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My Vision Of the World in the Near Future
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The New World Order Of We-The-People

Parsifal, Oct 28, 2012
Time to get up.
I wonder what there is to get done this morning ?

Yeah, right, get in the car and do some errands.
I go outside and pull out the quick power charge plug from my convertible.
Actually, a classic, a nostalgic car, because for summers now, the bulk of the vehicles are driving or even floating with the free energy from the cosmos, but also my cabriolet is completely recyclable and zooms like a flash, and a bargain due to the fact that the vehicle can be fueled with solar - or - in my case also - wind power provided by Savonius Rotors.
The electricity from the power outlet only comes from renewable sources and 50/50 from the house roof installed with the solar panels and the wind turbine.

The predominant surplus flows back to the grid and will be saved for the general public.
Clip: one of the first prototype of a helix windturbine around 2010 after Christ (former Christian Era)
The nuclear power should of been banned many years ago, since no one wanted this type of electricity.

Dangerously toxic to the environment as well to humans & animals alike.
On reaching the critical mass of people, now aware of the disastrous Fukushima overkill, they were able to determine by means of the available free choices, the electricity of their choosing, the price and type could be supplied by themselves.
(But there is even more sophisticated free energy technique available by today’s science, one could never imagine a few summers ago !)

Yes, and then one after the other, the oil companies all went bankrupt, since awareness of choices had reached everyone.
The victorious outcome of this consciousness was that all the insane wars stopped, since the warmongers realized that oil demand was gone, with no reason to continue invading one country after the other to plunder and steal natural resources all over the world.
Today, we see these people with their global technical knowledge in positions to assist mankind in developing strategic plans to help clean and restore the planet from their own destructive devastation and pollution...

Currently car driving is increasingly fasing out of fashion; since we are (re-) discovering also the power of thoughts on how we can astral/time travel to and from where we want to go - just by leaving our body - however it is still a shortcoming.
We certainly have achieved the consciousness, but we still require some training ...

I swing myself into the car and drive to the grocery store.
My parents recently told me those horror stories of so-called 'super-markets.'
Today one can hardly imagine that this should have ever been.
People literally and deliberately would go into these markets, where all of them look identical, in order to purchase 'food' to survive, where it was expensive and the quality so toxic that people became sick.

When the critical mass of people have reached the consciousness level by their free decision as to where and what to buy, they could also regulate the types of market that are provided, these 'chains' (strange word for shops, is it not?) would no longer exist.

I'm really happy with my favourite shop.
My friendly seller places a high value on quality, organically produced goods directly from the producer, whom he knows personally, because producers almost always live in the same area as their customers.
He once told me that he had long known that in years to come, the question of whether something was organic or not, would be obsolete because either only organic or wild growth exists - so he has proven to be right.
And he told me once about the difference between food - what comes from vital Life Agent - and 'food', that makes people sick (GMO) and chemically based manipulated crap with colouring, MSG flavouring and preservative additives.
Reported earlier that the people could fall for something like this, hmmm, curious !

My parents told me this, even a short time before genetically modified foods would be in these 'super' markets.
Since no one wanted this scum, they were perished sung and unsung !
Grocery stores today also have become more and more convenient places to meet people and exchange ideas and knowledge, a stock exchange of attainments - so to say.

And there should have been newspapers !
As the mass reached the critical point of awareness that kept them small and bounded for the most part, with many of the mass medias creating unnecessary information and lies to make people distracted and burdened - with the real important information being withheld or concealed, by the people boycotting.

This resulted in the media being sunk down and a lot of them had to stop their issuing or being forced suddenly to release the real important, factual, beneficial information.

Nowadays there is a very strong regional communication and network structure, that according to my parents not long ago, would not have existed this way.
The New Internet (We-The-People-Internet) brings people from the region and globally with the same interests and ideas in a direct networking; work groups to improve our daily life and to research for possible achievements in various fields of our society.

And by the way for some time now, earlier we have started to communicate with our thoughts, as it was actually a natural common practice...

Ah right, tonight is the herbal medicine group appointment.
First, there is an organic-dynamic full-value-food-group and then some children hold talks on the use of herbs and their health benefits aspects.
I ought not forget the time of day !
Hmm or should I still go to the exchange-and barter-trade circle around the corner ?

