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Palestine: Old Photos Expose Old Lying
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Palestine was already a garden before the 'chosen people' arrived there.

It was difficult to find uncultivated country there at all.

The Palestinians had already built up their international markets, which were then taken over by the Israelis in 1948 with the nationalization.

by lupo cattivo - 15/08/2010

source: effedieffe by Maurizio Blondet

image top: Jaffa, Palestine Street scene in the old city next to the Jaffa's famous Clock tower, pre-1914 (Matson Collection). 

There were public schools, football teams, national feeling, scouts, full markets and a differentiated labor market.


cover sheet Rose of Palestine 1922



Begin of article

'A people without a land for a land without a people' *

The Zionist propaganda repeated for a century, that Palestine was virtually uninhabited before the arrival of the Zionists.

But apparently there was still a little population.

This photo from Jaffa from July 1908 shows a huge crowd in front of the office of the local government (Grand Serai), celebrating the success of the (then non-CIA induced) revolution of the Young Turks and the dismissal of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid in Istanbul.

‘For the first time in the history of the world, Christian stood shoulder to shoulder with Moslem in a triumphant onslaught for the recovery of liberty and the reinstatement of the Constitution. Constantinople was besieged’

The Turkish revolution sparked great hopes in Palestine, which was a province of the Ottoman Empire, on parliamentary elections and a constitutional government.

(In the early 19th Century, the Ottoman Empire controlled most of the ME, including Palestine)

The lively and crowded market (bazar) of Jaffa in 1896 in a daguerreotype.

By a suitable apparatus, this technique could provide three-dimensional views.

View of Jaffa from the sea, photography between 1898 and 1914.

A clean and civilized Palestinian city full of activity, which then had a population of 70.000, all Arabs.


'The Zionists have found a desert and turned it into a garden'

source: Harvest ... Matson Collection (1898-1914)

Overall view of the plantations of Jaffa, recorded before 1914.

It actually looks as if Palestine already was a garden before the arrival of the ‘chosen people. In truth, with the exception of dunes and rocks there was hardly to find uncultivated land.

Jaffa was the most advanced city in Palestine, and had approximately 70.000 Palestinian inhabitants.

Fruit and vegetable plantations, olive groves and palm trees, were located around cities and villages, thanks to an intensive and specialized agriculture.


'It is the Zionists who introduced valuable culture of planting crops and advanced technology'

Early 1920s: Sorting the harvest

The fruits are wrapped in lightweight paper for sales and distribution

The boxes of fruit and vegetables on boats reach the cargo ships that docked at the port of Jaffa for export abroad.

Already in the early 19th Century, in Palestine the main export were tropical fruits.

Oranges, limes and grapefruit from Jaffa were everyday conditions on the breakfast tables of the British Empire

The Palestinians had their markets well organized

- This is also the reason why the Zionist state 'nationalized' agriculture -

- Which is nothing more as to rob the Palestinians -

- And turned it into the main export commodity of the new State of Israel.


'Under-developed Bedouins who live without civilization in tents'

A primary school class of the National Christian Orthodox School in 1938.

Apparently, the Christian schools were also of Muslim children readily attended, because they received an excellent education there.

The pupils of the Christian Orthodox school of course had an orchestra ....


'There has never been a Palestinian State'

The teachers of government high school in Jaffa 1923 (lyceum and technical school)

-The professor at the center, west dressed with a tie, but Fez is Salim Katul, author of numerous Arabic books with scientific content.

If there never was a state, why there was a public school?


'Uneducated semi-feral who understand only the language of force'

Joiner class of secondary school in this public school in 1924.

Inscription on the door

'Who the learns little, has also later little acceptation'


Pathfinder and 'little wolves' in secondary education, 1924.

The football team in the school in 1923


'They had no national consciousness ..... before ....'

Mounted British policemen on October 27, 1933 on the central square of Jaffa, drifting apart (or expelling) a protest rally against the British policy that promotes Jewish immigration.

On the same October 27, here beaten the British police the well respected Palestinian politician Muza Kazim Pasha al-Husseini, during a protest against Jewish immigration.

Mr. al-Husseini dies six months later, 81-year-old from the effects of these shocks, of which he had never fully recovered.

The beginning of the 'Arab revolt' against the philo-Zionist British policy.

The English police on the central square of Jaffa Arab is facing demonstrators.

British troops search passersby on 'Lungomare' of Jaffa during the Arab revolt in 1936.


'They hate us for our freedom'

English reprisals against the Arab uprising 1936

English soldiers with barbed wire blocking the old city of Jaffa; this is the prelude to the punishment-demolition of houses of Arab population.

