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The Myth of the Rising Sea Levels due to Global Warming
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Today, I would like to expose the claim (first mentioned by Al Gore) of the raising sea levels by the alleged anthropogenic global warming as a lie and replace this popular superstition by facts.

Parsifal, December 09, 2009, updated Nov 16, 2013

Politically speaking, we must remember one thing, all these allegations about Global Warming, Global Cooling, Climate Change, Global Climate Disorder (any fearmongering appellation left out ?) arising from the UN Climate Panel, or IPCC, a group of defacto pseudo-scientists, which consist of only a few members, indeed a climate-mafia-on-a-pay-roll, which controls the world's opinion about the climate.

It is not true that the IPCC would consist of more than 2.000 scientists who would, with one accord agree on global warming.

There are, on the contrary, tens of thousands scientists which completely contradict this claim, but this fact is hushes.

The task of the UN Panel on Climate Change, it is not to find out what really happens to the atmosphere, but what is politically desirable to demonstrate and proclaim with scaremongering.

They do that in which they proceed with selective perception and accept only those facts that confirm their assertion on a man-made global warming.

Dissenting opinions and facts are ignored and vilified as heresy.

But not enough for them, they go forth and manipulate and falsify climate data (even though warming that does not take place at all) which will clearly lead to a different outcome and so presented.

Science For Sale just....

This fact of data fraud, suppression of scientific work that make different statement, exclusion of colleagues who express themselves critically, refusal to provide climate data for a review of available papers, blackmail scientific publishing to avoid any other opinion on climate change, by disclosure of the e-mails from the Climate Research Center at the University of East Anglia, Norwich came to light.

A fact which has not met the attention of the public according to its momentousness.
This is the Climategate scandal, which shows us and proves the whole dimension of fraudulent approach of the so-called climate scientists.

It is claimed by the believers of the Global Warming Cult, the melting of the ice at the North Pole, the glaciers in Greenland, Alaska and elsewhere, takes place dramatically fast and accelerating and that is why the sea level increase significantly, flooding entire coastal regions and many islands in the Pacific are doomed to sink into the sea, and the poor inhabitants will have no home and lose everything.

The mass media conforming to standards diligently report and disseminate the scaremongering: 'more than one hundred million people who live in areas of less than one meter above mean sea level to be affected'.

In this setting even common school children know, it could actually melt all the floating ice of the North AND the South Pole, so that the sea increased by not a single inch, like a glass of water with ice cubes in it does not overflow when it melts.

The surface of the sea is 360 million square kilometers, accounting for 70,7 percent of the surface of the world.

With this immense extent, what amount melting from ice glaciers, so it only would increase by 0,039 inch ?

Moreover, if the climate would become really warmer, then also increases the evaporation of water, which would be deprived from the Sea.

Our planet is a self-regulating system.

As the cabal of IPCC comes to this nightmare scenario of a flood ?

Through field studies in nature or more precisely measure of the sea level ?

Of course not.

Only by manipulating the data, feeding these into their computer models and bend the graphics so that the desired result turns out.

These masterminds do it on the screen in their offices by simulation.

It takes place in a virtual world, as if to produce scenarios for movies, artificially created in a Hollywood animation studio.

The whole has not a thing to do with reality at all.

These computer simulations are then used as a base to put the whole world into fear and the politicians have thus justify an excuse for far-reaching measures to new ‘climate legislation.’

What is the real world ?
The small Island State Tuvalu is in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, east of Papua New Guinea and north of New Zealand.

Nearby islands include the Solomon Islands, Nauru, Kiribati, Tokelau, Samoa, Wallis and Futuna, Fiji and Vanuatu.

It is this state misused by all the climate hysterics as an example, as the threat of rising sea levels due to global warming which makes whole nations homeless.

At the Copenhagen 15 climate summit, it's all mostly about how the third world countries should be compensated with billions for expected environmental damage ... at the expense of the taxpayers of the Western industrial nations.

