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Robot Kills Worker at Volkswagen Factory

A 21 year old external contractor has been killed by a robot while setting the robot up.

On Monday a robot crushed a man to his death in the Volkswagen factory in Kassel, Germany. The robot was being assembled by the technician when the incident occurred. The technician was 21 years old at the time of his death and did not originally belong to the Volkswagen team but came from another company.

The robot in question which caused the death was being assembled for mass production of a new line of cars. Reports suggest the cars to be made by the robot were to be run on electricity.

However after the technician was done with all the configurations and turned the robot on, the robot grabbed the technician immediately and slammed him against a metal plate.

The chest of the unnamed worker collapsed and even though he was given medical attention on the spot and even taken to a hospital, he passed away in the hospital. The victim had been inside a metal safety cage designed to keep people away from robots or powerful machines in such big plants, however it still remains a mystery how the robot got his hands on the worker inside the cage.

According to the official representative of Volkswagen Heiko Hillwig, the incident occurred due to human error and it has been concluded based on their initial findings. They case being further investigated by prosecutors but until then no more details will be revealed.

This is not the first time a robot in an industry plant has killed a worker. In 1979 a 25 years old worker in Ford Motors was killed also killed instantly after being slammed by the mechanical arm. Similarly in 1981 a worker in Japan was also killed by a robot arm as he tried to repair it, reported Mirror.


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