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The Merkel lies about the situation in the Caucasus
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The Merkel lies about the situation in the Caucasus

Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Georgia last Friday.
Once there, she once again misrepresented the historical course of the conflict in the Caucasus and deliberately lied.
She portrayed Russia as an aggressor.
She did not say a word about the fact that it was Georgian troops who attacked the neighbouring republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia on the night of August 8. 2008, killing and injuring Russian peacekeepers stationed at the border.
She presented the situation as if the Russians had attacked Georgia first, when the Russian Army only came to the aid of the attacked republics and pushed the Georgians back again, protecting the civilian population from the Georgian invasion.

Parsifal, August, 25, 2018

Nor did she mention in her speech that the two republics were recognised by Russia as independent states on 25 August 2008 and that Russia serves as a protective power to prevent a repetition of Georgian military aggressions against its neighbours in the future.
Russian soldiers are in the countries at the invitation of the governments of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
There can therefore be no question of an occupation of Georgian territory.

Georgia, the EU and NATO must finally accept the fact that South Ossetia and Abkhazia are NOT part of Georgia and are NOT so-called 'breakaway provinces'.

South Ossetia - image by

Abkhazia - Red Riviera

South Ossetia and Abkhazia have been de facto independent since the early 1990s.
Georgia then waged a brutal war of aggression against Abkhazia in 1992/93.
The Abkhazian Army opposed the attack of the Georgians and finally destroyed the invaders.

The Abchasians and Georgians have nothing in common, neither the same language nor the script.
Abkhazian has a Cyrillic alphabet of 55 letters.
The language is not related to any other.

South Ossetia tried to become independent as early as 1918, 100 years ago, and to part with Tbilisi.
This uprising was bloodily suppressed by Georgia.
Since then, genocide has taken place and the South Ossetians have either been systematically murdered or expelled from their homes.

The same applies to Abkhazia, where the Abkhazian language and culture was banned by the Georgians during the occupation.
During the Stalin era, the Abkhazians were deported to Siberia and Georgians were imported.

To describe Abkhazia as part of Georgia is absurd, because it approves of a criminal act by Stalin, who as a native Georgian merged Abkhazia with his homeland without asking the Abkhazians whether they wanted to do so.

By order of the dictator, the autonomous Abkhazian SSR was incorporated into the Georgian Republic of the Union in 1931.

To describe Abkhazia as part of Georgia is just as absurd as if the EU and NATO were to claim that Hitler's annexation of Austria to the Greater German Reich is still legitimate today and that the territory of Austria belongs to Germany.
Austria would only be a 'renegade province' of Germany.

But this policy, which is completely unrealistic and contrary to international law, Merkel represents as far as South Ossetia and Abkhazia are concerned... and also as far as Crimea is concerned.

Just as the inhabitants of Crimea voted in favour of separation from Ukraine in a referendum, the people of South Ossetia and Abkhazia have also expressed their independence through elections.

The Merkel ignores the express will of the people and is thus an anti-democrat who serves only the hunger for power and the imperial expansion to the east of the EU-US-NATO, no matter what the people want.

So my request to The Merkel, just keep your lying mouth shut- and fuck off.
It's more than time to kick the traitor's ass to get her out of here.

She is the main culprit for all the crises in Europe, be it the impoverishment of southern European countries by the euro dictates or the mass immigration of so-called 'refugees' with destruction of European Culture:

watch this impressive mini-docu till the end as long as online:

Massive boom of migrants to the border fence of Ceuta/Spanish Enclave Morocco

View the distorted faces.
This is not the immigration of people who want to integrate, seek protection or even experts (i.e. lawyers, doctors, or engineers), but the unleashed sediment of the black continent that is simply overrunning Europe.
A declaration of war with victorious faces.
Many of these men will continue to take what they want: from forcibly 'enriched' women to robbery, they will keep the population on their toes in the dream destination Germany.

Tens of thousands of Africans are still waiting for an opportunity to enter the EU.
If Europe is not finally turned into a fortress, everyone will soon cross the border like locusts.
Chancellor Merkel, who is committed to the UN Global Compact for Migration and the US resettlement programmes for the replacement of indigenous peoples, will welcome them all.
What other solution is there to save Europe ?

Look at all these 'refugees from Syria' that we were told to accept, calling 'Allahu Akbar!'
Are they from Africa as even the multiethnic Syria has NO Negroes ?!


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She has always been and still is, internally, a 100% Communist and an anti-German who wants to throw Europe into chaos with cultural Marxism.

Her father was called 'the red pastor' or 'the red Kasner' during the GDR period and she was always ideologically very close to socialism from her parents' house.

Unlike many other parish children, she did NOT escape the mass organizations of the SED state, but went to the 'young pioneers'.
Later she became deputy FDJ secretary at her school.

So she was not just a simple member of the SED youth organisation.

In the 10th grade she was awarded the Lessing Medal in silver for her extraordinary commitment to socialism.

During her studies at Karl Marx University, Merkel voluntarily took on management tasks in the FDJ.
In 1981 she was promoted to secretary for agitation and propaganda of the basic organization at the ZiPC, which was no small institute with more than 600 employees.

After a private trip through Poland, she told a colleague who worked for the State Security that she agreed with the USSR's assessment that there was a risk of undermining socialism in Poland.

She was also allowed to travel extensively to the Soviet Union without any problems and even to travel to congresses in the West.
This was only allowed to 100 percent of those who were absolutely sure of their absolute loyalty to the GDR regime.

According to my information from witnesses, she also visited Abkhazia, the Red Riviera, for a bathing holiday, which was only granted to loyal Communists as a privilege and a reward.

Then, when Perestroika also had an effect in the GDR, The Merkel was clearly against reunification, even if she denies it.

There is much to suggest that she had originally advocated democratic socialism in an independent GDR and had not always longed for unity.

Because of her proximity to the system, she was a convinced reform communist until the reunification period.
It was only when the inevitability of the collapse of the GDR became apparent that she became a turncoat and suddenly became a 'Christian Democrat'.

Pure opportunism !

She is a back-stabber that wants the cultural mishmash of socialism its identitylessness in Europe and destroy an extraordinary Culture passed on by our European ancestors.

She hates the new Russia that has found her way back to Christian values and her Cultural Traditions.
And she hates Putin for making it possible and promoting it.

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