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Plants in the Wheel of the Year – May
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Plants in the Wheel of the Year – May

Herbs and medicinal Plants in May are

Comfrey, Chickweed, Woodruff and Hawthorn

'The Celto-Germanic Cultural Environment(s)' were the leading Culture(s) in much of Europe for almost a thousand Years.
Although the Druidry was destroyed by the 'Holy Church', the common people held on to ancient wisdom and passed it on verbally and practically in the form of Folk Saying, Fairy Tales, Legends, Seasons Rituals and … especially Herbalism and Folk Medicine.
Over the eight Celtic Annual Festivals (The Wheel Of The Year) and their rituals, I want to guide the gentle reader and show how we can tune into the great Rhythms of Nature again today.
In addition I show numerous practical recipes for old-handed remedies and healing applications.

parsifalrain, May 12

Each Plant has its place in the Wheel of the Year - depending on the Month it has a special meaning- here you will find the Plants in the particular signifcance in each respective Month.
In this 12-part series to be published at the Beginning of each Month, I want to introduce old Knowledge of Herbs, Bushes and Trees assigned by our Ancestors and their Forefathers to each Month and Festivity following mostly the Celtic Cultural Cycle's lore and tribal Knowledge in the Wheel.

please note:
Always consult a doctor before using healing remedies and read disclaimer at the end of my abstract.


'Come here into the light of things, let Nature be your teacher'

- William Wordsworth (1770-1850)



Comfrey, Comphrey [genus Symphytum], Legwrath, Boneset, Consound, Knitbone, Beinwell
Heliotropes family (Borage) [Boraginaceae]    
Comfrey probably bears his name because one has always known he is 'good for the legs'.
Comfrey even had to 'undulate'-together bones in the past.

In times when plaster cast was not yet available for a fracture, it was the drug of choice for growing bones together again and for healing.
Comfrey is a very old and highly valued medicinal Plant.
The epithet 'officinalis' even means that it was one of the medicinal Plants that was used in the 'Officin', the workroom of the old pharmacists.
A good Legwrath ointment should not be missing today in any medicine cabinet, because it is really a very good remedy for many injuries to the musculoskeletal system.
Unfortunately, the sale of Comfrey preparations was banned because the pyrrolizide alkaloids contained in it can be carcinogenic in large quantities and, isolated, as a single substance.
That's why you have to make yourself an ointment from Comfrey.
Meanwhile, there are but in the trade ointments from 'cultivated Plant', (crop) which no longer contains the forbidden substance.
Just a short time ago, a pharmacist touted me with this ointment.
For a true Herbalist such an ointment is of course beyond all question, because we know that only the Plant as a whole develops the special healing power.
We do not see the healing ingredients as individual substances that may be able to make a difference.
No, we see the Plant as a whole, we also know that there is a Plant Spirit in it that we can contact and ask for increased healing power.
No, I have a low opinion about Plants that are modified by breeders, I prefer Plants, as God has created them and Plants that I have collected because they just wanted to be collected by me.

In addition a small collection hint for all Plants
Before I pick a Plant or dig up its root, I ask him/her if she/he agrees.
This has a lot to do with mindfulness towards the subtle world.

properties and effect
blood circulation
reduces wound secretion
promotes wound healing
regenerates the tissue
inhibits malignant cell growth

medicinal purposes
is used in all forms of disease of the bones
injuries of the periosteum and bone tissue
osteoarthritis and arthritis
sprains, dislocations
joint pain
injuries to the tendons and ligaments
callous and poorly healing scars - scar pain

Comfrey can be found on damp meadows and roadsides, in the bushes and in ditches.

collecting tips
Both the leaves and the roots are used from Comfrey.
The leaves are best collected during the flowering period from May to August, preferably with increasing Moon.
You can hang them bundled upside down and let them dry in an airy, dark room.
The roots are best collected in Autumn or Spring.

Allantoin - promotes the formation of new body cells and callus formation in fractures.
It also helps when the formation of the body cells is 'out of joint', as it is in psoriasis or cancer.
Mucosal substances - are mainly present in the root, they support wound healing and cool and soothe the tissue
Tannins - support the healing effect
Chlorophyll - the leaves of the Comfrey contain particularly much green leaf coloring.
Only recently has it been shown that these dyestuffs can inhibit the growth of liver cancer tumors.
Choline - is a B Vitamin and dilates the blood vessels.
In combination with allantoin it causes the impressive healing effect of wounds.

recipes for medicinal use
Comfrey oil

To make a Comfrey extract, the roots are cut into small pieces and one-third filled in a dark glass.
With good vegetable oil, I prefer to use extra virgin organic olive oil, refill the glass.
Leave this mixture in the Sun for a few weeks.
If you do not have enough time, you can also heat the glass in a water bath, simmer for about 15 minutes, then remove it again and seal well.
This oil can then be left for 3-5 days, but it can then be used immediately.
Comfrey ointment
50 grams of Comfrey oil
4 - 5 grams of beeswax
Place a glass jar in a water bath with both ingredients and heat slowly until the beeswax has dissolved.
As a sample, you can cool a small amount on a plate and check the consistency of the ointment.
still liquid, fill this ointment into a jar - it can be used after cooling.

