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Samhain and 'Halloween'
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'Only those who know the past can understand the present and shape the future'

- Parsifalrain, October 08                                                                               

Samhain takes place on the Night of the 31st of October on the 1st of November, an original Full Moon Event.
In the Germania of past days, the Feast was also known under the name of 'Winternacht' (Winter Night) or 'Winteranfangsopfer' (according the
Snorris Ynglinga saga 'vetrarnattáblót'), the (Sacrifice at the Beginning of Winter to avoid a coming Year of bad harvest and so famine - then it was duty to sacrifice against the Winter Time -- a Time full of deprivation; thus for a good Year)

Samhain and 'Halloween' by Parain on Scribd

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