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Now Ukrainians Kill Ukrainians - UPDATES
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more to this video at the end of my article

1. It is no coincidence, immediately after the announcement on Thursday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) wants to help Ukraine with a credit of SDR 11 billion *), roll the tanks in the Eastern Ukraine and the attack on the city of Slavjansk has begun.

For me, this is proof again, ALL WARS ARE BANXTERs WARS.

Kiev has got, namely by the IMF, the prompt, bring the Eastern Ukraine under control and knock down the separatists, otherwise there is no money.

Yes, Kiev was signaled by the banxters, only if you do your part of the deal you receive your credit thirty pieces of silver.

Therefore soldiers of the coup regime have launched the offensive against their own people on Friday and it already came to battles with injuries and deaths.

Parsifal, May 2, 2014

With tanks and helicopters against own people


On Friday morning, the cities Slowjansk and Kramatorsk were attacked by special units of the fascist regime and allegedly placed control points of the People's Militia brought under control.

The activists who stand against Kiev defended themselves against the attack.

Two Mi-24 attack helicopters have been shot down as Kiev reports.


This should be one of the injured helicopter pilots:


The press secretary of President Putin, Dmitry Peskov, has called the military action by using tanks and helicopter gunships, a punitive action against the Southeastern Ukraine.

The coup regime will have to answer for it, especially against the Ukrainian people.

So the last hope is in fact destroyed, the viability of the Geneva agreements on the de-escalation of the situation in Ukraine, says Peskov.


The Foreign Ministry in Moscow said that the military operation can lead to disastrous consequences.

The Russian government calls Kiev and the U.S. and the EU not to commit any criminal error,

'We have repeatedly warned that the use of the army against its own people is a crime, plunging the Ukraine into a disaster'

emphasizes Moscow.


The punitive measures against its own people attest the inability of the leadership in Kiev to fulfill the obligations it has accepted in Geneva, namely the cessation of violence and the inclusion of a pan-national dialogue, with the participation of all regions and political forces.

'The regime in Kiev, which has already broken the agreement of February 21, (is) now in breach of its obligations under the Geneva Declaration of April 17, which calls for an immediate stop of violence'

is said by the Foreign Ministry.

A woman with an icon turns against the attackers


Meanwhile, the city Slavjansk is besieged by regime forces and completely surrounded.


The inhabitants can not leave the city.

'None of the inhabitants, including women and children have the option to leave the besieged city',

it was said.


On the town was shot and according to the people's militia there are dead and injured.


(Meanwhile), three helicopters had been shot down claims the people's militia in the defensive struggle there.

They would have fired missiles at the town.

Afterwards the hostilities have been suspended.


The citizens of Slavjansk have obstructed the attackers and formed on the access roads to the city a living shield.

The unarmed city residents, including women and older people want to prevent further bloodshed.

Ukrainian people try to prevent penetration of the attackers, for weeks they stop tanks, not as reported in the media 'pro-Russian militia'


('Whom will you shoot dead ?' and 'Stop Machine')

Who is the real aggressor here ?

Instead of seeking a peaceful solution are shot the people who reject the Nazi regime.

Kiev has begun the war against its own people.

The criminal regime has thus triggered a real civil war.

Now Ukrainians shoot Ukrainians.



Who is to blame for this situation ?

Only the cursed financial elite and their lackeys, U.S., EU and NATO !


All wars are banxters wars, for war is the best deal for them !


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Also in the coastal city of Odessa is demonstrated against the regime in Kiev and barricades and road blocks for self-protection errected

The demonstrators were calling, Odessa has always been Russian, and they want to get away from the Ukraine:



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


*) The Ukraine does not get USD 17 billion as the media wrongly report, but 11 billion SDR, so Special Drawing Rights as a credit, an artificial monetary unit of the IMF.

The SDR comprises a basket of currencies, which is filled with dollar, euro, yen and pound, the dollar accounts for only 41.9%, 37.4% of the euro, the yen, 9.4% and 11.3% of the pounds.

Not enough, the Gold reserves of Ukraine were 'exported' to unknown destiny in a night-and-fog-robbery as the Nazi regime was brought to power by the EU, NATO, U.S..


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Large Tank - transports (NATO anti-tank tanks with covered national insignia, definitely not for defense but war of aggression) on rail spotted in NEUTRAL Austria heading to East - footage in German, by MEP Ewald Stadler:



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2. BREAKING - Pro-Kiev henchmen kill 40 people in Odessa

Parsifal, May 2, 2014


As I reported above, also demonstrations against the regime took place in Odessa on Friday.

Then something terrible happened.

The Trade Union House in Odessa was set in fire by henchmen of the fascist regime, where the opponents of the regime sought protection.

30 people were killed by the smoke and flames.

10 died as they wanted to escape and jumped from the windows.

Survivors were subsequently hunted by the radicals of the 'rights sector', beaten and seriously injured.

