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OSHO: PRIESTS & POLITICIANS - The Mafia of the Soul Tags: Osho Consciousness


But the mind of the politician and the criminal is the same. Those who are not courageous enough will go in a way which can lead either to the world of criminals or to the world of politicians. Of course, of the hundred people who will walk on the path, ninety-nine will go to the world of criminals; ninety-nine will be in the jails. One percent will also be in jail, but of a different kind: it is called the White House. All kinds of black deeds -- naturally you have to call the house the "White House" to hide them.

Part 2 :

The religious leader or the political leader -- both are in the same boat, helping each other. The politician protects the religious leader, the religious leader protects the politician. He protects him through people's religious feelings, and the politician protects the religious leader by his power. It is a mutual understanding. Hence I don't make any difference between the two. To me, the political leader is more criminal-minded; hence is ready to take the risk. The religious leader is a coward, but cunning; through cunningness he manages to rise even higher than the political leader; at least in the abstract sense he is higher than the political leader. But the desire of both is the same: to rule, to have control over millions of people.

Part 3 :


Religion as such does not exist yet; hence, whatever is known as religion should remain separate from the state for the simple reason that it is not religion -- it is pseudo, fake. You cannot ask the same question in reference to science. Can you ask that science and state should remain separate? Nobody even thinks about science's separation for the simple reason that science exists, has come of age, has contributed immensely to human growth, welfare, health, longevity. In every possible way science has been a blessing. Hence, nobody will think of science remaining separate from the state. Religion has not been a blessing yet. It has been a curse. But remember, it is not religion. It is pseudo-religion. Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Judaism, Mohammedanism -- these are all cults.

Part 4 :

In every school Christianity is being taught. In every possible way it is stuffed down the throat of every child directly, indirectly. The government, even the parliament, begins with prayer to God. I wonder how do you find so many fools to fill the parliament? And nobody asks, "Why this prayer to God?" Democracy is for the people, of the people, by the people. From where comes this God? -- he is not people. This despotic God, a dictatorial God, who believes in dictating, believes in giving commandments -- you are praying to Him in a democracy, and still you think you are keeping religion and state apart!

Part 4 :

If people don't like what we are doing, why don't they just leave us alone to do it?

There are many reasons for it, and of great importance. First; why do people not like what we are doing here? It is none of their concern in fact. We are not doing anything to them. If we are doing anything at all, we are doing it to ourselves. Particularly my whole philosophy is selfish, self-centered. Why do they not like it? There is tremendous fear behind it, because we are doing something they have stood against for the whole past history of humanity. If we succeed, their whole history, all their religions, culture, civilizations, are proved to be wrong. Our success is risky. Our success is dangerous, it is a challenge – and not to a single individual, not to a single society, not a single religion, but to all that they have been doing; their philosophy, their religion…. If you just see the great implication: you are standing against the whole history of man – your success cannot be allowed. Somehow or other they want you to fail; in your failure is their success. That's why they are against it. It is a great question – who is right? We are a small commune. On their side is the whole history of man.

Part 6 :

To me it is of great significance that idiots don't get interested in me. They get angry at me, that's very good. And I try my best to keep them angry, hating me, against me, because I don't want them to be here. I don't want this place to turn into a commune of idiots. Sometimes an idiot comes by accident. But soon he escapes, it is too much for him, to look so high. He has always crawled on the earth; he is a creature who, by some accident, started walking on two legs. He should be walking on all fours – that's where he belongs. I am not interested in that kind of people. And of course they are the majority – so I am not interested in the majority. I am perfectly happy that they are angry. Please keep them angry. And I will go on doing things so that they will remain angry and will not come in. We are not afraid of people going out. Those who go out we are very happy, relieved of a burden. We are worried about people coming in, people who cannot really belong to an intelligent, loving, responsible commune. […] This is the birth of a new man that you are witnessing. You should rejoice that you are witnessing something which is going to be the most significant factor in human history, which is going to divide the past and the future.

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