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The Periodic Climate Change
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About a thousand years ago there was in the Middle Ages a warming of about two degrees Celsius in all European countries.

Parsifal, January 12, 2014

This lasted for 400 years and was replaced by a small ice age.

The people at that time knew no UN IPCC and were not shocked but enjoyed the warmth.

They built wine in areas in which the hitherto not been possible.

And no one gave them the blame for climate change, because there was no one who earned a fortune with CO2 certificates.

Today is a huge whining about the (Austrian) Pasterze (Großglockner - Glacier) because it is smaller.

In the 16th Century it was used as pasture (that is her name) mentioned in a document.

Currently, glaciers grow (among other countries) mostly in Argentina, New Zealand and the Karakoram.

But about the growing glaciers representatives of the IPCC lose no word because it does not fit in their computer calculations.


But climate change, there was also elsewhere, at any time as shown by the following reports:

Thomas Jefferson on Global Warming

'The change which has taken place in our climate is one of those facts which all men of years are sensible of and yet none can prove by regular evidence.

They can only appeal to each other’s general observation for the fact.

I remember that when I was a small boy, say sixty years ago, snows were frequent and deep in every winter, to my knee very often, to my waist sometimes, and that they covered the earth long.

And I remember while yet young to have heard from very old men that in their youth the winters had been still colder, with deeper and longer snows.

In the year 1772, thirty-seven years ago, we had a snow two feet deep in the Champaign parts of this state, and three feet in the counties next below the mountains . . .'

'While I lived at Washington, I kept a Diary, and by recurring to that I observe that from the winter of 1802-03 to that of 1808-09 inclusive, the average fall of snow of the seven winters was only 14½ inches, and that the ground was covered but sixteen days in each winter on average of the whole.

The maximum in any one winter during that period was 21 inches fall, and 34 days on the ground, the minimum was 4½ inches fall and two days on the ground . . .!

Williams in his history of Vermont has an essay on the change in the climate of Europe, Asia and Africa.'

Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Philadelphia physician and Professor Nathaniel Chapman dated Dec. 11, 1809, nine months after he left the presidency.

Climate change crusaders insist that the earth is warming largely due to the emission of greenhouse gases by motor vehicles and factories.

But Thomas Jefferson wrote about global warming back in the early 19th century, before there were any emissions from cars, coal-fired power plants, and other developments of the Industrial Age.



Dr. Adolf Hoel Spitsbergen expedition
Arctic appears to warm up

Reports from fishermen/seal hunters/researchers who sail the sea round Svalbard/eastern part of Arctic, all point to radical change in climate conditions & hitherto completely unknown to high temperatures
ice conditions exceptional fact is we have so little ice, never been recorded.

Hoel made a cross section of Gulf Stream at 81°N latitude, would have measured depths of 3,100M these show the Gulf Stream very warm it can be pursued in parallel as a surface current towards the 81° warmth of the water makes it likely that favourable ice conditions continue for some time many landscapes have changed are no longer recognizable where there are large masses of ice were, are now moraines, earth accumulations & stones in many places where once the glacier towered far into the sea, they are completely gone temperature change, says Captain I, also changed flora & fauna in Arctic this summer he was looking for white fish around Spitsbergen previously, there were large flocks of them this year, he saw none, although searched all his old fishing grounds there were a few seals in the waters around Spitsbergen this year & the catch was well below average he pointed out the waters around Spitsbergen else had a consistent summer temperature of 3°C.

This year, measured temperatures of up to 15°C / last winter sea is frozen not even on the N coast of Spitsbergen.


The source report of the Washington Post article on changes in the arctic has been found in the Monthly Weather Review for (02) November 1922 and was printed first in the ‘Summer 1922’ issue.


As previously reported, due to soot and fine-dust pollution in particular (environmental pollution) on the ground and so surface of the ice cover a dark dressing.

This amplifies the effect of solar radiation and thus leads to a melting of glaciers:

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