The Interior Ministry in Kiev claiming it was a confrontation between opponents of the 'Euro-Maidan' and 'football fans'.

The regime opponents have fled to the union house and barricaded themselves there, after their camp in front of the building was attacked by members of the 'right sector'.

Then fire bombs were thrown by the radicals on the building, which led to the fire.

30 victims were found dead on the floors, which were stifled.

The others died as they jumped from the windows to escape the flames.

Reporter say those who had survived the jump, were surrounded and beaten by members of the 'right sector'.

Riot police at the scene did nothing to prevent the crime.

The police leadership claims that they could not do anything because they were 'unarmed'. The radicals even prevented the extinguishing of the fire and came upon the firefighters.






These are the criminal acts of the fascist regime against its own people.

These criminals support the U.S. and EU.

Thus, not only Obama but also Merkel has blood on her hands.


The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has prompted Kiev to stop the killing.

He wrote on his Facebook page:

'Those in power in the Ukrainian capital must come to their senses and stop killing their own citizens, otherwise the faith of the country would become very sad'.

The use of force in Ukraine shows the 'criminal weakness' of the regime in Kiev, Medvedev said.


Now is better understood why the population of the Crimea as quickly as possible separated from the Ukraine and joined Russia.

Crimeans knew exactly what would happen to them; videlicet the same thing now experienced the population of the Eastern and Southern Ukraine.

The attack and shelling by soldiers, tanks and helicopter gunships as in Slavjansk or the brutal persecution as in Odessa.


Mass Brawl in Odessa (Live-Stream)



('exbedded', as this video starts automatically, watch here)
Video streaming by Ustreamvideo source

Video streaming by Ustream

video source


WHO's country next ?

Are we condemned to observe in slow motion, how the situation in Ukraine is developing into a civil war and it remains to be seen whether this results in an extensive fire or even something much larger ?


We ARE condemned, unless WE-THE-PEOPLE take action, go on the streets, DEMAND peaceful action from 'our' politicians, write letters to editors to all kind of the corporate media, talk to our friends and countrymen about the real situation in Ukraine and share the video on top of my article. Here’s the link, just share ...

in the video description, you may find the video in YOUR language, please share the according proposal of peace…




and many languages more, see here…

In a future, not far from now, your grandchildren will ask you what you did to foster Peace ! - Parsifal


related in BOLE




Massacre of Odessa erupted somehow: ARD (German State TV)

Fascism is after 70 years back in Odessa.

Pro-EU fascists have killed many people.

In the union hall, 38 people were burned alive, suffocated 15 people jumped eight people to their deaths, about 20 people were killed.

Mind ?


We gladly call people 'people' and fascists 'fascists'.

The 'right sector' was carted yesterday by bus to Odessa.

The union building full of people was besieged and then set on fire.

But it was not just the paid SA, the European Union and NATO, even ordinary mob, incited by the anti-Russian chevy that lasts for months.

Ukrainian Teens make and drag firebombs


ARD trivialized atrocities

In the ARD-day show, it was about 'clashes between supporters of the Kiev central government and pro-Russian separatists'.

There was the building not set by petrol bombs of the mob on fire, no kind of a fire while anyone can see the images of charred bodies on the Internet 'in fighting between pro-Russian forces and Ukrainian government supporters erupted in a union building'.

- People who were burned alive - lying ARD:

'Some people were suffocated by the smoke, others had jumped out the window and died by it'.

And quoted the coup-police: The fire was due to 'criminal acts of arson'.

The Odessa Massacre


footage: The Victims of the Arson


The Facts

I have now done what every German journalist could do, followed the messages from Odessa. Even those of the perpetrators.

Also those of foreign broadcasters such as the deceptive and anti-Russian Al Jazeera.

All transmit images and report the process.

Only the German media lie or remain 'silent dead', they talk of (yeah) 'House Fire' in Odessa.

I emphasize the ARD media group and state media have every opportunity to get reliable information, but would not fit the prescribed propaganda image.

Alone from the become known, verifiable information, an image of the incomprehensible inhumanity becomes vital.

A tent camp of the 'anti-Maidan' on the Kulikovo Pole was attacked by 'right sector'.

Many victims escaped into the union building.

The building was then besieged by the fascists and intentionally set on fire with Molotov cocktails.

Molotov cocktails need to be prepared.

This is not spontaneous.

People jumped in fear of death from the windows.

Survivors, who managed to escape from the building, were beaten to death on the street.

The videos and photos of charred corpses in the building can see who can bear it - not longer for me.

My ability of suffering is exceeded.

The scum in front of the burning building was amused by the people who jump to their death:

'There again prepares a bird to fly'.

Once again, everyone could watch live yesterday.

The horror on the Internet about the fascists is oversized.

For the Greens, there is radio-silence.

How will the brown-green fascism-deniers the murders of their 'liberal mass movement'...

now explain ?

Certainly it is also 'Putin' to blame.


He justifies the violence of the fascist regime:

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