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Local Meteorologist Found Guilty of Chemtrail Spraying
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Madeline, CA – Andy Brectman, weatherman for the local Channel8 TV station KVKR in Madeline, California has been found guilty in a Lassen County court yesterday of aerial spraying ofChemtrails with his Cessna 150 in an attempt to manipulate weather locally. The arraignment took place after several complaints were received from the community regarding strangeweather patterns that Andy Brectman seemed to have had prior knowledge of in his weather reports.

Madeline is an unincorporated rural community in Lassen County, California located 45 miles north of Susanville, in the upper northeast corner of the state. Usually of mild climate, citizens began to complain 4 months ago of strange weather occurring soon after Mr. Brectman took over the local weather forecast on KVKR Channel8 TV.

“It was always clear and sunny, about 72 everyday. Then one day that new weather guy Andy Brectman said to ‘watch out for local tornadoes’ and suddenly the next day we had three of ‘em within a mile of each other,” said Lester McMillin, local retired Forest Service employee in an interview. “It scared the dickens out of my wife’s dog Mr. Baggins.”

In just two months local weather recording stations operated by the National Forest Service documented strange weather anomalies, 47 incidents to be exact. And each one was predicted by meteorologist Andy Brectman in his 8:15 weather report the night before. Tornadoes, blue hail, flash freezes, scorching ‘sun bursts’, and even a ‘rain of frogs’ were all predictions that came to pass.

“I lost my entire tomato crop to the sun radiation he predicted. Scorched them to cinders. I don’t know what I’m going to can-up for the season now,” Cindy Rae Patterson told us while shopping at the local Doggies Market, a cigarette dangling from her lips. “They don’t even have fresh vegetables here at the market, my veggie season is just ruined.”

Investigators began to follow Mr. Brectman each morning as he drove down to the local airstrip, usually reserved for firefighting aircraft during the fire season.

“Mr. Brectman had a Cessna 150 down there under a tarp and would load barrels of chemicals into sprayers mounted on his craft. He apparently would spend a couple of hours each day targeting local canyons and forests for his ‘weather manipulation’ agenda. We confiscated containers brimming with a toxic mixture of barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass, radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel and several other yet unidentified chemicals,” said County Investigator Mark Hester in an email. “Then during his evening weather forecast he would ‘predict’ certain extreme weather conditions in the local community. We don’t get much weather around here, so this guy decided to make his own for self promotion, kind of a job security thing,” Investigator Hester continued.

blue hail

Blue hail from Mrs. McMillin’s freezer.

Known for its mild climate and regularly predictable temperatures, the wildly swinging thermometer was a big clue something went horribly wrong in this little community of Madeline.

“One morning it would be 69 degrees, then suddenly shoot up to 123 within an hour, then spiral down to 18 the next hour. My wife has a jar of that blue hail that fell last week on our driveway, weird stuff,” Lester McMillin told us during the interview. “We knew we had someone messing with things up there, I’m glad they caught that jerk.”

Andy Brectman was found guilty by the Lassen County court of weather manipulation and possession of controlled chemicals and substances. He was fined $10,000 and is serving a 45 day jail sentence and will lose his pilots license. Mr. Brectman was unavailable for comment.

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