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Is Israel planning an invasion of Syria ?
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Is Israel planning an invasion of Syria ?
Residents of Quneitra, a city on the Golan Heights in southwestern Syria, have reported seeing tons of Israeli tanks on the Golan's occupied side and constant flights of Israeli drones crossing the Ceasefire Line.

Mainroad in Qunaitra, in the background on the 'Father of the Fog' (one of the foothils of the Mt. Hermon highmountains) you see the nearest IDF station, 'not only overlooking' Syrian territory up to Damascus

destroyed by the Israeli Occupation forces with tanks and bulldozers, the Greek Orthodox Church in Quneitra

What does that mean?
Is the Israeli army preparing for an invasion of Syrian territory?
What else should the tanks use at the Ceasefire-Line?
Parsifal, May 11, 2018

Will Israel steal, occupy and annex more Syrian territory and advance further inland ?
The Turkish army invaded in northern Syria and controlled large areas there.

As a reminder, Quneitra is only 60 km southwest of Damascus, a stone's throw away, and was completely destroyed by the Israeli soldiers at the end of the 1974 Yom Kippur War, and has since been under the control of the UNDOF.
Do the neighboring countries of Syria want to grab 'a slice of the pie' each time ?
After Turkey, Israel too ?
Finally, Trump and Putin have given the green light to attack Syria.
Not only has Putin told Netanyahu to attack Syria, he has also decided NOT to deliver S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Syria.
This was reported by the daily newspaper Izvestia and quoted a top Kremlin employee on Friday.
Putin has also responded to the demands of Netanyahu, Syria should not get better air defense from Russia, so that the Israeli fighter jets can bombard Syria at will and unhindered.
Vladimir Kozhin, advisor to Putin, who oversees Russian military aid to other countries, received a visit from Netanyahu this week to persistently persuade Putin not to deliver the missiles.
The lobby work, or whatever the Mossad collected about him as blackmail -material, has probably worked at Kozhin.
The goal is a regime change in Tehran
I've come up with something else.
Trump's decision this week to withdraw from the nuclear deal with The Iran is nothing more than a distraction from true intentions.
The only reason why the US regime has finalized the agreement with The Iran in 2015 was that it was expected that The Iran would break the treaty and then provide Israel and the US with a reason to attack the economically rich (and Rothschild-free) land.
However, as The Iran has strictly adhered to the treaty, as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has repeatedly confirmed to the UN, Trump has had to withdraw from the agreement to find another justification for the attack on The Iran.

I would like to recall that Trump's security advisor, John Bolton, who vehemently demanded the war of aggression against Iraq in 2002, also announced a 'regime change' in Teheran last year in a speech to the 'Grand Gathering of Iranians for Free Iran'.
'Even if someone says the regime fully complied with the nuclear agreement, it makes no difference', he said.
The only solution to the problem of possible Iranian nuclear weapons is 'to change the regime itself'.
Bolton has even set the date for a regime change and said that this should happen by 2019.
And in January this year, Bolton wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal, arguing that US policy should be to 'end the Islamic Republic before its 40th anniversary'.

'The recognition of a new Iranian regime in 2019 would overcome the shame of holding our diplomats hostage for four hundred and forty-four days,'
wrote Bolton, adding that
'former hostages could cut the ribbon to the new US embassy in Tehran to open'.

Incidentally, I visited the former US Embassy in Tehran in 1990 and looked at the secret rooms that housed The Iran's real government during the Shah era.
The Iran was ruled by the US embassy, so students stormed the embassy and arrested the American 'diplomats'.
The Shah was just a US puppet and had nothing to say.
It was interesting to see the counterfeiting workshop of the Americans where passports, identity cards and other documents were made for the CIA agents.
Even the tap-proof meeting room, which has only transparent glass walls, was impressive.
Well, then we know what will happen soon and by 2019.
The most absurd and wildest accusations are made against The Iran, possibly even staging a False Flag, with an Iranian passport 'found' at the crime scene, and you've got the cause of the war.
'Iran wants war. Look how close they have put their land to our military bases'.
Israel shot first and Iran did not
The Zionist regime's claim that Iranian military forces stationed in Syria have shot at Israel is a lie.
A member of the Syrian parliament on Thursday rejected Tel Aviv's claims that the attack on the Israeli military on the Golan had been carried out by The Iran, stressing that the missiles were being fired by the Army of his own country.
Tel Aviv and Western media have accused Tehran of launching missiles at Israeli forces in the occupied Golan Heights.
MEP Fares Shehabi tweeted on Thursday:
'Iran denies launching any rockets at Israel! The Syrian army has fired more than 50 rockets at Israel in response to ongoing Israeli terrorism against Syria'.
The process was this: the Syrian Army intercepted dozens of incoming Israeli missiles and then returned the attack with a barrage of missiles to military bases in the occupied Golan Heights.
Only Syria has a good reason to hit the Israeli occupiers in occupied Syrian territory.
Iran not !
The Syrian Army Command also said that its Air Defense has succeeded in intercepting and destroying most of the Israeli missiles fired at Syrian military bases.
Will Trump be removed from office ?
MEP Maxine Waters, representing the state of California in the US House of Representatives, has stressed that Trump's exit from the nuclear deal with The Iran leaves the 'only option' open for the Democrats to remove him from office.
Waters said in a tweet on Wednesday that the Republican president 'thinks he knows better' than any of the negotiators and big American allies - the UK, France and Germany - who negotiated the deal with The Iran under former President Barack Obama.
'Trump, who further isolates the US, believes he knows better than our negotiators and all of our global allies who have agreed to the Iran deal',
Waters tweeted, adding:
'How long must we endure his gigantic ego and narcissistic behavior? Impeachment is the only answer'.

A protester in front of the White House:

A country breaking a Peace Treaty is a land without honor

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