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How much CO2 of the People is in the Atmosphere ?
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When you listen to the climate - hysterics, then they cry aloud, THE CO2 ... IT IS THE ULTIMATE EVIL OF THIS WORLD AND MUST BE BANNED !

If we do not immediately reduce drastically the CO2, our world will perish, melt the poles, rising sea levels and engulf all the coastal cities and there will be the hurricanes destroy everything.

Therefore, we need to have a CO2 tax to save the climate.

And the Planet.
Parsifal, November 27, 2009, updated December 01, 2013

Well, Climate Doomsday we are being told for 25 years, but their predictions not yet arrived.

The average global temperatures over the last 15 years have remained constant and there are scientists who say that a slowdown is due to the lower solar activity and therefore might more of an ice age to approach.

The community of climate researchers themselves does not agree on the direction in which the climate is going and what is the cause of climate change.

However, it is only listened one-sided to those who predict a disaster.

Therefore, the climate scientists of the CRU in Norwich that advise the IPCC and its mails are leaked, had to fake the climate data and exclude their dissenting colleagues from research, because what actually happened with the climate does not match their claims.

According the correspondence with each other, they have admitted there is no global warming and they are desperate as in their documents and charts they can represent by manipulating this somehow.

This is the 'Climategate' Scandal.

The scientists who support the theory of the Anthropogenic greenhouse effect, have become totally discredited by their climate data fraud, they have been exposed as deceit and everything they have said about the cause of climate change or are to say, can be described as a lie and ignored.

Let but aside what no one has ever proved CO2 causes climate change.

If the CO2 is really such a climate killer is how we are told, must then yes, the proportion in the atmosphere to be quite high, right ?

I mean science is announcing yet constantly how much we blow into the air and therefore our planet will soon be a fiery furnace.

How much CO2 of the people is in the atmosphere ?

Is it 10 percent ?

No, less.

Is it 5 percent ?

No, less.

Is it 1 percent ?

No, less.

What even less ?

Are there 0.1 percent ?

No, less.

What, even less ?

How little is it now ?

Total CO2 makes 0.0385 percent of the atmosphere, or 385 ppm (according to wiki in 2009, now altered to 390 ppm), with all natural causes.

Of these, the human share of 5 percent (IPCC) ONLY is 0.0019 percent !

95 percent of the CO2 comes not from man.

The answer is that the human portion of CO2 in air is 0.0019 percent, that's all.

The term 'man' is meant all, what the human civilization produces of CO2, the total discharge to the atmosphere.

So, because of this 0.0019 percent, or 19.5 ppm makes it such a fuss and bother !

Therefore, we must have panic to change our lives and of course pay a lot of money as punishment.

On these small percentage they focus, with all environmental measures they want to reduce. On the other 95 percent from nature they can not influence anyway.

So, but which is near the ground.

High up in the stratosphere, where yes, according to the climate researchers (laughing) the CO2 is on the loose and caused the alleged greenhouse effect, there is the fraction of CO2 only 10 ppm or 0.001 percent !

Why is up there less CO2 ?

Because CO2 is heavier than air and sinks to the bottom.

Or better said, basically CAN not raise to the high spheres of the atmosphere.

This is what we have learned in chemistry lessons.

0.001 percent is 10 liters of CO2 at 1.000.000 liters of air.

Now say the proponents of the human cause of climate change, it does not matter if it is so little, tiny amounts cause a great cause and they then take the following example: 'A small amount of arsenic in the human body can indeed lead to death'

Aha, arsenic ... a clear dialectical trick, because arsenic is a poison, but not the CO2.

They try to portray CO2 as a poison, while we breathe it in and out.

Our body can prima cope with CO2 and it is the basis of life for all plants.

Through photosynthesis by chlorophyll plants produce CO2 from the life-giving oxygen. Without which there was no life on our planet.

We have a shortage of CO2 !
If you look at the climate data for the last 600 million years, then we have seen historically low CO2 in the atmosphere.

0.0385 percent CO2 is historically very little.

If you look at this value on the geological time, we have a shortage of CO2.

Only for a short time, in the Carboniferous and Permian age, there were similar low temperatures and CO2 conditions as now.

In the other hundreds of millions of years, the values in the atmosphere ​​were much higher.

For the claim that CO2 influenced the climate, there is no historical evidence.

