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The 'anti-fascists', the brown shirts of today
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The 'anti-fascists', the brown shirts of today

We have been distracted to look to the right to recognize the danger ...

'When Fascism comes ... it will be in the name of anti-Fascism!'

- Huey Long

For years, I'm trying to show, we live in a topsy-turvy world, in where everything is upside down, like George Orwell in his novel 1984 described.

'War is peace - freedom is slavery - ignorance is strength'.

Those who cause the most wars and kill people, get the Nobel Peace Prize, such as Ex-President Barrack Obama.
He is the first President in US history who has led wars in his entire eight years in office, and has new wars started.
Parsifal, February 22, 2017

This applies also to Angela Merkel, who in her 11 years as Chancellor also commanded continuously war, namely in Afghanistan.
Plus, the many other wars, where only by deception is make believe that Germany is not involved.

So the NATO bombing campaign against Libya was 'managed' by officers of the Bundeswehr in the command centers.
Incomprehensible is therefore, how both be shown as good people, as role models and 'angels of peace'.

Unfortunately, the truth has become the lie and the lie the truth.
The whole thing has come to a head in the fact that the mainstream media are the real propagators of Fake News, make anything, just don't report what is really happening.

I believe Michael Ellner said it well in his quote:

'Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom'

Those who dub themselves a 'label', do exactly the opposite of what they claim as their task.

The NATO is a 'defensive Alliance', is a lie !

Why then NATO waged wars of aggression against international law, such as against Serbia, against Afghanistan and against Libya, and why it has filled the vacuum in Eastern Europe, moved to the Russian border, and desperately wants a war with Russia ?

This is supposed to be defense ?
In reality, NATO is an aggressive and murderous War Alliance !

As their main task, Central banks would provide monetary stability.
In fact the opposite is the case, because of their criminal policy they provide for the loss of value of money.
The US Dollar has lost in the last 100 years 99 percent of its purchasing power.

The shadow powers in the EU and in the US pretend to stand up for democracy and human rights.
In fact, they go and ignore democratic elections, they topple elected governments, as in Egypt and allow a military regime to come to power.

Or, as in the Ukraine, where they brought the gang of Bandera's Nazis to the government.
Bashir al Assad was also elected by a majority to the President, but should be removed for 6 years with the help of the terrorists.
The Referendum in the Crimea is not recognized.

Democracy is only okay if the decision is in their favor.
If the people decide otherwise, then hue and cry is called, then is sabotaged and intrigued, as against Brexit and against the election of Donald Trump to be President.

They do not accept a majority vote against their globalist program of the new world order.
They interfere strongly in the election campaign.
Therefore, all patriots are demonized and encouraged only traitors of his country, such as Hillary against Trump.

One of these patriots, Nigel Farage, has significantly and successfully fought for the British exit from the EU.
With his strong and clear language he has warned the EU-Turbos for many years in the EU Parliament, if they continue so in undemocratic manner and ignore the will of the people, is falling apart the artificial construct of the EU.
Therefore, the Anti-EU movements.

In one of his last speeches, he said something very true, and presented succinctly.
Farage says, the young generation, which titled everyone as 'fascist', who does not agree with their opinion, has themselves become fascists, because of their intolerance of all dissent.

It is a matter of fact, those who demand tolerance are themselves the most intolerant, which is clearly a sign of fascism.

You can remember the decision in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2014, where this Thomas Neuwirth, alias Conchita Wurst, won the singing competition in Copenhagen ?
He-she-it was celebrated as a symbol of 'tolerance' that the media and politicians highly cheering.
But when the Tolmachevy twins from Russia performed, there was in the hall in Copenhagen raging, booing and the most ugly spells.

This is the proof for what I say.
The ideology of fascism consists in large part of intolerance towards dissenters, and that is exactly what the liberal left does.
That is why I call them left-fascists.
They want to impose on all others their way of thinking and to tolerate no other.
They talk of freedom of expression, but supress and fight if there is a different opinion.

That is why the title of this article reads:
The brown shirts of today are the anti-fascists.
This so-called 'Antifa' goes off on people who think differently usually with violence, like the SA (Sturmabteilung also called Nazi storm troopers), at the time.
So they are the real fascists, and so we have again the proof for the absurdity, it all is topsyturvily.

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The population is arbitrarily controlled with terms.
It is no longer war and destruction against international law, but humanitarian intervention.
Something is 'politically correct', when is chewed the cud of the lying propaganda of the rulers.
And who uses the 'false' -, that is, the corresponding terms, is attempts to denounced as a right-wing or extremist or conspiracy theorist or a racist....
The Western propaganda works with insidious, cunning and very subtle psychological tools to steer the populations.
To learn these techniques, to recognize and to be able to defend yourself, is the most important thing not to become mislead.
The completely contradictory is that they represented no former left ideals, such as anti-imperialism or peace, but that they help actively to build the fascist new order for the world, the global fascism.

Mika Brzezinski 'Our Job' to 'Control Exactly What People Think'

How hypocritical  the German Regime proceeds, you detect in the actions of (German) Federal Minister of family Affairs Manuela Schwesig, who demands censorship of the Internet for the allegedly protection of the youth.
The young people are to be protected from information of 'right wing extremists' and 'hate against refugees, Muslims and other minorities'.

This is a patronizing and no protection.
With this approach, they want to keep the young people away from the truth and let them growing in a world of propaganda such as as dictatorships make.
It is about political indoctrination, brainwashing and mind control.

Because it is o.k. to tell the young people thes lie, the Crimea was stolen from Russia by force, Russia would have entered the Ukraine with tanks, the EU and the Euro would be super and the EU member countries to be wonderful, or, that mass immigration would be good for society, and 'we can do this'.

To abandon one's own nationality and identity would be desirable and all should be brought into line, equal-minded and uniformed 'citizen of the world'.
Everyone who does not cope is evil and must be combated, also with force.
But this is exactly fascism !

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