're just shaking a person's hand and sit next to them during a business dinner. Allowing a man to penetrate you is allowing him to interlock your DNA with his on a forever plane.
Receiving and absorbing his physical bodily fluids fills your DNA with the entire blueprint of all of his memories, this life time as well as past life times. In fact, the Sanskrit's believe that a woman who sleeps with a man takes on his entire karma. Energy strands known as "cords" remain attached to both of you, long after your relationship is over. His energy is with you for years and life times to come, until your karma with this person is resolved. It should take an act of love to be willing to take on another person's karma and live with them for life and help each other resolve each other's karma, rather than enjoy a few thrills of bodily orgasms, which only serve to add to your current karma rather than resolve it.

Two people who are truly Twin Souls are able to literally feed each other through these cords, anything from energetic foods of positive thoughts to spurts of happiness and bliss. This cord is their lifeline to each other. It's this person you want to interlock with for eternity, because your Twin Soul in essence is a replica of you, it is you, your mirror image, you - only reversed. Anyone else is an intruder and will cause your energy to dissipate over time, making you sick physically and mentally, incapable of thinking straight or producing anything of value in this life.

Our planet Earth is our temporary home, it's where we all live and enjoy her boundless resources. Imagine if we just took and took and took and took and completely depleted her resources, we'd have no home left to live in. The same goes for our bodies. Our body is our home, we have to watch our resources (energy) and how we spend our energy. We can't give our energy out freely for self gratifying and temporary experiences and merge with people we have no business merging with. In doing so we only deplete our own planet, our own body. Just like we can't use the planet as a dumpsite, we can't use our body to feed it garbage (sex that is not based on love and is not based on rejuvinating both partners).
This doesn't mean that we should only have sex with the person we married, especially not if you realize that the person you married was the wrong person for you in the first place. In doing so you only further damaging your own body, your aura and your spiritual journey on this plane. Instead, remove yourself from that person, cleanse yourself of that person's energy, their cords and your karma with them. Merge with only one person who is your Twin Soul so you can gain the highest benefit from your "battery recharging system." Look at this union as a bucket or container into which both of you pour your heart-energy into.
When the bucket is full you can feed on it for a long time to come, when the container is empty you fill it up again (by having more sex). But you never, ever pour the energy out of the bucket onto the floor where it would spill and go to waste, by merging your sacred energy with somone other than your Twin Soul (or by cheating).

If you are being cheated on or you're the cheater, than you're taking the contents of this sacred container and you're wasting what has been poured in holiness. Your aura will reflect this spill and the aura of the person whom you're cheating on will reflect this lack in forms of auric rips and shreds (that's why you feel like you're being torn to pieces when someone cheats on you, the tearing is real indeed). You will also see this in form of a lack of glow on a woman's face. Watch an unhappy woman carefully and you'll easily pick up a man who lacks responsibility by her side. Watch an unhappy man the same way and you'll quickly pick up an unsurrendered woman by his side. Both meddle in other people's energies and have given up feeding what each other give each other. Trust is lost.

Meddling with other people's physical bodies (cheating) not only leaves you marked aurically with that other person's DNA but you are physically merging three people's bodily fluids into one. The science of this is not seen in Mother Nature, ever. All we see if the merging of two compatible opposites, such as hydrogen and oxygen creating something brand new: water. Sodium and chlorine creating something brand new: table salt. The same takes place with us. You cannot create water by merging hydrogen, oxygen and peroxide - it simply won't work. In the same way, you cannot expect purity, trust and love when that is not why and how you're merging with another person.

Yet we try it all the time and then we wonder how come true love never seems to come our way!

The bible talks about us being virgins when we get married. Often we feel that we are serving a God who wants to punish us because he supposedly doesn't want us to enjoy physical pleasure by having sex with people. Little do we know that when two aurically pure beings merge for the first time and forever stay together, that we have two people that are aurically so bonded and pure that they can undertake anything they choose and they are energetically and in any other way supported by the laws of nature. Aurically pure couples are additionally protected by a special, non-penetrateable shield that most won't ever attain. They also don't have any cords that keep them from what's really important. It's not that God is a mean God, it's because God is a loving God that we're told to merge with purity and holiness.

Now this may put a damper on most people because how many people do you know who are still virgins? So what are you to do if you're no longer a virgin?

There is a lot you can do; for one you can "go back" in time energetically and cleanse yourself from the cords and energetic attachments of other people. You can decide to get a fresh start and to keep yourself from getting muddied even more and keep yourself clean and pure until you meet your Twin Soul. Work on yourself first and get yourself ready for that joyous reunion. Know that it will happen sooner than you think.

Most of all, forgive. Others as well as yourself for having merged with people you really didn't want to merge with in the first place, but did anyway. Perhaps you didn't have any control over it; set them free anway, let them go in peace and with forgiveness in your heart, wishing them only love and purity as well.

written by Chazney Sandhriel

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