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The IPCC climate models are completely wrong
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The British Mail on Sunday has obtained a copy of the report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in advance.

It says that the imminent predicted climate catastrophe does not occur.

The climate scientists will admit in this report, their computers have calculated the effect of the so-called greenhouse gases completely false and exaggerated.

The IPCC is cited worldwide as the authority to justify the taxes on CO2 and the subsidies of 'renewable' energy.

The report corrects the total misjudgment of the past and says the climate warms up since 1951 by only 0.12 degrees per decade, a rate which is far below the lowest computer predictions.
Parsifal, September 16, 2013

The top graphic shows the predicted climate history through computer models.

36 of the 38 are completely wrong, so too high.

The thick black line shows how the climate actually run.

With such a lack of precision and unscientific but the world's climate policy is determined and persuaded fear a disaster:

A warming of 0.012 degrees per year is not really measurable,
because the percentage of measuring instruments error rate is higher and in general most of the devices are positioned wrong thus, can impossibly provide reliable results.

The researchers write in their report, they did not take into account the natural variations in climate.

They also have to admit the 'pause' in global warming actually takes place.

Since 1995, the climate has not warmed at all.

They admit in the report, the climate behaves as 950-1250, about 700 years before the Industrial Revolution, when the population of the world and of CO2 emissions was only a fraction of today.

Another failed prediction of the computer models is the predicted decline in the ice at the North Pole.

In fact, it has grown to a record high.

here and here

Why this is so can not explain the IPCC.

The last report from 2007, which is used throughout as an absolute stadia rod by governments, has also predicted the number of storms and hurricanes per year would heighten significantly and increase intensity.

But exactly the opposite happens and they have omitted completely in the new report this issue.

This year is one of the most peaceful in the history relates to hurricanes and what the U.S. is experiencing the longest period (eight years) without a single hurricane level 3 or more which have gone ashore.

Sandy in 2012 was 'only' Level 1 and then briefly 2 to the Saffir -Simpson hurricane scale through 5.

The last big storm was Katrina in 2005 which at times reached the level 5.

One of the report's authors, Professor Myles Allen, director of the Climate Research Network at the University of Oxford says: 'The idea to create a document that almost is considered like a biblical infallibility is a misrepresentation of how science works, and we need to think over very carefully what the IPCC does in the future.'

The last report from 2007 claimed that the atmosphere by 2050 would contain twice as much CO2 as before the Industrial Revolution and therefore likely to increase the temperature by 3 to 4.5 degrees.

In the latest report is now available, the temperature will probably be higher by only 1.5 degrees as 250 years ago.

As the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the second half of the 18th century is considered, which intensified in the 19th century and culminated in the 20th century.

Today in the 21st century there will be a systematic de-industrialization in Western countries.

On the subject, whether CO2 is a greenhouse gas at all, I will not mention here, because this has previously been presented as a false claim.

herehere and here

In general, we critics of climate lie were attacked in the last 10 years and insulted.

Now the IPCC admit themselves, all they have predicted on the basis of their computer models either false or greatly exaggerated.

Neither are the coastal towns sunk into the sea,
nor is the North Pole in summer free of ice.

Instead of that, the global Climate Tax was introduced.

By climate certificates to save the banks.

A tropical climate has not even set in Europe.

But we were told with panic and announced.

I just heard the weather report on the radio and in the Alps snow to 1,300 meters ... which I can witness, visiting Badgastein last week and this is just in September !

Last time it snowed in the mountains in June.

Two months of Summer which was no Summer.
On June 16, 2013 quoted the Tagesanzeiger the road maintenance foreman Andreas Thöni which is responsible for the evacuation of the Grimsel Pass, with the words: 'In my 20 years of service I have never seen in mid-June so much snow up here'.

Now he can begin to evacuate the pass before they have to close soon.

Fuck global warming, I can only say !

Images by the University of Illinois:

If someone worrying about what the ice of the North Pole, here's a comparison of March 17, 2012 to the same date in 1995.

As you can see the expansion is almost exactly the same as 17 years ago.

From shrinkage due to melting away can be no question.

By the way, the darker the purple, the thicker the layer of ice and it is also darker in the center around the North Pole than it was then, so the ice is thicker.

Earlier, the snow cover was not measured on the continents and drawn on the map. Now even with the white surface. You see, the north of North America, Scandinavia and throughout Russia are still in the depths of winter.


Two NASA satellite images.

One from August 2012, and one from August 2013 show that the ice in the Arctic (north half) has grown by about 60% compared to last year.

And a picture of December 2007 the BBC predicts that in 2013 the Arctic would be ice-free.

And please do not tell me weather is not climate.

This gag I know.

Which is just as stupid as food has nothing to do with weight.

No one is saying because they are completely wrong with the climate predictions and lie to us deliberately should therefore to protect our environment.


For example I am a big supporter of electric vehicles, free energy

herehere and here

in general as a solution for EVERYTHING, but the climate hysteria has become for some a substitute-religion.

Global warming and the Carbon Tax Scam


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