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New Year's Eve locked in the Ice of Antarctica
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It's summer in Antarctica, the warmest season there.

Instead of alleged ice-free waters to explore the South Pole, the participants of an expedition for four days already sitting firmly in the three-meter-thick ice.

All attempts from other icebreakers to get to the trapped ship have failed.

Parsifal, January 1, 2014

The ice is too thick and both: a Chinese and Australian icebreaker did not get through.

The research vessel 'MV Akademik Shokalskiy' with 74 participants on board celebrated New Year's Eve, waiting for the rescue helicopter.

The 52 scientists, among them Climate scientist and the expedition leader Chris Turney and tourists will be picked up in groups to twelve and flown to the Chinese icebreaker 'Snow Dragon'.

From there, the transfer is to take place with a boat on the smaller Australian ice breaker 'Aurora Australis'.

The 22 Russian crew members for the moment will remain on board.



After 10 days stranded far from home, all 52 passengers from a ship stuck in Antarctic ice have now been transferred via helicopter to the Australian ice breaker.

What an irony when Global Warming Scientists had to be rescued from constantly growing Antarctic ice:

According to The New American, Australian climate professor Turney who was among the passengers of the 'MV Akademik Shokalskiy' is a known alarmist who has been openly crying for more government control to fight so-called man-made global warming:

[Turney] claims emissions of essential-to-life carbon dioxide - exhaled by all humans - must be drastically curtailed by government to stop 'global warming', (which has been non-existent) in recent years.

The controversial alarmist, who boasts of setting up a 'green' business known as 'Carbonscape' to profit from increasingly discredited theories underpinning climate hysteria, was on a self-proclaimed mission to 'discover and communicate the environmental changes taking place in the south'.


Yes, nature always punishes Climate-Hysterics for lying.

Furthermore, for me, the captain is a moron if his vessel received a blizzard warning and still maintains his course !

All costs should be assigned the shipping company !


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