So us.

In the early 90s climate scientists have warned that coral atolls consisting of nine islands, with the highest point of 5 meters above sea level, would disappear within a few decades, because inundates by rising sea levels.

The sea would rise by nearly 4 cm per year.

For obvious reasons, the inhabitants were concerned and the official meteorological station in Funafuti began to measure the sea level.

Ten years later, they were shocked to discover that the sea level has fallen by 6 cm at this time.

A similar decline also took place in Nauru and the Solomon Islands.

Although the country is exposed to no danger, not all inhabitants of the islands were happy about this change.

Residents who previously were concerned, their houses would be destroyed in the floods, then complained about the deep sea level, because it became more difficult to fish and maneuver the boat through the shallow reefs.

That was in 2000.

And how Tuvalu looks today, 12 years later ?

According to forecasts of the IPCC would have the sea in the meantime raised by almost a meter and Tuvalu no longer part of the archipelago.

None of this has happened, the sea level is stable and the islanders are well.

All that talk about the rise of the sea is nothing but gigantic scare tactic.

That fact, I do not claim, but the Swedish geologist and physicist, Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner, former chairman of the INQUA International Union for Quaternary Research, or the international commission which investigated the change in sea level, which has applied in the past 35 years every known scientific method to measure sea levels around the world.

Although the fluctuations go up and down, 'the sea is not rising', he said. 'It has not risen in 50 years'. If there is any rise this century, it will 'not be more than 10cm. With an uncertainty to be of plus or minus 10 cm'.

The Apocalypse, the principal item of the Global Warming Religion as Al Gore, predicted his discipleship and brothers in faith is impossible to happen.

When he was head of the international commission yet, Dr. Mörner has launched a special project on the Maldives, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean that is also allegedly threatened.

The Government of Maldives stands out especially because it has been around for 20 years, since the beginning of the alarm claims through the IPCC called for large sums of international aid.

In PR campaigns President Nasheed trying to form the world public attention to the imminent demise of his country.

Japan has complied with this alert and has built concrete barriers to protect the coast around the island with the capital Malé for USD 90 million.

Dr. Mörner has visited the Maldives six times with his team of experts, and had to find again, the sea has not risen in the last half century.

Before he announced his events, he wanted the residents to show a film explaining why they do not have to worry.

The government refused the show, because that did not fit into their program of 'poor drowning islanders' and evacuation of the population to India and Australia, which it has been calling for 20 years.

Here, the sea level has fallen in recent decades, and has not increased.

The Maldives meanwhile have even raised an artificial island off Malè to remove their populations and is planning to construct more islands of concrete and even floating islands (Aug 07, 2012) of synthetic material…

In the below photo we see the condition of the beach in 1970:

The images below show how it was 30 years later.

We see the sea has retreated, the old shoreline is still visible, now overgrown and corals weathered.

The famous tree of Malé:

Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner has analyzed this tree in the Maldives and photographed to show he was not washed away by rising seas, such as the fanatics of the Doomsday - Climate Religion have proclaimed.

A group of global warming activists then flown to Malé and tore down the tree, destroyed the evidence, debunked their false 'theory'.

Now he is lying flat on the ground but the leaves still sprout.

They call themselves environmentalists and scientists, while they manipulate, they forge and destroy evidence they do not fit them !

It's like the IPCC and the whole of the global fanatics of the warming cult are not at all interested in the real world.

They live in a world of faith, celebrating a religion of guilt and fear and share and spread a dogma.

Any opposition is shouted down, destroyed all evidence of the contrary, and ignored the reality.

They would just have to go out into the real world, watch Nature or ask the locals.

'The locals report that the dhoni (fishing boats) in the 70s and 80s passed the Maduvvare Falhus Thila', like Dr. Morner reported, 'during the last 15 years they had to make a detour around the Thila, because it is too shallow. The Thila has not lifted, so it must have lowered the sea itself'.

