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The European Union, The IV. Reich
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This essay might be capable turning your world view upside down, provide you the opportunity to peek out of the box and is therefore to be considered dangerous as it enters grave the spirit of current global events. So, my article does not only apply to Europe... - Parsifal, May 24, 2014

Several times I have already explained the European Union is the continuation of the III. Reich by other means.

The Nazis are not simply disappeared *) after the end of World War II, but have only disguised themselves and their ideology and implemented in a different package, under a different name with the same content.

With Nazis, I mean the real fascists in high places in politics, business, industry and finance.

Not the useful fools who walk around with combat boots and bald.

As Mussolini defined fascism ?

It is the fusion of state power with the power of corporatism.

He had to know yes, he invented fascism in the 20’s of last century and later the Nazis have taken over this totalitarian ideology.


What is the guiding principle that controls the EU in all its actions ?

There is free movement of goods, the domestic market for goods without limits.

To this end comes the free passenger traffic without obstacles, shifting around cheap labor in the Union and dismantling the social achievements.

This means that the European Union is exclusively for the benefit of corporations ... not the people.

This is pure fascism, but is sold to EU citizens as a great progress.


The driving engines behind the Nazi ideology of a great European empire were originally the major German corporations and big industrialists who wanted a market expansion for their products and closely cooperated with the Nazis.

Sold they have the expansion on the European continent with the slogan 'one people, one empire a leader'.

So that the German people were not really meant, but all European nations that were conquered by the Wehrmacht and integrated in a unit.

But what is the EU other than the implementation of this idea by other means ?

Instead military has conquered the countries the economy, or the 'common market'.

Instead of a leader, there are directors, namely the European Commission, plus the President of the European Commission, as well as an EU President, a committee but which no one can elect.

The EU Parliament has nothing to say, not even allowed to propose laws.

The EU is therefore a dictatorship, which is only the facade of democracy.

I say yes, the Nazis have learned something new.

Strictly speaking, the EU has become a dictate of corporations, in which the whole policy is only directed to the benefit of corporations, most of the big banks.

Sold is this the EU citizens, of course, different.

If you read the documents of the EU then you find,

'the single market facilitates the purchase and sale of products in the 28 Member States with a total population of over 500 million inhabitants.

It offers consumers a wide range of goods and allows them to purchase the best and most affordable product while shopping'.

This means that EU citizens are not regarded as citizens with rights, but as lawless users, as consumers of goods that produce the corporations.

Therefore, the harmonization of standards to the lowest level so that the companies can make their products and sell in the boundless Union.

The extension of this idea is the TTIP, Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement, which even more expands the market without barriers.

Citizens are told, this market expansion throughout Europe and with the TTIP to all of North America has only advantages, is the 'sine qua non, the vital prerequisite for the current and future prosperity of the EU in a globalized economy'.

(Health Care, Codex Alimentarius (food-code), contemporary art, I could go on endlessly, comparing the NaZi - ideology then - and now...)

Only what we see for more than 20 years in the EU ?

a homeless in Germany. Like all homeless people in Germany are considered potential terrorists

A permanent decline in the prosperity and rights.

A reduction of social rights, dismantling of trade union rights, a permanent violation of constitutional rights, in general a deep cut in all rights.

The laws and regulations are made in Brussels by this unelected cabal and the parliaments of the EU member countries only have the task to transform these into local law.

The people's representatives have thus nothing more to say, are just rubber stamps to what is put before them.

To say that the European Union had brought more democracy is a lie.

Exactly the opposite is the case.

Never before have the people in the EU so little say as today.


Was anyone really asked if he wants the disintegration of statehood in a Super Union, governed by a dictatorial, unelected regime in Brussels ?

Or if he wants to abandon the own currency and thus to abandon the sovereignty over monetary policy and adoption of a common currency with central control of the ECB in Frankfurt ?




This was but decided over the heads of all EU citizens and Punktum.

Not only the regime of Brussels, also one can not elect the leadership of the European Central Bank.

Here are the most influential decision-makers ranged about the daily life of EU citizens. However, it is told all power emanates from the people as sovereign.

That is again full lied and parody.

The troika consisting of the EU Commission, ECB and IMF decides how much or little wealth there is.

You just have to ask the people in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and France what degree of wealth they enjoy compared to the past.

As unemployment and lack of opportunities today adopted extreme forms.

As they have to flee out of sheer despair and distress, either leave their homelands or, in general the life by committing suicide.

But even in the so-called core of Europe, the situation is catastrophic.

The claim by many Germans 'it's still good,' is but a hypocritical ideology of resignation.

