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In 2008, Al-Gore Predicted in 2013 Arctic was Completely Ice-Free
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Here we have it again.
Yet an other Warmist Doomsday Prediction crumbling...

The self-proclaimed prophet of the doomsday religion Al-Gore and a whole crowd of alleged 'climate scientists' now appear pretty stupid.

In 2007, 2008 and in 2009 Al-Guru declared publicly and appropriately hysterical, the North Pole due to global warming was around the year 2013 completely 'ice-free'.

video (read description)

With reference to a 'U.S. climate scientist' funded by the government BBC  stoked mass hysteria in the population with the now rather embarrassing headline 'Arctic Summer in 2013 free of ice' - this was then mentioned to be an even 'conservative' forecast.

Other Establishment media blew the same horn.

Parsifal, December 21, 2012

Image top:

left: Contraction - this NASA satellite image shows the ice at the smallest extent on the record, with much of the Arctic Ocean uncovered

right: Recovery - contrary to predictions that the ice would have vanished by this summer, it has actually increased by 29% or 533.000 sqMiles from last year (both Images enlarged on bottom of this article)

A cool Arctic summer has left covered 533.000 more square miles of the ocean with ice - compared at the same time last year - an increase of 29 percent.

But in October, days before the annual autumn refreeze due to begin, the ice grew at a pace, as one since 1979 so since records began has not experienced and a continuous layer of ice more than half the size of Europe already extends from the Canadian islands to Russia's north coast.


Even the BBC on December 16, 2013 eventually had to admit the growing ice surface and thickness and presented data from Europe's Cryosat spacecraft suggesting there were almost 9.000 cu km of ice at the end of this year's melt season.

This is close to 50% more than in the corresponding period in 2012.

And that for the second year in a row...

According to (independent) experts, this trend will continue in the coming years.


The alarmists of global warming now endeavor desperately to find explanations in order to save face - and continue to get the fast 'smelting' climate hysteria upright.


The US source of the figures - the NASA-funded and so taxpayer-paid National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) - was discovered to have made a huge error and then quietly corrected the figure without mentioning it.

On September 4, NSIDC, based at the University of Colorado, stated on its website that in August 2013 the Arctic ice cover recovered by a record 2.38 million sq km - 919.000 sq miles - from its 2012 low.

News of this figure was widely reported on September 8.

But on September 10, the NSIDC quietly changed their data to 1.38 million sq km - 533.000 sq miles - and replaced the original document so the old figure no longer shows up on a main Google search.

It can now only be found on an old ‘cached’ page.


The spectacular failure of the warming and so melting of Arctic Ice Cap refuted all 73 UNIPCC computer generated 'climate models' that were used by the United Nations to promote their controversial theories.


Because none of the dubious theories and predictions as Al-Goracle and other alarmists recited like a mantra, has predicted the enormous growth of the ice layer.

Then... NASA satellite images showing the spread of Arctic sea ice 27th August 2012

...And now, much bigger: The same NASA image taken in 2013

Perhaps it was their confidence in 'Climate specialist Al-Gore' and the aping media that led more than 20 yachts to try to sail the Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific in September 2013.

- All these vessels were stuck in the ice.

- 'by their lies ye shall know them' - Parsifal

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