'In the IPCC scenario', Dr. Mörner concludes, 'the Maldives were condemned to disappear in the near future. (whereas) Our documentation of real evidence from field research contradicts that hypothesis'.

Dr. Mörner was really snubbed, such as the IPCC could spread its fear-mongering about this important issue further.

When, as an expert, asked to evaluate the last two IPCC reports, he was 'surprised to discover, not one of the 22 contributing authors to change of the sea level were specialists in this field'. Here, the results of this 'deliberate ignorance' and reliance on rigged computer models, has become the single strongest driver of the whole warming hysteria.
He says there is a clear separation between the geologists and meteorologists.

'They work with computers, we geologists work with observing and observations are not consistent with their scenarios.

What should we change?

We but can not change what we see.

So the scenarios had to be changed!

But instead they change the scenarios they give infinitely more money the side, which is in accordance with the IPCC'.

The governments of the 'affected' islands cover-up the facts and continue to ring the alarm bells and support the IPCC with their scaremongering.

Why do they do it ?

Because they expect a lot of money from the first world, which willingly provide the support.

Why the reality should be an obstacle, when the unsuspecting do-gooders in the West with persuaded horror stories and bad conscience can be milked.

How rude this lying on elevation of marine is become may be best seen in Al Gore's film 'An Inconvenient Truth', where he shows with computer animation, such as the cities of Shanghai and San Francisco half under water, and all of Florida inundates.

Al Gore on Greenland Melting (Inconvenient Truth)

video or here

or here

If Al Gore really believes in his forecast, why did he then buy in San Francisco directly at Fishermens Wharf at the Port a condo ?

If the city is under water, how he will come to his home and why he should buy it, if it is worthless then ?

Or one of his newest houses, a 9 mio villa at Montecito, with sea-view, everything but ‘Green Lifestyle’.

The house sits on 1.5 hectares of land, has six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms, spa, fountain, perfectly manicured lawn, a big garden with a swimming pool, of course, only for himself as Tippers has left him some time ago….

Where are the wind turbines and solar panels, which one would expect from this leader of environmental protection and a model for CO2-saving behavior ?

Where is the vegetable garden in organic farming, so that Al can eat vegetarian ?

As I always say, there are liars, huge liars and there is Al Gore !

Here is the statement of an inhabitant of the British coast: 'As far as the sea level argument, I live in Cawsand (a fishing village in Cornwall) for over 40 years and as a young boy, I went fishing from the rocks. I go at least once a year with my family there and people guess -  the sea is at the same location, not an inch higher!'


An inconvenient question for those who can not accept my research:

Why would I live most of my time on an islet, with a max. elatedness of about 2,5 meters about sea level ?

Professor Dr. Nils Axel Moerner: Sea Level Rise - fact and fiction



Addendum - A trip to the melting glaciers

Again and again I am asked in discussions about the climate by anxious people: 'Parsifal, but do you not see how the moraines of the glaciers disappear ?'

So why the glaciers melt ?

If the 'man-made global warming' to blame ?

No, dear friends, global warming has always existed, as well as cooling and glaciation was followed by drought and vice versa.

I will not go into details here as it would blast the topic, but as a matter of fact, as the sun controls our climate, the sun actually has an effect on the glaciers.

One must always distinguish between air pollution - a significant proportion of fine particles, which in turn in large quantities by Geo - Engineering is spread in barrels, 24/7 over the earth (Chemtrails) which are distributed by certain aircraft criss-cross over the entire planet, and also about the glaciers in both hemispheres.

Anyone can do the following experiment with some ash from the stove himself:

As long as the surface of ice and snow is white, melt both, due to the exposure to sunlight slowly.

But is ash (dust, soot, dirt) placed on the white surface the same sunlight is melting it faster by far than those which are not covered with ash - two pictures to this physical law, which is also taught in schools may illustrate:

(btw, if you look up the skies of both photographs, you will see the typical milky- faded Chemtrail clouds)

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