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ORCHESTRAL ANGELS: 12 Beautiful And Rare Orchestral Mixes of Popular Songs

Published on 6 Aug 2017 by Super Mind Music

Credits for Orchestral Angels

Orchestral Mixes

01 - Waiting for the Sun (Orchestral Mix) - Christina Novelli
02 - Young and Beautiful (DH Orchestral Version) - Lana Del Rey
03 - Clarity (Orchestral Mix) - Zedd
04 - Carry Me (Tom Budin Remix) - Eurielle
05 - Chandelier (Orchestral Mix) - Sia
06 - Derniere Danse (Orchestral Mix) - Indila
07 - Faded (Orchestral Mix) - Alan Walker
08 - Diamonds (Orchestral Mix) - Rhianna
09 - I Know you Care (Soundtrack Version) - Ellie Goulding
10 - Unthinkable (Orchestral Mix) - Daniela Andrade
11 - The Power of Love (Orchestral Mix) - Gabrielle Aplin
12 - Skyfall (Orchestral Mix) - Adele

Video Clips

Many thanks to all these amazing drone flyers from around the world:

01 Alaska -
02 Kenya -
03 Crete -
04 Ireland A -
Ireland B -
05 New Zealand -
06 France A -
France B -
07 India A -
India B -
08 South Africa -
09 Japan -
10 Italy -
11 New England A -
Vermont -
12 Iceland -


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