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Syrians celebrate Christmas in Aleppo and Damascus
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Syrians celebrate Christmas in Aleppo and Damascus

Thousands of Syrians took to the streets of Aleppo to celebrate Christmas, as life in the city has been peaceful and normalized for two years since the liberation from terrorists.
Parsifal, December 25, 2018

Christmas in the Syrian city of Aleppo is indeed a very special holiday - and not because before the war the largest Christian minority in the predominantly Muslim country lived there.

The battle for the city, which raged for four and a half years, ended in 2016 only a few days before Christmas, and the Christmas celebration coincides with the liberation celebrations.


Christmas was also celebrated colorfully and merrily in the Syrian capital Damascus, where much of the city is brightly lit with light decorations.



My comment: Just yesterday the Washington Post and all mainstream media that are copying from it are telling us: 'Assad empties his prisons - by mass murder', say, don't the peoples in Syria know the absolute truth the media are CONSTANTLY reporting about their coutry ?
Well, hrmm, that's all not possible.
I am quite confused when for years politicians and the media have been telling us that President Assad is a very evil dictator who is completely intolerant, oppresses his people and does never allow joy, and that is why the Syrian 'refugees' who are in Europe can no longer return.

"Yup, Parsifal but to me it seems that "they" have heavy to bite..."
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