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Plants in the Wheel of the Year - March
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Plants in the Wheel of the Year - March

Herbs and medicinal Plants in March are
Wild Garlic, Stinging Nettle, Dandelion, Daisy, Cowslip, Lemon Balm

'The Celto-Germanic Cultural Environment(s)' were the leading Culture(s) in much of Europe for almost a thousand Years.
Although the Druidry was destroyed by the 'Holy Church', the common people held on to Ancient Wisdom and passed it on verbally and practically in the form of Folk Saying, Fairy Tales, Legends, Seasons Rituals and especially Herbalism and Folk Medicine.
Over the eight CeltoGermanic Annual Festivals (The Wheel Of The Year) and their rituals, I want to guide the gentle reader and show how we can tune into the great Rhythms of Nature again today.
In addition I show numerous practical recipes for old-handed remedies and healing applications.

parsifalrain, March 12

Each Plant has its place in the Wheel of the Year - depending on the Month it has a special meaning- here you will fnd the Plants in the particular signifcance in each respective Month.
In this 12-part series to be published at the Beginning of each Month, I want to introduce old Knowledge of Herbs, Bushes and Trees assigned by our Ancestors and their Forefathers to each Month and Festivity following mostly the Celtic Cultural Cycle's lore and tribal Knowledge in the Wheel of the Year.
These Plants are not only to be used in the particular Month in the associated Feasts, some may also keep available special powers, attributes and gifts for the rest of the Year.

please note:
Always consult a doctor before using healing remedies and read disclaimer at the end of my abstract.


'Come here into the light of things, let Nature be your teacher'

- William Wordsworth (1770-1850)


Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum - Lily family), Ramson, Buckrams, Bears Garlic, Wood Garlic, Bärlauch
According to Legend, the Wild Garlic was eaten by brown bears after they had awakened from their hibernation.
Instinctively, the animals knew that this Plant could give them new strength - to their 'bear forces', (today: Herculean strength)
Wild Garlic is one of the very first Spring messengers and sometimes appears on a massive scale.
I appreciate it very much, because children also like to go in the wild with me, and because it is especially tasty and represents a real enrichment for my Spring kitchen.

properties and effect
antibacterial, antibiotic effect
builds up the intestinal flora - especially after antibiotics
disinfecting effect in the intestine,
strengthening and invigorating - helps us in the Spring to 'bear forces',
helps to reduce pollutants in the body

medicinal purposes

'Probably no herb of the earth is so effective for the purification of the stomach, intestines and blood, as the bear's garlic'

- Herbal pastor Johann Künzle

To build up the intestinal flora - especially after antibiotics
For the discharge of heavy metals (dental restoration!)
For 'cleansing' the blood vessels - against arteriosclerosis
For indigestion and loss of appetite
Against high blood pressure

Wild Garlic grows mainly on wet meadows, pastures and in deciduous and mixed woodland.

collecting tips
The leaves are harvested in the Spring, even before the Plant starts to bloom.
It is best to gather Wild Garlic with increasing Moon, on Leaf Days.
Caution is advised, because you can confuse the Wild Garlic with the leaves of the poisonous Lily of the Valley [Convallaria majalis] (between March to June) and (in Fall), with the Autumn Crocus (Meadow Saffron or Naked Lady). [Colchicum autumnale] (image below)

Especially the Lilies of the Valley often grow near the Wild Garlic. (image below)

If you grate or grind the leaves and they smell strongly for garlic, you can be sure that it is Wild Garlic.

Vitamin C
essential Leek oil

Wild Garlic should be used fresh.
He's not suitable for drying and storage.
He is a real asset to the kitchen.
He can be preserved if he is put in oil (to a Wild Garlic pesto) or if he is steeped in spirits for a Bear-Leek-Tincture.

healing formulae
fresh Plant trops from Wild Garlic

Chop Wild Garlic leaves, place in a jar and pour over 70% alcohol.
Screw the vessel tightly and let rest for 2-4 Weeks.
Strain and then store in a dark container.
Drink 5 drops 3 times a Day in a glass of lukewarm Water.
To build up the intestinal flora - especially after antibiotics
For the discharge of heavy metals (dental restoration!)
For cleaning the blood vessels

Wild Garlic oil

Chop fresh Wild Garlic leaves and pour cold-pressed olive oil over them.
Let stand for 2-3 weeks, then strain.
Can be used as a tasty salad oil.