Just because they barely make ends meet, i.e. with the shopping at discount stores like Aldi and Lidl, the waiver of vacation and car, compensated with the massive restricting of living standards of the decline of income and purchasing power, means it's not a good.

This is self-deception.

It's self-cheating, just because they do not want to face reality.


I'm long enough in the world to be able to compare what it was 50, 40, 30 and 20 years ago.

There was a time there was an average family man with his wages able to support a family, even afford a house, car and vacation.

This is virtually impossible today.

The massive loss of income at the same time increase of cost of living, taxes and charges, and new taxes and charges, many families compels husband and wife have to work, and even have to accept several jobs, if available.

Not that they live in luxury, no, so just they survive at all !

Benefitting from this social transformation, of this 'modern consumer society' are only the corporations and their owners.

It is truly a fact that poverty has increased extremely and the rich are getting richer.

Whether in Europe or the United States, the middle class is being systematically destroyed, the mass of the poor has increased and the caste of 1% has amassed enormous wealth.


From the so-called globalization and free trade only the large companies have benefited.

Certainly no artisans, small-or medium-sized enterprise.

Only corporations can place their holdings in tax havens and production in a low-wage country, so that they optimize their profit.

These pay lowest taxes, employ fewer people, but are preferred by the state in every way.

These may also constantly grow larger and thus more powerful, have grown into monsters that surpass many states.

The result is then the 'too big to fail', namely that corporations can extort states.

What is this all for a free market economy, if the losses carries the taxpayer, but the gains can bag the shareholders ?

Where the losses socialized and profits are privatized ?

This is corporatism in pure form, or as Mussolini described it, Fascism !


Fascism is the total power of corporations abusing the state apparatus for their purpose.

It has nothing to do in its new form after the Second World War with goose-stepping, arm raised and brown or black uniforms.

These were just outward appearances to dress in uniforms and people bring into line, corporate identity…

It also has nothing to do with nationalism or socialism.

Today is done differently.

It has to do with an inhuman ideology, with control, with opinion manipulation, with paternalism, with the creation of bogeymen, with aggression and war.

Today's Nazis are masters of deception, they first appear as anti-fascists, as democrats, as angels of peace, as defenders of human rights, while they are inside the same criminals and mass murderers as before.

Their art is to pose themselves as 'the good guys', selling their conquests and wars as something good.

Unfortunately, most naive and gullible people fall for it.

They say yes to the interventions in foreign countries, see the bombing of the civilian population as right, say the restriction of rights, monitoring and spying would against themselves be fine, because the 'security' and 'protection' would be worth to give up their own freedom.


What you still can choose freely ?

Nothing, except what products you consume, while this decision is even completely influenced by aggressive advertising and brainwashing.

You have only the choice between Pepsi® and Coke®, same queer bleak aftertaste, same brown color, and same belch.

As Tony Cartalucci writes in his Land Destroyer:

Destroy the Globalists

'Two very similar corporations which populate both the Brookings Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations, unelected, extra-legal conglomerations that conspire and contrive world policy, world wars, and the means to implement them for the sole benefit of its corporate membership, entirely at your expense both in blood and treasure. (See: War is a Racket by Smedley Butler.)… '

If the entertainment industrial complex in its 24/7 TV programming shows the consumers tonight the chanterelle soup XY, the next evening the shelves of chanterelle soup XY are cleared out.

So it works.

Empowered people have degraded themselves to Ultimate Consumers to Shopping Cart Pushers; yeah, Propaganda Is.

The human race has degenerated into a manipulable broad mass that swallows everything what one dishes up and each who does not participate and exercises criticism of conditions consider as lepers, as conspiracy nuts, mentally ill and NEW, even terrorists.


Those which attempt to educate and awaken are the enemies of society.

Because the devilish of the representatives of the Nazi ideology is, they have managed to portray the dissidents, namely those who suss out their machinations and resist as right-wing extremists.

Who is committed to peace and against war insulted by the media as a Nazi.

To be against war it always was more of a left position.

They turn everything on its head, twisting the facts, lie and cheat like crazy.


The current example is the processes in Ukraine.

The U.S. and EU, by a violent coup in Kiev brought a fascist regime to power.

Western politicians and media describe the Nazi thugs of the 'right sector' as 'peaceful activists who want democratic change in Ukraine'.

Those which are set against these fascists are named evil 'separatists' and 'pro-Russian militias', even terrorists, and have to be fights and killed by soldiers, tanks and helicopter gunships.


Yes, the West goes forth and even allows historical revisionism; the history of World War II must be completely rewritten.