The result of the British punishment: the left behind of the old city of Jaffa in ruins in 1936.

In this sense, the Israelis have only continued a tradition


'These are all terrorists; there is no one with which you can negotiate'

The wreckage of the governor's palace (Grand Serai), destroyed by an attack of the 'Lohemai Herut Israel', better known as the 'Stern Gang'.

On January 4, 1948 members of the Stern gang parked a truck with explosive ammunition hidden under oranges in front of the palace.

The building was razed to the ground; in addition, 26 Palestinian civilians were killed.

'So there was no one with whom one could negotiate'


April 24, 1948:

Militant Irgun Zionists penetrate through breaches into Palestinian houses, breaches, they had previously caused by explosives.

On this day, the Israeli secret army begins under the command of Menachem Begin an attack that lasts 4 days and 4 nights, against Tel Aviv ambient neighborhood Manshiyeh at the seafront with indiscriminately fired mortar shells.

The effects of the Zionist bombing of Manshiyeh.

The official report to the British parliament speaks on May 5, 1948 of

'Random mortar attacks with the obvious aim of causing panic among the civilian population. The British armed forces used air strikes against it (Irgun Zionists), so the Israelis withdrew during the afternoon to their previous positions (...)

On the evening of April 30, the (by the British) enacted ceasefire was broken by Israel (...). According to an estimate 30.000 Arabs of Jaffa fled and at the moment more escape.

The Arab mayor is still in Jaffa and public responsibilities are fulfilled with difficulties'.

- by Hansard, House of Commons, May 5, 1948 page 1238.


End of April 1948:

Thousands of Arabs to flee from the Zionist attack on Jaffa by sea after the streets being blocked by orthodox terrorists 'Haganah' (Hebrew for 'Defense'); they reach Gaza, Egypt, Lebanon (and Syria) as refugees (note in the photo the Christian Orthodox church tower).


'At last, a people without a country can set up in a country where there is no population'

Happy smiling Jewish immigrants from Europe.

It is early 1949 and the poor victims have made it after an ethnic cleansing comfortably in the neighborhoods of Jaffa

End of article





Palestine Pre-1948, Before Zionism


translation: Parsifal Rain (a few elucidations in black bold, additional, explanatory links, available images by Wikipedia and the video added, the research itself regarding authenticity and gist left completely untouched)


epilogue: Parsifal Rain

Can steadfast wrongdoing develop over decades into right doing ?

* complementally should be noted here that it is untruthful to use the term 'people' because a 'Jewish people' neither is nor ever was, but only a religion called 'Jewish'.

There IS but a Semitic People, whose members belonged to different religions and on the other hand from the members of the Jewish religion came entirely different peoples.

Jews are as Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus - to name only the 5 largest faith communities, devotees of a religion.

There have never been a people of Jews.

There have also never been a people of Catholics, or a people of Mormons.


In what can look back Israel ?

In over 60 years of rule in a stolen land, over 60 years of war, over 60 years murder, terror, threats and manslaughter and over 60 years unjust.


Unjust states in my opinion are as well Australia and the United States.

Their governments also have stolen the land from the local residents; have killed millions of times, raped and plundered, comparable to the Holocaust in WWII, if not worse !

image info

Have you ever wondered what happened if one of these peoples, the descendants of the Incas and Mayans, the Aborigines, the Native Americans in Central - and South America assert their claims to pass back their properties and indemnification, or take back what the governments stole from them for centuries ?

Alone Spain would be bankrupt with immediate effect, by the way, the Catholic Church.

Alone the stolen gold of the Incas and Mayans, all the Portuguese and Spanish Gold and of the Roman Catholic Church origins from these raids.


Translating and posting this evidence is in stark contrast to the often-repeated Zionist lies (which are universally traded like gold), of course considered 'Anti Semitism' and thus politically incorrect…

images of Palestine pre-1948 - all Wikipedia:

Orange groves at Bir Salim, Palestine (eleborate irrigation system)

Oranges leaving Jaffa Palestine

Images of Nakba - (Diaspora) all Wikipedia:

Palestinian refugees 1948

A Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus, Syria in 1948 Nakba

Refugees On The Move 10 30 1948 Jalil Nakba

Jaffa, Palestine: Palestinian residents salvage whatever possessions they can carry as they flee the city. (via Walid Khalidi, Before Their Diaspora)


by Stephen Lendman in Global Research

Nakba is named the collective dispossession and ethnic cleansing (compulsory population transfer)

(a separate blog will be posted in BOLE before May, 15, 2014, Anniversary Day Of Nakba)

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