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How 'Global Warming' Has Become BIG Business
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No one has more influence on the global climate policies of governments and is the cock of the roost alarmist of so called 'anthropogenetic global warming':

Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, chairman of the UN climate panel (or the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) (IPCC).

He is also the person who personally most benefited from the scaremongering, because he is involved in countless global corporations and organizations, and earned a fortune via consulting and investments that in turn benefit from his Recommendations On Strategies On The Implementation Of Global Warming.

NOTE: This research does not contain the hazardous impact on biosphere by Geo-Engineering

Parsifal, January 08, 2011, update May 23, 2014

Pachauri, who has made a personal fortune peddling this bogus science based on bogus data, has anchored the Global Warming Industry in almost all counties.

Once the trade with 'Carbon Credits' was settled, he 'fessed up to the inconvenient truth':

He then admitted that there has now been a 17-year pause in global temperature-rises, confirmed by Britain's Met Office (February 21, 2013)


Pachauri has been the driving force behind the climate summit in Copenhagen, and his study of global warming, which he published in 2007, is the basis for all global climate decisions.


He is celebrated by politicians and the media as THE CLIMATE SCIENTIST at all and showered with honors.

So, as chairman of the IPCC together with Al Gore, he received the Nobel Peace Prize of 2007.

He's not a scientist at all; he is an Indian economist and a railway engineer.

He has no qualifications in climate research, just like Al Gore has no gleam of climate, absolutely ZERO !

As he therefore became the chairman of the UN Climate Council is a mystery, a scandal.

It shows the IPCC has nothing to do with science, but is a political body, which only has a duty to spread the climate lie via certain lobbies by any means.


This always suspected aim of the IPCC was confirmed by the announcement of the hacked e-mails from the CRU in Norwich, which is evident that climate scientists (for sale) have falsified climate data to support the impression of a global warming which but does not exist.

These data are the basis for the assertion of the UN Panel on Climate Change, the emissions of CO2 by humans causes a dangerous global warming.

This fraud and obstruction of scientists who have a different opinion is now known as 'Climategate', also known as 'Patchygate'.

Climategate: Dr. Tim Ball on the hacked CRU emails



In fact there has never been a consensus achieved on the alarmist steadfast recited Mantra 'Global Warming Is Real'


On the contrary, only a handful of scientists of different fields of science, on the payroll of the UN-IPCC still claim Global Warming is real whereas alone over 31.000 American scientists oppose this dictation.

Time to look closer to the billionaire in charge of the 'Global Warming' Industry...

image: Al Gore is a partner in Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and attributes much of his USD 200-million fortune to that business.

Where did Pachauri basically come from before he was appointed in 2002 the chairperson of the IPCC ?

From 1981 he was a manager in 'TATA Energy Research Institute' in New Delhi (later renamed) and prior chairman in TERI 'The Energy and Resources Institute'  - 2001.


TERI was founded by the biggest Indian private corporation - the 'TATA group' which interests of business of the steel industry extend from auto production, energy, chemistry, telecommunications and assurance.

TATA was lately known for it's absorption of the British car brands Jaguar, Land Rover and the largest British steel group 'Corus'.


Inter - connections of TATRA and TERI despite change of names are very close.


When Pachauri in 1981 took over TERI his interest was of the Oil and Gas industry what is quite strange, for a person during the last years so vehemently opposing the so called 'fossil' energy.

So he was up to 2003 the director of 'India Oil' - the greatest Oil Corporation of India and up to 2009 he also was director of the largest Indian power corporation 'National Thermal Power Generating Corporation'.

When Pachauri became the vice chairperson of IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change) in 1997, TERI has expanded very strongly his interests in renewable energy technology by which the TATA Group then massively profited by the construction of wind turbines to the value of 1.5 billion US dollars.

2005 he founded the 'Glory Oil' corporation in Texas, a Corporation which has specified on the technology to the exploitation of the last reserves from exhausted and abandoned oil fields, based on microbiology which was developed by TERI.


But the empire of Pachauri has expanded on the whole world, with establishments in the USA, the EU and some Asian Countries.

Thus there is also a 'TERI Europe' with headquarters in London whose agent he is, together with Sir John Houghton, one of the leading figures in the beginnings of the IPCC and former boss of the British 'MET office', the national meteorological service of the United Kingdom (flight ban 2010 during the Island volcanic eruption in the Northern Hemisphere)

NOTE: This research does not contain the hazardous impact on biosphere by Geo-Engineering

Since years, TERI Europe is a forerunner at a large-scale project about 'bio' energy without being asked is financed by the EU member states.

Another project which is financed by the British government and the German insurance group 'Munich Re' is a field-study how the Indian insurance industry, including TATA, can profit more sufficient from the exploitation of the supposed risks from Climate Change.

(Why the British taxpayer is to finance a project to increase the profits of the Indian insurance groups with Climate Hysteria, is not quite clear).


The role of the North American section of TERI with headquarters in Washington with president Pachauri is even stranger.

The task of TERI-NA is lobbyist work, from the policymakers in the USA down to the developing countries on questions of energy and environment and to create 'sensitization' on 'anthropogenic' global warming.


TERI-NA is financed by a whole universe of sponsors including the government and corporative areas.

