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New Moon in Aries Means Big Changes Ahead!
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New Moon in Aries Means Big Changes Ahead!


New Moon in Aries Means Big Changes Ahead! |

by Kelley Rosano

The magic and magnitude of the Grand Earth Trine continues when the Sun shifts into fiery Aries on March 19 and the Spring/Fall equinox begins.  The Aries New Moon on March 22 is conjunct wild and rebellious Uranus and square persistent Pluto.  Cosmic Simon says, “Take a giant step forward into your future.” 

New Moons mark the beginning of new cycles. In Aries, we seed new beginnings, new ideas, new projects, and new partnerships. We harvest what we are planting—starting this spring all the way into Leo, Virgo and Libra—the fall season.


♠ Where do you need to be bold, take a risk and say ‘yes’?

♠ Where do you need to take a stand, set a boundary and say ‘no’?

♠ Mars—Aries ruling planet rules our work. What is your sacred work?


This powerful Aries New Moon can have us feeling rebellious against routine activities and overly cautious individuals.  We can be impulsive, yet have great intuitive insights and many “Aha” moments.   

Pluto is requiring that we create a focused course of action, laser in on what we need to do, so we can apply these intense creative forces and break new ground.  Avoid carelessness, it could prove costly. Pluto and Uranus in challenging aspect always exact a price for what we want. For instance, you get the promotion or a new job. Yet, you have to contend with nasty company politics and/or ugly office gossip.

On the positive side, we have immense power coming through this Grand Earth Trine linking Venus and Jupiter together in Taurus harmonizing with innovative Mars in Virgo and powerful Pluto in enterprising Capricorn.  Great power brings great responsibility. We have been brainwashed into believing that we are mere consumers. The truth is we are powerful creators. What do you want to create?  If money were not a concern for you, what would you be doing with your life and your work? Where would you focus your energy to make a difference?

The Sun will conjunct Uranus on March 24 and square Pluto on March 29. Watch for radical insights and new developments, in your life, and in the world the last week of March. The end March will bring the cosmic imperative to update our beliefs and upgrade our standards for how we relate to each other and to our beloved planet–Gaia.  

Mars, Aries ruling planet is still retrograde until April 13. Calling us to use our warrior power to serve and protect rather than dominate and destroy.  Mercury is retrograde until April 4. Both giving us the opportunity to go deeper and review our life, work and goals.

This spring our energy is about to accelerate exponentially. We are being stepped up for the cosmic gateway—portal into the fourth and fifth dimension. Our graduation from duality and limited consciousness occurs on 12.12.12. Prime Creator is using the astrology to channel the LOVE/LIGHT energy from the Galactic Center into Gaia and all of life—you and me.  


“2012 Acceleration of ‘Ascension Symptoms’

 All is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws center within your individual & group experiences. The year 2012 will be intense and will have periods of calibration that may throw humanity out of balance temporarily.

Accordingly as the duality planet recalibrates itself into the Crystalline Field it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth itself. Every astrological pattern, every date of Eclipse, Solstice, Equinox and Lunar Phase is extremely powerful in 2012. Coronal Mass Ejections, Solar Winds, are exponentially amplifying these.

Humanity will feel the impact of these through what is termed ‘Ascension Symptoms’, and these may be experienced as mood swings, dizziness, insomnia, anxiety, lethargy, apathy and fatigue. For each advancing energy will require physical, emotional and mental adjustment to the higher frequencies downloaded.” –-Archangel Metatron/ James Tyberonn

We are experiencing our final exams for graduation on 12.12.12.   For instance, these are our karmic—core personal and relationship lessons/issues. What are you struggling with right now? Self-worthiness, for example, can be a block to our success.  Life is challenging. 

Change is the only constant. The Ascension Energies are cleansing our self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.  This can feel uncomfortable and painful at times. Yet, we must be bold and move forward in spite of our limitations or loss we are experiencing.   We are the masters of our destinies. We are creating the New Earth together. All Are One. The Love/Light energy activated by the New Moons, Full Moons, eclipses, and solar flares are to balance the male/female energies on Gaia. This is Feminine Energy beamed to our planet. We are out of balance by male dominated energy. Feminine values—co-operation, peace, and harmony will replace the male energies of aggression, war and domination. 

We are experiencing the Great Year, a twenty-six thousand year astrological cycle. Also known as the Kali Yuga, this is the Precession of the Equinoxes or Earth’s rotation through the twelve constellations and/or the Twelve Ages. We are currently in the Age of Pisces officially entering the Age of Aquarius around 2150 AD. The Great Year is Gods’ in breath and out breath. We are in the completion, the in breath. God is drawing us home to him.  We are merging with Prime Creator.

The heart of God is the Sun behind our Sun the Great Central Sun. Our Sun—Solaris is a portal that transfers the Love/Light Goddess Energy and/or Christ Consciousness to Earth. We do not have to understand what is happening intellectually. Chaos and breakdown are crazy—making. We want to live from our hearts and keep our egos on a short leash.  Humility and patience are great assets to utilize.

The Aries New Moon brings intense higher energy entering our world requiring that we adjust emotionally, physically, and mentally. We are in an Olympic spiritual training course that increases our capacity to function at a higher resonate energy. This is like a Saturn return cycle where you feel like you are taking two steps forward and one-step backward each day. Keep the faith! The ascension symptoms will appear and disappear quickly and be replaced with a more authentic and stronger—you!

“If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life. If there was nothing else that you ever came to understand other than just look for things to appreciate, it’s the only tool you would ever need to predominantly hook you up with who you really are. That’s all you’d need.” —Abraham

Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano

Permission granted by Kelley to share this article.

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