Comfrey cream
Somewhat finer in use is the Comfrey cream.
However, it is also much more elaborate to manufacture.
To prepare a cream, one always uses an oil phase, a water phase, a bodying agent and an emulsifier to combine the liquid and the solid phase.
For the Comfrey ointment we need:
12 g Comfrey oil
3 g emulsifier (I use Tegomuls)
6 g solid fat (shea butter, cocoa butter)
water phase
25-30 g decoction from Comfrey leaves
To preserve the ointment, you can add a few drops of alcohol, or essential oils of your choice – best (essential pure, natural) Rosemary oil.
The raw materials of the fatty phase are heated until all components have dissolved.
In parallel, warm the water phase.
Attention: both phases should not cook under any circumstances!
The water phase is then added very slowly, with constant stirring, into the fatty phase.
Continue to stir until the ointment is ready.
Finally, the essential oils or the spirit of wine can be stirred.

Comfrey compress
Dried and powdered Comfrey root can be made with the addition of hot water, a porridge that can be wonderfully beneficial for bruises, bone and joint pain.
Pour 2-4 tablespoons of dried and powdered Comfrey root with hot water until a porridge is formed.
Put this porridge on a cheesecloth and place on the affected area.

recipes for the kitchen
Comfrey soup

1-2 handfuls of fresh Comfrey leaves
1-2 handful of fresh Stinging Nettle leaves
1 onion
a little butter
genuine salt, pepper
Fry the chopped onion in the butter.
Add oatmeal, roast briefly and pour in vegetable soup.
Simmer a little before adding the small cut leaves.
Cook for a short while and then purée the soup.
Refine with salt, pepper, whipped cream or sour cream

Symphytum tuberosum Eglinton





Family of Clove Family - [Caryophyllaceae], clammy Chickweed, Mouse Ear, Nouse Eared Chickweed, Vogelmiere, Sternmiere, Hühnerdarm, Vogelkraut, Mausdarm, Vogelkraut, Hustdarm


image: by Rasbak - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0

At first glance, the Chickweed is very inconspicuous and small.
She is incredibly delicate and at the same time indestructible and full of strength.

Actually, she is one of the classic 'Weeds', because she likes to grow around the house and has at first appearance, no special features.
Nevertheless, she has been an important companion for us humans ever since the Neolithic Age.
She is a true pioneer Plant.
That is, she settles where no Plant grew before her.
She can grow almost everywhere and conquers her space quietly and secretly, but very effectively through her creeping growth.
It is said that there is no region in the world where chickweed does not grow.
Her delicate white flowers, she shows all Year round.
Her name suggests that birds value her as a nutritious food that grows even under the snow.
She is also a valuable Plant for us humans.
The high content of Vitamins and minerals makes her a helpful supporter at every Spring Cure.
She cleanses the blood and the skin from within and gives new strength after Winter.
On the Herb of the Chickweed one can prepare fresh Spring salads or a Herb spread, because the Plant tastes fresh the best.
It is also an important Plant that can serve as a weather prophet.
When her flowers are fully opened, the Sun will shine for the next four hours.

medicinal purposes
cough and mucous congestion
blood cough
thyroid function
skin disease (eczema, dry skin)
Spring fever

Due to the high iron content and the content of rare B Vitamins, the Chickweed is really a special addition to the daily kitchen.
saponins - expectorant
Vitamin B1, B2, B3
Vitamin C approx. 115 mg / 100 g
Potassium approx.  1870 mg / 100 g
Calcium approx. 1210 mg / 100 g

healing recipes
Chickweed tea

Tea made from fresh and dried Herbs helps in mucous congestion, to stimulate the metabolism and to relieve rheumatic complaints.
fresh Chickweed tea from fresh Plants
For constipation and for losing weight.
Pour two handfuls of fresh Chickweed with 1 liter of boiling water and boil down to half a liter of liquid.
2 cups of it drunk daily help with weight loss and constipation.