The attack of the Soviet Union by Hitler's Wehrmacht was not a war of aggression, but a liberation of Eastern countries and especially Ukraine.

The legendary 27 million Soviet citizens who were killed by this war will be played down or ignored, called the ceremony in Russia, marking the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany a provocation.


After the liberation of the Crimea in May 1944, a Red Army dismantled the meantime attached swastika above the gate to the iron-processing Voikov Hut. (Photo: Yevgeny Chaldej / Taken from: Heinz Krimmer, Ernst Volland (ed.): Yevgeny Chaldej: War Diary The New Berlin, Berlin, 2011.)

Yes the West will even set up the completely absurd claim that President Putin would be the new Hitler and Russia would proceed as Nazi Germany.

Even Prince Charles has said a few days ago during his visit to Canada.

Here, the British royal family must be as quiet as a mouse, because it had close ties to Hitler and they were all Nazi sympathizers.

King Edward VIII had to abdicate in 1936 because he was admiring Hitler and has even visited him at the Berghof near Berchtesgaden.

King Edward (left) next to Hitler

Hitler's dream was with Edward VIII, who was King of Great Britain and Emperor of India, as allies to unite the British Empire with the III. Reich and create a fascist world empire.

How close the collaboration between Edward and Hitler was proves the fact he informed Berlin about the foreign policy of London.

He passed on the information the British government would not do anything at a re-militarization of the Rhineland.

With this knowledge, on February 27, 1936 Hitler reoccupied the demilitarized zone in the Rhineland, to restore the sovereignty of the Reich across the western border of Germany and to revise the Versailles Treaty provisions further.

The occupation took place without significant reaction by England and was a further step in Hitler's program to rebuild Germany as a great power.


The collaboration between the British Royal Family and the Nazi regime was very close up to 1937.

The name change to 'Windsor', the name of a castle, was only a disguise and deception, because actually they are called House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the family in the United Kingdom beard the name since 1840, and German was the mother tongue of King Edward VIII.

Even the name Mountbatten was an Anglicization of the name Battenberg.

Edward went past his abdication in the rank of major general to France.

He has closely collaborated with the Nazi regime on the sly.

So Edward has the allied plans for the defense of Belgium betrayed to the Germans in February 1940 and Hitler was able to perform his Blitzkrieg against France.


We know now how close the ties between big business and the Nazis was and who has ever funded.

Not only from Germany but also from America came much money.

The grandfather of President George W. Bush, the father of President George H. Bush was one of the financiers of the Nazis with his bank.

Prescott Bush married into the Walker family and his father George Herbert Walker was a wealthy banker.

He accommodated his son Prescott Bush at Brown Brothers Harriman and later Union Banking Corporation.

The owner was W. Averell Harriman.

With his brother, E. Roland Harriman, Bush was together in Skull and Bones, a satanic cult of death.


The Harriman Bank was the main Wall Street-contact for German companies and also for those who represented the various financial interests of Fritz Thyssen in the U.S., who has been an early financial backer of the Nazi party until 1938.

1942 were expropriated Bush's shares in the Union Banking Corporation because this New York located bank had breached the 'Trading with the Enemy Act', thus Trading with the Enemy, after Hitler had the U.S. declared war.

The Bush family was and is thoroughly Nazi and managed to put two presidents.

George H. Bush was head of the CIA, then Vice-President and then President.

Who has the U.S. turned into a fascist police state ?

It was his son George W. after 9/11, who so staged an attack on America, like Hitler the Reichstag fire.


With this 'false flag attack', where he blamed the Communists as perpetrators, the fundamental rights of the Weimar Constitution was set out of force and the way cleared for the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship.

Exactly the same made George W. Bush, in which he 'applied' the Muslims as scapegoats and announced the 'war on terror' and said in an address to a joint session of Congress on September 20, 2001

 'either you're with us or against us'.

'O con noi o contro di noi' - 'you’re either with us or against us'

- Benito Mussolini

'Every nation has to either be with us or against us...'

- Hillary Clinton, September 13, 2001

'Either you are for the war (in Iraq) or you hate America'

- Stephen Colbert

Bush also imposed the emergency regulations as Hitler 'for the protection of people and state'.

What else is the foundation of Homeland Security (DHS), as an American version of the GeStaPo ?

Also, the integrity of the home and the post and telecommunications have been canceled, such as the freedom of expression, press and association, just as in III. Reich.

What the NSA and the 15 other U.S. intelligence agencies do since 9/11, is a copy of the procedure of the Reich Security Main Office (Reichs-Sicherheits-Hauptamt)

Why the EU has so vehemently banned smoking everywhere ?