Historically, there used to be a lot more CO2 than today.

For example, in the Jura 1.800 ppm, or 4.7 times more.

And there was the highest concentration in the Cambrian with 7.000 ppm, or 18 times more. To the consternation of the representatives of global warming, was the late Ordovician also an ice age, although the CO2 concentration was 12 times higher than today.

How does that fit together ?

According to the greenhouse theory but the earth would have been extremely hot.

Accordingly, there are other factors that affect the climate ... such as changing the solar activity and changing the distance of the earth to the sun.

Man caused only 5% of CO2 in the atmosphere, so tiny 0.0019 %, and this shall be the climate killer ?

If only consult the climate history of the last 1.000, 100 or even 10 years as the climate hysterics do, and derives the future, makes oneself completely implausible.

How reliable should so be a prediction ?

That's less than a second in the time history of the Earth.

Only a very long observation gives a solid overview.

Suppose it is true what the climate liars say that man increases the CO2 by 2 ppm per year, then it will take nearly 3.000 years until we reach the CO2 content of the Ordovician - only then it was an ice age ! (laughing)

Small lot big fallout ?
But we move on.

The climate alarmists claim without being able to prove it, even tiny amounts of CO2 to kill the climate and the atmosphere they compare with the human body.

Well, we respond to the argument and compare small amounts in each system and their impact.

Funny, when the same people say, in the swine flu vaccine which contains mercury, a deadly neurotoxin that can lead to significant health problems, then they turn their argument around and say, but this small amount causes nothing in the body and it is not only totally harmless but as ingredient absolutely necessary.

Even if one says that mobile phone radiation and the whole other radio, TV, radar and other radiation can cause health problems, then they say again, no, these little radiation does nothing.

And it goes on, relating to radioactivity from nuclear power plants, or toxins in food - think of conventional agriculture or even GMO, drinking water, etc., these small quantities cause nothing ...

... but yes, the tiny amount of CO2 in the air, this is the climate killer !

They turn their argument as they need it.

Is made in the swine flu vaccine, according to Novartis leaflet (see here, by FDA) at a dose of 0.5 ml, containing thimerosal as a preservative containing mercury in an amount of 25 micrograms. (See DESCRIPTION (11), Page 13 for the complete list of ingredients, a .pdf)

Correct me, if I’m wrong as I’m hopeless at mathematics:
Let's look at this ratio in the vaccine, 0.5 ml or 0.5 grams of vaccine to 25 micrograms of mercury.

This means 1 microgram are 0.000001 grams, so are 0.000025 grams of mercury in 0.5 g of the vaccine, ie 50.000 kilos of vaccine contains 2.5 pounds of mercury or on the ratio of CO2 equivalent:

1.000.000 kilos of vaccine has 50 kilos of mercury = 1 million to 50

1.000.000 liters of air has 10 liters of CO2 = 1 million to 10

There are 5 times more mercury in the vaccine than CO2 in the air.

Yes but I'm not done yet.

Of the 10 liters of CO2 is only 5 percent of people, so the difference is 20 times larger.

So there are 100 times more from the neurotoxin mercury in the swine flu vaccine than CO2 of the people in the stratosphere.

Interestingly, people agree being injected into their bodies in this ratio with mercury without problems and the governments tell us the vaccine is harmless, but the CO2 is to be the climate killer !

If the argument of governments and climate doom fanatics agrees that CO2 is very very bad, then the mercury in the swine flu vaccine is 100 times worse yes, could be fatal.

Or, conversely, when the mercury in the vaccine is harmless, what the CO2 is then ?

Is there a verbalism of harmlesser as harmless ?

Just as, zero, nada, nothing ?

This mercury is definitely a bad, creeping neurotoxin and CO2 achieves nothing.

Of course I know that compared to mercury in the vaccination and CO2 in the atmosphere does not hold water.

But it is indeed the climate-fuzzis make this comparison, not me, to inflate the purported effects of the tiny amount of CO2.

I only want to show how the establishment used arguments to lie to us, depending on how it suits them.

When it comes to health, then small amounts of poison are completely harmless.

When it comes to the climate, then tiny amounts of CO2, which is not a poison, are catastrophic. 'Fuck science for sale !' I can only say.

The claim that the CO2 from the people to be soooo deadly for the environment is the largest scientific lie of this century !


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