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In Israel, refugees are called 'infiltrators'
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It is always interesting how there are two different measures when it comes to Israel.
The Jewish state is allowed to do almost anything in criminal acts without ever being condemned by the so-called 'world community'.
And if there is a conviction, as in the UN, then the US intervene with a veto and prevent punishment.

The bombardment of neighboring countries is all right, as well as the conquest, occupation and annexation of territory of the neighbors.
The forced expulsion of the indigenous people of Palestine and the systematic robbery of their land is also accepted, as well as the operation of the largest open-air concentration camp in the world with Gaza, where 1.3 million people are imprisoned, vegetating almost every day without electricity and water, are exposed to constant cannonading and bombardment.
Parsifal, February 20, 2018

The indigenous Palestinians are second-class people who suffer brutal occupation by the Israeli army and have few rights.
For this, the Jewish immigrants from the West are particularly privileged, have their own streets and their own settlements, which are 'Arab clean'.

Interestingly, as the 'Mossad expert' Ronen Bergman said in an interview with Der Spiegel, Israeli intelligence had deliberately murdered at least 3.000 people, including not only the target individuals, but many innocent people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I give you some examples to prove the racism of the Apartheid construct of the Zionists:

In Israel refugees are not called refugees or migrants, no, they are officially called INFILTRATORS.

An infiltrator is someone who is staying in a country for the purpose of infiltration and has invaded, inrushed (poured into foreign land) or submerged.
The goal of these alien invaders is to infiltrate and harm the target country.

This is what Israeli government sees and therefore these infiltrators, about 20,000 in number, should be deported back to their countries of origin or end up in jail if they refuse to volunteer.

Originally from North Africa, they fled the wars caused by the West and illegally 'invaded' the border with Egypt in Israel.

Imagine, we would call the refugees and migrants pouring into Europe INFILTRATORS and we would say they came to infiltrate and destroy our society, what would happen then ?

The Left Liberals (a misleading denomination for LEFT FASCISTS) would go crazy and they would call us racists and clearly Nazis, but if Israel does the same, then nobody says anything.
Why do the Israelis have a 'free ticket' to say and do everything ?

Oh the Holocaust, allright !
If you yourself have suffered from racism and genocide then you can be a racist and commit genocide against others.
This is obviously the completely absurd and transgressed logic that is used here.

'Infiltrators terrorize the Israelis'
Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) said on Monday at the Knesset Government Committee that southern Tel Aviv residents live in a 'terror' spread by African 'infiltrators' from Eritrea and Sudan.

Although she did not provide any police data to substantiate her allegations, Hotovely insisted:

'In the south of Tel Aviv there is infiltration terror'.

'The citizens live under the terror of the infiltrants and suffer from violence',

she said, alleging that claims for refugee status were unfounded.

'Stop calling them refugees',

Hotovely insisted.

'The attempt to present migrant workers as refugees is political and does not correspond to reality.
The Israeli government has decided to deport migrant workers, as is customary in many democratic countries, including the United States and Australia',

she said.

This is not just the opinion of Hotovel, but of the whole Netanyahu government.
Away with the refugees, because the strangers 'dilute' and thereby jeopardize the Jewish state.

She continued:

'They are deported to very safe countries where there is a regime that allows them to live a quality life. They will receive USD 3.500. That's a huge amount, and they can do almost anything they want'.

From April 1st, Israeli infiltrators will be deported by air to Rwanda or some other dangerous African country.
This was a secret agreement.

Israeli justice minister endorses Apartheid - the Jewish state goes 'at the expense of equality'
Ayelet Shaked, the Israeli justice minister has done it again:
It has unambiguously formulated Israeli Apartheid and bound it directly to Zionism:

'There is a place to get a Jewish majority, even at the price of infringing',

she said.

Speaking Monday at the Congress on Judaism and Democracy and 'Israel's National State of the Jewish Population Law', she made it clear that equality was always an abomination to the Jewish state.

About the government's intention to keep the word 'equality' out of national state law, Shaked said:

'Israel is a Jewish state. It is not a state of all its nations. That means equal rights for all citizens, but not equal national rights'.

Shaked said the word 'equality' is very general and, in the interpretation, the court can go 'very far'.

'There are places where the character of the State of Israel must be maintained as a Jewish state, and sometimes at the expense of equality'.

She reflects what she said six months ago:

'Zionism - and I'm not saying here it will not - should continue to pursue a system of individual rights that are interpreted in a universal way'.

Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy then thanked Shaked for finally telling the truth:

"Thus, like so many others in the world, Shaked believes that Israel is founded on injustice and must therefore be protected from hostile talk. How else can one explain the reluctance to discuss rights? Individual rights are important, she said, but not when they are separated from the 'Zionist challenges'. Again, the Zionist challenges are actually in conflict with human rights ..."

And he concluded:

"The Zionism is Israel's fundamentalist religion, and as in any religion, its denial is forbidden - to call in Israel 'non-Zionists' or 'anti-Zionists' by the name are not insults, such are social lepers. In a free society, there's nothing comparable. But now that Shaked has uncovered Zionism, put her hand to the flame and confessed the truth, we can finally think more freely about Zionism, and we can admit that the right of Jews to a state contradicted the Palestinians' right to their land, and that righteous Zionism produced a terrible national injustice that was never restored, that there are ways to resolve and atone for this contradiction, but the Zionist Israelis will not agree".

Shaked reiterates the point, which directly confirms the key conclusions of last year's UN report on Israeli Apartheid, which has clarified the racist practices of the Israeli state and its inherent Apartheid nature.
The report stated:

"Palestinian political parties can work for smaller reforms and better budgets, but are legally prohibited by the Basic Law from challenging laws to uphold racial regimes. The policy is affected by the impact of Israel's distinction between 'citizenship' (ezrahut) and 'nationality' '(le'um): All Israeli citizens enjoy the first, but only the Jews enjoy the latter'. National 'rights in Israeli law mean Jewish national rights".

This report caused much excitement among the Israeli leadership, and the UN Secretary-General bowed down to Israeli (and American) pressure to drawer it for its alleged 'anti-Semitic' nature - but here the Israeli justice minister confirms what Zionism is essentially means:

Segregation, as well as discrimination and denial of rights because of a different ethnicity, so that Israel always consists of a majority of privileged Jews.

This segregation goes so far that black Jews from Africa are not considered Jews.
Only the immigrant European white Jews are the real Jews and have the say in Israel.

The oldest communities of African Jews are Ethiopian, Sephardic and Mizrahic Jews in North Africa and the Horn of Africa.
They are also discriminated against as immigrants in Israel and they are wished to be from the countryside.

It must be clear that this attitude represents the Nazi ideology in its essence.

The Israeli state can be 'criticized' by means that allow 'exchange of ideas', but not by means that the state itself considers a change in its racial structure and hierarchy.

Zionism has little to do with democracy because it does not allow equality among all people.
Therefore, the claim that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East is completely false and lied.

What I have shown here is the mask has fallen off  the true nature of Zionism.
It is pure racism and Apartheid in its nature !

Incidentally, this ideology can be found in Ezra chapters 9 and 10 in the Old Testament and is also described elsewhere in the OT and Tanakh !

the war against the Whites

nothing new in the Zionazi Apartheid construct:
Israeli hypocrisy on immigration (2012)
While Zionists tell Europe and America to open borders, they are closing theirs.

The Haavara Agreement (between Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews signed on 25 August 1933)

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