Yes why ?

Did you know, condemning smoking is a Nazi Idelogy ?

The early '30s as part of the Nazi racial purity doctrine, Hitler initiated the campaign to ban smoking in all public buildings and denounced it as a betrayal of the purity of the body.

In one of the party newspapers was

'National Socialist comrades, you know that our leader is against smoking?'

Every German is responsible for his deeds and emissions to the national community and therefore he has not the right to damage his body with drugs'.

Tirelessly the Nazi fought against evil.

1938 prohibited the Air Force and postal smoking in service in 1939 followed smoking bans in many workplaces, office rooms, hospitals, in all buildings of the party.

Hitler ordered on July 20, 1940 that tobacco only may be dealt with a warning (now printed on each cigarette packet).


Hitler was a strict vegetarian and did not smoke and did not drink alcohol from age of 30 on.

He forbade to smoke or to smoke in his presence or to smoke in a room that he ever would enter.

Interestingly, the same setting also had other fascist dictators like Mussolini and Franco.

What lessons can we draw from these parallels with today ?

Either the Nazis were really concerned about public health, or they used the anti-smoking campaign as a massive instrument of control over the people as an excuse to restrict freedoms. Let us note that smoking is a symbol of freedom, according to Edward Bernays as from 1920.


Since the Nazis have not done anything good, according to history, it will probably was about restriction of liberty, not protection of health.


The same is true today.

They want to control all the habits and prohibit everyone's enjoyment.

This is fascism.


But as I said, the Nazis have learned and camouflage themselves very clever, don't do it so obvious.

They are so sophisticated, very few believe, or want to see it.

On the contrary, most people believe America and Europe are functioning democracies (laughing), reject any comparison with the III. Reich.

Why ?

Because no brown hordes running around ?

Because the real fascists occur in pinstripes instead in brown uniforms ?

Important but is only what happens effectively.

The paternalism of the people, the indoctrination what to think, the hammering of bogeyman into our minds, a complete co-ordination of the media, the organization of bread and games for the deflection, the exploitation as slaves, total surveillance, conducting wars of aggression, etc.

Brazil distraction 2014, ... games

The United States since World War II, with the help of European NATO countries provoked one war after another, killed millions of people, destroyed one country after another, expanded the empire to almost the whole world, but these crimes portrayed as something fair.

*) The second part of Hitlers Last Will and Political Testament:

'Although a number of these men as Martin Bormann, Dr. Goebbels, etc. including their wives, have willingly found to me and wanted to under no circumstances leave the capital of the Reich but were prepared here with me to go under, I must ask them, to obey my call, and to put the interests of the nation above their own feelings in this case.
They are close to me as well through their work and their loyalty as companions after my death, I hope, that my spirit among them will dwell and always accompany them.
May they be hard but never unfair, they may especially never raise the fear to the Advisor of their actions and put the honor of the nation above all what there is on Earth.
May they finally be aware, that our task, of the expansion of a national socialist State represents the work of future centuries that commits each to serve always the common interest and that to reset their own advantages.
Of all Germans, all Nazis, men and women, and all soldiers of the Wehrmacht, I demand that they will be faithful and obedient of the new Government and its President to death...'


Why I say the European Union is the Fourth Reich ?

Let's look at who has ever set the EU on foot.

These were Nazis.

It was the Bilderberg group which prides itself to have decided the EU and the Euro.

However, the Bilderberg Group is a fascist organization with Nazi roots, Nazi leadership and Nazi ideology.

Because, as you can easily find out for yourself, the Bilderberg Group was founded by a Nazi and led for decades.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands is the founder of the Bilderberg Group and has performed in 1954 the first meeting at the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland, hence the name of the group.


If you researched the career of Prince Bernhard before the Second World War to find out a born Leopold Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, he was a citizen of the III. Empire, a member of the Hitler Youth, the SA, the Sturmabteilung (Storm troopers) of the Nazis, the Reiter-SS, the Schutzstaffel of the National Socialists and then the NSKK, the National Socialist Drivers Corps and the NSDAP, the Nazi Party.

What do tell us the loudmouths who, at will insult everyone as anti-Semites, as Henyrk M. Broder about Günther Grass, for example, 'At that time he was an SS-man, today he writes like that kind'.

So once a Nazi always a Nazi.

But Prince Bernhard was not only in all Nazi organizations a member, he also has worked for IG Farben, yes, exactly for the Group whose subsidiary company manufactured Zyklon B, wherewith the extermination of the Jews was carried out.


The longtime chairman of the Bilderberg Group, Étienne Davignon, as I said proudly boasted the power and influence of this group as the European Union and the common currency would be a child of them.