So, the shopping is done.
Now let’s go quickly to the herb shop.
What my parents told me ?
There even was a 'pharmaceutical industry' - or something like that (can't remember exactly the term) - have existed the so-called 'medicinal agent' (drugs ?) should have made people healthy, not sick ?
Well that was intended as a lie/deception to enslave people and keep then coming back.

Pharma from greed even deliberately designed artificial diseases such as HIV, BSE, Hepatitis, SARS, swine, rat, goat and bird flu devised to produce fear within the people and to sell their expensive products.
If that's not a lie, then it certainly was an exaggeration and deceptive evil scheme.
I know my parents...

But they also said that as the critical mass of people reached the point of awareness that they themselves 'formerly so called patients' determined who would/could treat them on how and by whom making the pharmaceutical producers move in no time away from the window.
They had first planned to arrest these traitors and convict them in court, but then developed heart compassion (sympathy) for these poor creatures, and let them get away.
No shopping - no industrial power - no influence.

Nowadays, every herb shops keep - at least 400 - 500 medicine herbs, a multiple of mixtures, at least 1000 Homoeopathic and as many essences in stock.
Synthetic items, like before, has disappeared completely from the shops, well, if no one's buying... everybody is now consciously aware !

So, now to the bank.
What was this thing that it once charged a fee for financial investment?
Oh, amusing, yeah, interest rates.
Funny !
Indeed for the hoarding of capital, in actuality, the bank should have paid out money.
Today the money for long term storage becomes less and lesser.
Yes, it would be pretty stupid to leave it longer than half a summer on the account.
Then money does not go back in money circulation !

The critical mass of people at that time had reached the awareness that they could decide for themselves whether to invest their money with interest or not, and many realized that the interest and compounded interest, was the real ruin of the already crumbling economy, to a large extent they moved their money out of these stocks, out of mutual funds, passbooks and other kinky accounts and let it flow back into the economy, which was mainly the smaller suppliers of quality products, and the honest, good farmers.
The undecided, anxious people have invested in precious metals as a timeless investment.
Metals did not increase in worth...

Since we humans have the fadingť money (money which loses more and more value the longer it is kept) the stock exchanges were closed for lack of participation.

Thus the joint stock corporations finally have been converted to small non-stock enterprises; where there is now 100% full employment.
Today it is very difficult to get even incompetent employees.

Every person is ethical and conscientious.
Perhaps the good old days had something good, and what do you think...

EVENTUALLY, ahh, what a bliss, up into the garden.

Are you looking forward to your own piece of land that you manage from earliest childhood with love and devotion ?
As then, the critical mass of people have reached the awareness that it is all in their own hands, on how and by which means they decide to cultivated their gardens, it was only a matter of time, when people realized that the so-called artificial fertilizers, was not even to be banned, because no one bought the dirt (into the lies).
The management of the garden with compost of its own plants, planting of Siberian Cedar Trees (offered for free) and vines - essential for the world's climate modulation - or just with a lot of love, devotion and a green thumb had turned the cities and environments in a short time into green oasis and provides a positive attitude towards all life.
You know, today - if at all - one seldom works more than 4 hours, but prefer to keep to a place that reflects a deep well in the soul:
The garden !

Incidentally, so-called cell phones, should have also been. (hmm - cell- phones - was this a device to irradiate the cells of human bodies ? Or prison-cell-phones for inmates only ? - Seriously:
When the critical mass of human grasp consciousness realized that by exposure to continuous electro smog load they became sick, (these users pointed the radiation of these so called cell-phone things even directly to their pineal glands), and many discarded the inhuman plaything.

As a matter of time, the cell phone companies - the same as other parasitic, greedy companies, of which my parents told me, disappeared from the surface of the world and their transmission towers were removed.
Today we start this again, to communicate with our thoughts, which is sadly, even little stressful for me right now but has always worked more often !
Also we no longer need the news since we are not kept dependent or manipulated, due to the speed of thought, which is indeed unimaginably quicker than the speed of light, one can receive information from everywhere and can check or inquire as quickly or travel to the place of the event directly with thoughts...

If I think about what my parents told me, I ask myself - honestly - how humans previously only could have been so limited in their awareness that they did not recognize these relationships ?
Maybe they have dished me up some horror stories ?

But, hmmm ? most likely NOT !

To be continued - my vision will work for you with your realization efforts. 
- Love, Parsifal


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