Chickweed ointment
Helps very well with extremely dry skin, with skin eczema and especially with psoriasis.
15 g Chickweed extract
4 g Tegomuls
30 g water phase (possibly infusion of fresh Chickweed)
5 - 10 drops of essential, natural oil of your choice

recipes for the Herbal cuisine
Chickweed salad
corn salad [Valerianella locusta]
1 handful of fresh Chickweed
1 apple
Wash the salad and Chickweed well, arrange with the small cut apple and some roasted walnuts to a Spring salad.
This salad tastes particularly good when it is additionally served with some fresh Spring blossoms (Daisies, Cuckoo flower [Cardamine pratensis], Violets, ...).

Chickweed sauce for dipping
1 cup of sour cream
1 cup of yogurt
A handful of chopped Chickweed Herb
real salt and pepper





Woodruff (Galium odoratum) Sweetscented Bedstraw, Waldmeister, Family of reds - [Rubiaceae]
Some of us may still know the typical scent of a Woodruff lemonade or the taste of the Woodruff-bowle, but most people do not know this wonderful Herb.
'Waldmeister' is much appreciated in Folk Medicine.
He was even given some wonderful nicknames, such as the 'Joy of the Heart' or 'Woodland Herb'.
The healing power of Woodruff was already mentioned in writing in the 9th Century and Herbalists appreciate the small Plant and the wonderful Maybowle that can be made of it, even today.
The special thing about the Woodruff is probably its beguiling, alluring, bewitching scent, which is only exuded when the Plant starts to wither.
Of course, we also know the Woodruff-bowle, in which the Plant spreads its slightly hallucinogenic, euphoric and aphrodisiac effect, and therefore can be considered as a real Witch's Plant.

History and myths
The Woodruff was one of the Plants, summarized under the term 'Mary Bed Straw'.
These are Plants that were stuffed under cushions and mattresses during the pre-Christian era to women in the puerperium, as an aid in this sometimes very difficult time.
The Woodruff should help ease the births and give the Women a good Night's sleep.
It was also said that the lovely fragrance of the Plant can strengthen the Heart of Mother and Child.

properties and effect
blood purifier
vascular strengthening

medicinal purposes
heart failure
nervous insomnia
nervous restlessness

by Hajotthu, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Woodruff usually grows in sparse deciduous forests or in mixed forests.
He prefers shady locations and nutrient-rich soils.
He likes to appear in big families

collecting tips
The Herb is collected in May and June.
For the punch it should be collected before flowering, for healing purposes afterwards.

coumarin glycoside
malic acid
Caution - the coumarin content can lead to headache and dizziness in overdose of the Woodruff.
It should also not be used during pregnancy as it can promote internal bleeding.
As an intoxicant, it has a stimulating effect in small doses, it sometimes has an intoxicating hallucinogenic effect

recipes for medicinal use
Woodruff tea
From the dried Herb you can make a wonderful tea for headaches, migraines, insomnia and nervousness.
Preferably the Herb is mixed with other Plants.

migraine tea (after Susanne Fischer Rizzi)
30 g Woodruff Herb
30g Cowslip [Primula veris] bloom
20 g of Thyme Herb [Thymus vulgaris]
10 g Lavender  [Lavandula angustifolia] flowers

recipes for the kitchen
Woodruff- bowle

A bunch of Woodruff
1 bottle of (good) white wine
1 bottle of sparkling wine
Sugar to taste
Put the withered Plants in a punchbowl and pour over the white wine.
Leave for 2-3 hours.
Then bring to boil 2-4 tablespoons of sugar in a little water and add to the Woodruff wine.
Add sparkling wine before serving.

Woodruff syrup
500 grams of sugar
½ liter of water
1 bunch of withering Woodruff
3-4 lemons
Boil the water with the sugar, then add the Woodruff Plants and simmer until a syrup is formed.





Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), from the Rose family - Rosacea
Folklore: Fence-Thorn, Whitebeam (Weißdorn)
image: CC BY-SA 3.0,
The Hawthorn is one of the most important Plants for our Heart Health, so, this Plant is known even to many lay people, because they take heart strengthening Hawthorn preparations.
Its white beautiful flowers delight and in Spring, its funny shaped leaves make the Heart happy in the Summer and its red fruits enliven the autumnal image of the forest.
I really like this shrub and use it more and more frequently to make healthy preparations for the Heart.
Thus, the Wild Plants of our forest get meaning and recognition again.
The Hawthorn, every child knows, strengthens the Heart and nerves very quickly - this old saying includes the meaningful effect of the bush and may be recalled.
The name Crataegus is derived from the Greek word 'krataios', which means strong and firm.
This name refers to the particularly hard wood of the Hawthorn.