Documents that the BBC has unearthed evidence, the EU and the Euro were as far back as 1955 discussed and decided.

What took place after that was preparing to turn the decision into action.

Participants at the annual Bilderberg conferences, consisting of high level representatives from industry, finance, media and politics, were ordered to and carried out this step by step.

There's even a document proving that the concept of a European Union was proposed before the end of World War II, when the Nazis knew the war is lost.


According to the report by the U.S. military intelligence EW-Pa 128, also known as The Red House Report 'met top Nazis at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944 with the knowledge that the war would end in a total military defeat, and they made plans as it should go on with a Fourth Reich after that - a pan-European Economic Community is based on a common market.

Participating Top Industrialists got the green light from the Nazi leadership, to save as much as possible of expertise and also to capital to neighboring countries in order - on the one hand not to fall into the hands of the occupier - to the other hand, perform a reboot.

This time, omitting the whole outer attributes, but for the same goal and ideology.


So it happened.

The fascist dictatorship of Corporations today is ruling and keeps getting bigger.

One country after another is incorporated into the Union gets the straitjacket imposed and governed from Brussels.



It is given the member states the semblance of sovereignty, but in fact they have no more.

The governments and parliaments may only like actors exert a transforming role, but must do what the director prescribes.

The task of the German Wehrmacht, has taken over NATO that incorporated a country after another.

This military organization has nothing to do with defense, but is an instrument for carrying on wars of aggression.

NATO is also the thug for the corporations.

If a country does not submit to threats and blackmail, bombs are dropped, of course, again disguised as protecting civilians and promoting democracy.


'When fascism returns, he will not say: I am fascism.
No, he will say: I am the anti-fascism'

- presumedly by Secondino Tranquilli, 1900 - 1978

Fascism today will not (re-) appear in brown uniforms but in form of pinstripers...

- Parsifal

Ukraine is the current issue and shows more than clear the deception, the lies, the aggression and the expansion of the US-EU-NATO criminals.


As I use to say:

The 'great powers' have no principles, only interests !

The fascist coup regime in Ukraine is therefore supported, the mass killings of the Nazi thugs who there therefore rage concealed, the true course of events in the country, therefore being completely misrepresented by the media and Russia therefore slandered as a villain, because the western sponsors thyself are Nazis.

Welcome to Nulandistan: Propaganda and the Crisis in Ukraine



The European Union is the Fourth Reich.

The completely contradictory and incomprehensible here is who is showing these facts is called an anti-Semite.

Why ?

Because the Zionists have also collaborated with the Nazis and continue doing so ?

Because Zionism is a very similar ideology ?

Why do we hear of the alleged guardians of Judaism nothing about the Nazi crimes committed in Ukraine against their Jewish brothers and sisters ?



(brief excursion to Rothschild Zionism)

With the answers to such questions also bothered David Icke in his book 'The lion wakes up':

'...but in matters of the support of Hitler by bloodlines-families, such as Rockefeller, Bush, Harriman, etc., behave the US-organizations of the Rothschild-Zionists, who but otherwise use to exclaim like 'anti-Semite' and 'Nazi-collaborator', surprisingly quiet.

This is quite understandable, considering that these 'Nazi-hunter' organizations are controlled by the Rothschilds, as well as the Rockefeller, Bush and Harrimann families.

About the Nazi Connections to the Bush's, I write ever since the mid-1990s...'

- David Icke, book 'Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More', page 191


Accordingly, the Nazis are used by the shadow government to advance the global centralization of power.

Consequently, another flag behind the Nazi Swastika should surface, namely the flag of Rothschild Zionism.

David Icke concluded his book:

'It is time to put the Rothschilds on public display because that’s the last place they want to be.

They have operated from the shadows for long enough and we must urgently ensure that those days are over'

 - David Icke


David Icke about Rothschild Zionism




(Back on topic)

On what the whole amounts to ?

Just like the III. Reich is spread over almost all of Europe, from Norway to Sicily, from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, and then collapsed; left behind only death, suffering and destruction, the EU will experience the same faith.

First growing very large, and then collapse.

The Union has the same urge to expand eastward as Hitler wanted it.

The EU and NATO also show the same aggression and return the same excuses for a military intervention like Hitler.

The propaganda in the media about the evil Russians is a replica as it was then.

The EU does not manage to bring the old member countries out of the deep crisis, but even wants swallow the Ukraine - this load and burden of a country with 45 million people and an area twice as large as Germany.

That's the same delusions of grandeur like Hitler had and led to self-destruction.



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Dear Ukrainians !

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