Wild Garlic soup
1 onion
2 toes of garlic
a little butter
2 large floury potato
1 bunch of fresh Wild Garlic, real Salt, pepper, nutmeg
½ cup whipped cream
Chop the onion and fry in the butter, Garlic and vegetable soup.
Cut the potato into cubes and bring to a boil.
Cook the chopped Wild Garlic for the last three minutes as well.
Season with real salt, pepper and nutmeg.
Puree the soup and season with whipped cream.
Decorate with roasted bread cubes and a little fresh Wild Garlic.


Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) [Urticaceae family] Common Nettle, Dwarf Nettle, Brennnessel
The often painful burning Plant grows all over the World.
She is, so to speak, a cosmopolitan.
Stinging Nettles are often found where soils are overfertilized (nitrogen-rich) or near settlements.
Therefore, the Plant is often regarded as a typical Weed, although it is of great value for our Health.
We often only develop a special love of Stinging Nettle if we are allowed to experience their wonderful healing power on our own body. Stinging Nettle Herb helps in the Spring against Vitamin deficiency and Spring fatigue, strengthens the body's defenses and lowers the blood sugar level.
In addition, Nettle leaves stimulate the excretions of the digestive glands and bowel movements.
The Stinging Nettle is therefore one of the most important Herbs for a detoxifying Spring Cure.

properties and effect
purifying and hematopoietic (blood-building)
heavily dehydrating
generally purifying

medicinal purposes
good for the Spring Cure for detoxification
against kidney weakness
against fatigue (iron)
anemia and blood disorders
circulatory disorders
rheumatism and gout

Widely distributed, she grows mostly near houses, on roadsides, screes, on hedges and walls

collecting tips
Fresh leaves and stems are collected from April / May to September.
They have the highest iron content when they are still very young.
In the garden, it is also helpful if you collect the very small Stinging Nettle leaves, because then this 'Weed' does not spread over a large area.

especially iron and magnesium
potassium, calcium and phosphorus
lots of Vitamin C
silica - important silicon donor, strengthens the connective tissue

recipes for medicinal use
fresh Plant juice

For Spring Cure, I personally find the fresh Plant juice most effective.
To do this, collect daily a few fresh, young leaves and juice them.
Of this, take 3 teaspoon diluted daily with lukewarm Water.
You can also increase the dose by one teaspoon every 2-3 Days.
The Cure can be done for (up to) 4 Weeks.


Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

'There is actually a magic herb in front of our door, free of charge, and we do not use it'

The Dandelion is a common 'Weed' that grows around the World.
Especially in Spring, the Dandelion makes whole meadows yellow - as if the Sun had fallen to Earth.
After the flowering season, the Dandelion transforms into the Jinny-Joe and with every gust of Wind many small parachutes (= the fruits of the Dandelion) are carried away.
Through the spreading of the Wind, the Dandelion was able to colonize every corner of the Earth.
Dandelion is one of the most important medicinal Plants.
Especially in Spring it is another indispensable Plant for a detoxifying, stimulating Spring Cure.

The Dandelion has a positive influence on all organs, which are involved in digestion.
The gastric juice secretion is increased, it is appetizing and relaxed.
For flatulence and bloating should therefore be thought of Dandelion.
Dandelion leaf tea or Dandelion root tea acts as well as the leaves enjoyed as a fresh salad.
In the Middle Ages, it was often used in 'magic salve' together with other Herbs.

properties and effect
blood cleansing
strongly detoxifying
mild laxative
strengthening on the liver and bile
stimulating metabolism - stimulates the entire endocrine system

medicinal purposes
Spring Cure, for all liver and gallbladder disease

Dandelion is a constructive tonic
Dandelion can be used as a tonic in conditions of weakness.
The body is brought back into ginger.
The Dandelion strengthens the liver, pancreas, kidney, spleen, intestine and stomach and through the bitter substances it helps to remove toxins from the body.
He has a dehydrating effect, but it has the great advantage over dehydrating tablets in drug form that it supplies valuable minerals to the body and does not simply wash it out.
The body is thus well looked after.

