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Military cooperation between Russia and Lebanon
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Military cooperation between Russia and Lebanon

There is a conflict between Israel and Lebanon over the gas fields off the Mediterranean coast, and Israel claims that The Iran is spreading in Lebanon and militarily strengthening Hezbollah.

Therefore, the following message fits very well: Russian media reports that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev had on Tuesday instructed the Russian Defense Ministry to begin talks with his Lebanese counterpart to sign a military cooperation agreement between Russia and Lebanon.

Parsifal, February 9, 2018

President Putin and Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri met in Sochi on September 13, 2017

The draft agreement to be concluded between the parties included the opening up of Lebanese ports to Russian military vessels, Lebanese airports as a transit point for Russian planes and fighter planes, and the deployment of Russian military experts to train and strengthen the capabilities of members of the Lebanese army, according to the Russian Sputnik Agency.

The draft agreement provides for the exchange of information on defense issues and the promotion of mutual confidence in the fight against terrorism as well as the development of relations in the field of joint military training in various fields of military service, medicine, engineering, geography and others.

The agreement also included participation in maritime search and rescue operations to combat terrorism and piracy.
Russia will also entitle the Lebanese military delegations to participate in all Russian military exercises, meetings and conferences to be held in military and defense affairs.

I find this move very interesting, because it sends a clear signal towards Israel, Lebanon is no longer alone, but has powerful friends, such as Russia and The Iran.

Also, I can well imagine how the warmongers in Washington now bug out.
How dare the Russians to extend their influence to Syria and Lebanon, they will now exclaim.
In addition, in the future it will be more difficult for the Israeli Air Force to violate the Lebanese airspace, from where it constantly performs the missile attacks on Syrian Territory.
Maybe the Lebanese also get the s300 or s400 air defense system.
The Russian bases must be protected.
There is also a similar agreement on military cooperation between Russia and Egypt, which has already been signed.
Russia is allowed to station her fighter jets in Egypt.
In addition, Russia has received 2000 hectares of land directly from Egypt on the Suez Canal, supposedly for an industrial park, but can also be used for military purposes.
Russia is thus significantly expanding its sphere of influence and military presence in the Middle East.
The Americans have practically nothing left to say there, have become completely untrustworthy and are fighting a losing battle.
Russia is constantly making new friends and America is just making a lot of enemies !

The Lebanese President Michel Aoun said talks are underway to 'prevent Israel's greed on land and at sea' due to disputes over oil and gas reserves and the border wall.

Israel has begun building a high wall along the border with Lebanon, which will stretch from the coast of the Mediterranean in the west to Mount Hermon in the east.

In other words, Israel soon completely mured itself on all sides to all its neighbors.
A border traffic does not take place anyway.
The only way out and in for the Israelis is by plane or by boat.

Is not it significant how exactly those in Europe and America, the ultra-left Liberals, who do not want any border protection for the US and the EU and strongly advocate mass immigration, say nothing against the Israeli wall construction against the Palestinians ?

On the contrary, they fully understand that a 700-kilometer-long wall divides Palestine, so that no 'evil terrorist Muslim' Palestinians can enter the ZIONIST CONSTRUCT ONLY FOR JEWS.
On the other hand, if someone dares to say that Christian Europe needs to be protected with a pitiful and holey wire fence from the illegal flood of cultural enrichers, then the very same one would say that you are a racist and a Nazi.

The Israelis found the walls as a necessity to prevent terrorist attacks.
In Europe, however, one should not bring this argument and the terrorists are allowed to penetrate unhindered and can move freely from one country to another.

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