stories and myths
There are many stories about the Hawthorn.
Of course, he is also one of the important hedge Plants that always made the border with the Otherworld and for this reason have been associated with Spirits, Witches and Wizards.
He is also associated with all sorts of wards.
A thorny Plant always includes the protective aspect and so was the Hawthorn from time immemorial as an important protective Plant.
So the wood was smudged in protective Rituals and used for magic Rituals as a magic wand.
Branches of the bush protected the house and the yard from mischief and sometimes Hawthorn branches were nailed up in the barn to protect against forms of disease and evil spirits.
Hawthorn bushes planted around the house also protect against vampires, evil spirits, demons and other dangerous creatures.
The Hawthorn but were also awarded healing properties.
Thus, a gate made of Hawthorn branches served to allow the disease to be left behind as it was passed through this gate.


                                                            image by unserKrä

Accompanied by various spells, the Hawthorn could resolve disease and even evil spells from a human.

properties and mode of action
All parts of him have similar healing properties.
Leaves, flowers and fruits have an invigorating effect on the Heart, they improve blood circulation in the coronary arteries, they can stabilize cardiac arrhythmia, strengthen the Heart muscle and even soothe fears, especially when they are about Heart health.
However, the fruits contain only about a third of the healing effect, the leaves contain the highest active ingredients and the flowers also give the subtle access of the Plant, by healing our Heart on the emotional level.
blood circulation
circulatory tonic
lowers blood pressure

medicinal purposes
heart failure
ageing Heart
circulatory disorders in the Heart
nervous Heart complaints - fears for the Heart
circulatory disorders
'Valerian of the Heart'

Hawthorn thorns, by Etsy Studios

recipes for medicinal use
Please note - the healing recipes are without guarantee - before the application is always to contact a doctor !
Hawthorn can increase the effect of cardiac drugs (nitrates and digitalis glycosides).

Hawthorn flower tea
The tea from Hawthorn blossoms is stimulating metabolism, it can even be beneficial during a lazy bowel movement (constipation) and supports the fat metabolism, so that Hawthorn blossoms can also be included in a weight loss treatment.
In addition, Hawthorn blossoms are also used for fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion,insomnia and climacteric symptoms.
The flowers thus offer a very broad spectrum of activity.

In Spring, the flowers of Hawthorn are extracted in alcohol to a tincture.
Add fresh flowers to a glass and pour over 40% alcohol.
After about four weeks, the tincture can be strained.
Blossom-tincture has a stimulating effect on the circulation, strengthens the heart, and promotes healthy blood circulation in the Heart.
Usually, the flower tincture is also mixed with a leaf and fruit tincture of Hawthorn.

Heart elixir
A handful of flowers and a handful of leaves are placed in a glass with some lemon balm leaves and doused with honey and a liter of red wine.
After 3 weeks, the Heart-Wine can be strained and drunk for general heart strengthening - and revitalization.

Heart drops
One-third Hawthorn flowers are placed in a sealable jar along with two-thirds Hawthorn leaves and doused with 45% alcohol.
After one Lunar Month, the Plant parts are strained and stored in dropper bottles.
In disorders and complaints of the cardiovascular system, 20-30 drops are taken three times a Day.

Flower essence of the Month of May
Hawthorn - 'Heartwell'
A flower essence of Hawthorn blossoms also supports our Heart strength on a spiritual level.
It has a strong healing effect on our Hearts at all planes.
Above all, it promotes happiness and lightness and is a true Heart-opener.
It also helps us to follow our Heart's path and to feel and hear the messages of our Heart.
It also gives us a lot of Love for ourselves and opens us generally for Love.
A new give and take of Love is made possible and a lot of Heart warmth arises in us.
A wonderful essence that can currently join us all into the power of our Heart.

image by High Contrast - Selbst fotografiert, CC BY 3.0 de, depicting Hawthorn fruits in late Summer

Plants in the Wheel of the Year – May by Parain on Scribd


This information is supplied without liability, limit or warranty.
Please note - this healing recipes may be subject to change and are without guarantee – always contact a Medical doctor before the application !
The information in this article has been carefully reviewed by me.
However, I decline any liability for any damage or consequences arising from the use or misuse of the information I have provided.
I do not give any medical advice.
If you have serious health problems, you should refrain from self-medication and seek the advice of a Medical doctor or alternative practitioner.

Some Wild Plants are protected regionally, consult the nature conservation authorities.
Collect only individual Plants, so that the stock remains !
Remember – you can only harvest something which belongs to you !

all images from Wikipedia, Wikimedia or self-made unless otherwise stated

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