On well-fertilized meadows, on roadsides, in gardens

collecting tips
Leaves should be collected as young as possible before flowering.
The roots are dug up in April / May even before flowering, or in the Autumn.

Bitter substance Taraxin, bitter substances for liver and bile
Inulin, in the root, keeps us awake and fresh, positively affects the blood sugar content
especially potassium (dehydrated)
Vitamin B2 and C
silica, calcium and iron

recipes for medicinal use
fresh Plant juice
Juiced like the Stinging Nettle juice from fresh, young Dandelion leaves, dilute 1-2 teaspoons three times a Day with Water and drink in sips

tea from leaves
The dried Nettle Herb has less effect than the fresh Plant juice, but is also wonderful support for a Spring Cure.

tea from the roots
(use in the kitchen)
The root is used in the kitchen as salsify or roasted as a substitute for coffee.
The fresh leaves are used for salads, spreads, Spring soups and vegetable dishes.
The still closed buds can be put into vinegar and used as a caper replacement.
Dandelion honey is especially popular with children.
The fresh Plant juice supports the Spring Cure particularly intensively.

Dandelion salad
Collect young Dandelion leaves and mix with fresh corn salad [Valerianella locusta].
Chop Dandelion leaves roughly with some walnut kernels.
Remove the egg yolk from two hard-boiled eggs and crush with the fork - mix with ½ tsp lemon juice and 3 tbsp sunflower oil.
Season with paprika, pepper, mustard and real honey.
Mix salad and dressing together and sprinkle with chopped egg whites and (Wild) Chives [Allium schoenoprasum].

Dandelion wine
4 liters of Dandelion flowers
4 liters of Water
1 orange
1 lemon
2 kg of real sugar
1/2 coffee cup of yeast

To four liters of Dandelion flowers (measured pressed), which are dry picked and plucked, poured four liters of Water, add the shell of a lemon and an orange to it.
Then cook for 20 minutes, let it be in a large-opening dish.
Add 2 kilos of unrefined sugar and the peeled, peeled and sliced ​​orange and let it cool until lukewarm.
Then pour half a coffee cup of yeast in, place it in a bright place and let it ferment for four to five days.
Then pour it off, fill it in bottles and place it in the basement in the dark.
The bottles must be tied over the cork so that they do not pop open.
The drink is crystal clear, tastes excellent and is as strong as a fine liqueur.

Dandelion honey - purifies the blood and a tonic (stimulating)
ingredients: 200 Dandelion flowers
1 liter of Water
1 kg of real sugar
4 tablespoons lemon juice
preparation: The flowers are shaken out a little, so that any beetles sitting in them fall out, and doused with the Water.
Now heat and let cook for 15 minutes.
The liquid is poured through a sieve and squash the flowers a little.
Then add real sugar and lemon juice and boil again for 15 minutes.
After a gelling test, immediately fill in glasses and seal them well.
The Dandelion honey tastes like real bee Honey, it is just as healthy and can be stored for a long time.

If stored for too long, it can become firm like real honey.

Dandelion is a very special Ancestor Plant whose root is dug out and collected in the Fall.
On the night before All Saints' Day (Samhain) he was smoked for prophecies and necromancers because he symbolizes life, dying and transience.
In Christian mythology he stands for the spread of Christian doctrine.
The Dandelion is a 'Mary's plant', which carries the signs of a 'Virgin birth', since he can reproduce without anthers and cicatrices.

Nordic Mythology
The Nordic Goddess Freyja of Love and marriage was dedicated to Dandelion.
Dandelion was dedicated to the God of Light and Healing Belenos (equals i.e. Baldur, Belinus, Baal, Bel, Beli Mawr, Hadad, Apollo and Sol)
In a Chinese text from 659 AD, the Dandelion is mentioned as a medicinal Plant.
The Arabic physician Avicenna in the 11th century mentioned the Dandelion in the 'Canon medicial'.
The scientific Plant name Taraxacum can be found in the Latin translation.
Taraxacum was formed from the Arabic words 'tarak' and 'sahha', meaning 'to let piss'.
(In Ancient World, by close trade ties with other Cultures, especially those of the [then far-afield] East [through the Silk Road], Patron-Deities that passed certain aspects of Nature or Society were 'shared' and-often inherited under a different name).
So the Celtic Baldur became the Mesopotamian - Assyrian Baal).

Daisy (Bellis perennis) [Asteraceae family] from the family Composite; Common Daisy, Gowan, Gänseblümchen

The beloved Daisy is probably one of the most famous Spring Flowers and is spread all over Europe on meadows, lawns and gardens (which are not fertilized).
As small and modest as the Daisy looks, so important for us is its healing power - especially in Spring.
The Daisy can expel all forms of disease of Winter, especially the annoying cough and joint pain.
Daisy is therefore another important Plant for the Spring cleaning of the body.

properties and effect
anti-inflammatory - especially for forms of respiratory disease
phlegm-promoting, spasmodic and cough-dissolving
stimulates metabolism

medicinal purposes
After the Winter against forms of vitamin deficiency disease
regeneration of the respiratory tract
blood purification
in liver and gallbladder disease

As an additive, an addition to other natural cures, the Daisy always improves every therapy and thus the general condition.

collecting tips
The leaves and flowers can be collected throughout the Year.

Mucilage - which has a positive effect on internal and external inflammations
Bitter substances - for liver and bile
Vitamin C

recipes for medicinal use
Daisy juice
Wash a large bouquet of Daisies (leaves and flowers) and place in a bowl - drizzle with Water until the Plants are well wet.
Blend everything in a blender - strain the juice and drink 2-3 tablespoons daily.

use in the kitchen
Most often, the fresh leaves and flowers are used for salads, spreads, soups and vegetable dishes.
Daisy is also dried as a tea.
Closed flowers can be placed in vinegar for three weeks and then used as a caper replacement.

2 tablespoons spelled flour
¼ onion
400ml vegetable broth
1 grated carrot
5 tbsp whipped cream
½ tbsp mustard
4 tbsp fresh daisy leaves
Daisy flowers
Dry the flour and onion dry and pour in the vegetable broth.
Simmer for 2-3 minutes, add the carrots and season with whipped cream, mustard, real salt and pepper.
Shortly before serving add chopped Daisy leaves and garnish with flowers.


Cowslip [Primula veris, syn.: Primula officinalis] (family of Primrose), Cowslip Primrose, Schlüsselblume
I also loved the marvelous yellow flowering Cowslip since my childhood, it was one of the first flowers we were able to gather as children.
I picked beautiful bouquets for my mom and later I embellished my room with a fresh bunch of Cowslips.
The Cowslip brings back the Suns and smiles after the Winter.
And indeed, one of the most important features of this flower is that it has a mood-enhancing and slightly anti-depressant effect.

Stories and Myths
The Cowslip was dedicated to the Germanic Goddess Freya.
In her crown she carried a small key, with which she could open the Hearts of the people.
The Cowslip - a heart opener.
In other stories it is described that the Cowslip is able to open the Earth in Spring and awaken the sleeping powers of Nature.
Many other Myths tell of Fairies who give us men a golden key that opens the door to our hidden powers.
In any case, the Cowslip is a Plant that is particularly related to the Feminine power.

properties and effect
calming and inducing sleep
galvanic treatment
migraines and headaches - for relaxation
kidney disease, rheumatism and gout
bronchitis and other forms of disease of the respiratory tract

On meadows and in deciduous forests

collecting tips
The flowers can be collected from March to May.
But only very sparingly.
The Plant is under conservation.
In no case may the root be excavated !

Essential oils
vitamin C

recipes for medicinal use
Special tea for insomnia
(according to Maria Treben)
50 g of Cowslip flowers
25g Lavender flowers
10 g St. John's Wort
15g Hop cones
5g Valerian root
Brew 1 tbsp of the mixture with ¼ Liter of water and leave for 3 Minutes.
Swallow before bedtime.

happiness tea
Mixed equally St. John's Wort, (Lemon)-Melissa and Cowslip, this tea dispels a maternity blues.


Melissa - [Melissa officinalis] - Medicinal Plant of the Month March [genus Melissa] Lemon Balm, Bee Weed, Weedwort, Weevil, Zitronenmelisse, Bienekraut, Frauenkraut, Wanzenkraut

This time I would like to introduce a Plant that is not a Wild Plant.
I hope you forgive me.
But I love the Lemon Balm and this Year I love her very much, because she supports me so wonderfully.
The Lemon Balm not only smells wonderful, she also has a very broad spectrum of action and is versatile.
Its main effect is certainly the calming effect on our nervous system.
Melissa has a soothing, sleep-inducing effect, eliminates tachycardia and inner restlessness.
There is a lot going on right now, many fears are coming up and many situations challenge us properly.
The Melissa can support us very well here.
She pays attention to us, that we are up to these requirements.
She allows us to let go of our fears in bed in the evening and to fall asleep relaxed.
She calms our nerves and our restless heart.
She also affects our psyche by lightening our mood and making us think a little more positively.
The Melissa also has an effect on our blood - she dilutes it and gives us a well-flowing blood that takes away the Winter sluggishness/lethargy.
Of course, Melissa is also a well-known antiviral - it works very strong against herpes viruses, but also against all sorts of influenza viruses. As the Lemon Balm drunk in the morning has a stimulating and invigorating effect, but in the evening calming and inducing sleep, the Melissa tea can be drunk all day long.
My Lemon Balm is already very vigorous in the garden - I pick some fresh leaves every Day and then enjoy my tea.
Melissa plantlets are also available everywhere.
So you can currently stay in the house and use freshly.

Melissa recipes
Green smoothie with Melissa

fresh Lemon Balm leaves
1 banana - also has a stress-relieving effect
1 apple
½ liter of buttermilk
1 tbsp of Almond paste - tastes incredibly good, but also works against stress and even candia infection .....
Put everything together in the smoothie maker or a similar household mixer and you get a wonderful green, very tasty drink.
Smoothies of all kinds accompany me in the Spring and support my Spring Cure

Put fresh Lemon Balm leaves in (a) jam jar and pour in 40% alcohol.
Leave this glass for 2-4 weeks.
Drain the parts of the plant and fill the tincture in brown dropper bottles.
Melissa tincture has a soothing, sleep-inducing, antiviral, anticonvulsant on the stomach and intestines, relieves pain in headaches.
This tincture is taken drop by drop.
I would recommend 15-20 drops three times a day, which are given in a glass of Water or added to warm Melissa tea.

Melissa ointment
Put fresh Lemon Balm leaves over 4 Weeks in a good carrier oil.
I like to use an Almond oil or a local Sunflower oil with good organic quality.
After four weeks, the active ingredients of Melissa have been transferred to the oil.
The Plant parts can be sieved.
The oil is stirred in the ratio 10:1 with beeswax to an ointment.
For this, the oil is heated to about 70 degreesC, the beeswax is added.
Once the beeswax has completely dissolved, the ointment can be bottled.
If you want, you can add essential (real) Lemon Balm (which is very expensive).
This ointment can be used as a lip balm, or lubricated as a soothing ointment on the Heart chakra.


Plants in the Wheel of the Year - March by Parain on Scribd



This information is supplied without liability, limit or warranty.
Please note - this healing recipes may be subject to change and are without guarantee – always contact a Medical doctor before the application !
The information in this article has been carefully reviewed by me.
However, I decline any liability for any damage or consequences arising from the use or misuse of the information I have provided.
I do not give any medical advice.
If you have serious health problems, you should refrain from self-medication and seek the advice of a Medical doctor or alternative practitioner.

Some Wild Plants are protected regionally, consult the nature conservation authorities.
Collect only individual Plants, so that the stock remains !
Remember – you can only harvest something which belongs to you !

all images from Wikipedia, Wikimedia or self-made unless otherwise stated

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