Including UN, four US ministries, Oil giants like Amoco, two of the leading US-weapon manufacturers, some of the world's biggest Gen Manipulators - like Monsanto, Syngenta, etc, the WWF which, in turn gets most money by the EU, yeah, for lobbying; and both biggest players in international CO2 trade (GCCS - Global Climate Certificate System), the World Bank, India Carbon Market Conclave, the who's who of Carbon-Emission-Trade like Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, UBS, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs who administer (under themselves by Climate Bonds) more than 1trillion US dollars (January 2011) in deposits…

This is very useful for the TATA in India, a corporation, highly engaged in 'Green' Energy, renewable energy insurances, and also Carbon Dioxide trade...

Which, explained for dummies is buying and selling the rights to blow Carbon Dioxide into the air.


This instrument was created by UN under the Kyoto Protocol and became extremely profitable by the name 'Clean Development Mechanism' (CDM), a business for which the contract of Copenhagen substituted, campaigned and made even more lucrative.


With the CDM, in the industrial States, corporations can ransom themselves of the restriction of the CO2-Emmission, by earning Carbon Dioxide Credits (CDM) from Third World Countries, primarily from India and China, which supposedly ? have reduced their CO2 output by any uncontrolled means.


According mainstream reports, the TATA Steel production (at the rate of 3 million metric tons steel) has moved the Corus Factory in Redcar England to a new plant in India, by which they were awarded a CO2 credit of almost EUR 2 trillions, for three years.


And in the same way were removed almost 2.000 steel workers from employment.

Isn't it amazing how environment protection is functioning, when the worldwide biggest Steel producer is awarded for NOT producing steel in Great Britain ?


But with giant profits the CO2 certificates are generated, thousands of people lose their workplace, very little is being done for the climate but to bail-out the Financial Industrial Complex by CDM...


And the uppermost Climate Pope advising us how to make this god-awful Climate Change certificates…


Who will pay for all this ?

We pay with our tax money, with the penalty tax, which is not called penalty-tribute, rather 'Save The Planet Tax' on every thing you ever will buy or, simply by increasing inflation and especially raising food-prices.


This and the establishing of a worldwide 'Green Police' will be the only thing we feel from 'Global Warming'.


Green Police, humorous portrayed, bittersweet foretaste for Global Communism under the veil of 'Enviromentalism'


18+ 'No Pressure' Ad (Ode to Intolerance)



More than three quarters of the world CO2 trade, comes to benefit India and China, both countries are best 'advised' by the uppermost UN-climate-officials.

The rest goes to afore mentioned Banks.

Only little is applied to further convince humanity being guilty of Global Warming by PR campaigns, future Climate Summits and nothing to 'save the planet'.


India alone in 2010 had 1.455 CDM projects running, to the value of 33 billion dollars then, many of these are realized by TATA.


Pachauri is directly involved in CO2 trade; he sits in the advisory board of 'Chicago Climate Exchange' in which he drew up the biggest and most lucrative Carbon Stock Exchange of the world, the CO2 trade was likewise supported by TERI in India.

Rio Earth Summit: A dove ? A hand which grips the world ? (s.c. 'hidden hand')


He helped with the construction of the stock exchange with the current managerial member Maurice Strong, the former Secretary General of The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) (or often called 'Earth Summit Of Rio'), truly the Godfather of the missent Environment Movement, he transmuted to the War On Terra aka Fighting Global Warming, Mr. EVIL ad personam, the man behind Agenda 21, the gray imminence behind the UN Secretary General for years.

'Central to the issues we are going to have to deal with are: ... the explosive increase in population.... We have been the most successful species ever; we are now a species out of control'

- Eugenicist Maurice F. Strong, former UNCED Secretary-General (1992)

This counts as a beginning of the Climate Hysteria in 1992.

(The Ice-Age-Is-Coming Campaign, in the early 70's was only a test-run, same as the 'Acid Rain'o - phobia or the (a little fallen into oblivion) myth of the 'Holes in the Ozone Layer' how the creation of a new 'environmental disaster' to 'unite' humanity against a 'self-generated', common enemy would work best and how to achieve best agreement and cooperation by the  environmental movement.


So was hijacked Environmentalism and millions of good minded conservationists have fallen for 'Global Warming'

(In June 2010, during the course of the annual Bilderberg Meeting the denotation was silently switched to 'Climate Change', later to 'Global Cooling' for a short while and then, until today 'Global Climate Disruption' to display both sides of the spectrum and cover their butts, so no matter what happens they can say Global Warming caused it)

Images: one shows flooding the other drought, so we know exactly what we are supposed to be afraid of !


Back to Strong:

Although responsible in the UN for environmental questions, Strong was boss of 'Petro-Canada', 'The Canadian Oil Group', and CEO of 'Ontario Hydro', one of the biggest power-groups of North America.

In 2005, Strong had to withdraw because of his participation in the UN Oil-For-Food-Scandal in Iraq, because of possible bribery.

Since he lives in Peking, running his oil businesses from there, and discusses with the Chinese government how to make BIG money with Carbon certificates.


This should demonstrate how completely corrupt the WHOLE UN-climate policy is.


But is peanuts in comparison to the other posts Pachauri still holds, in which he was heaved during the years when he became the highest UN-Climate-Official.

He is...

  - since 2007 in the advisory board of 'Siderian Ventur Capital' in San Francisco

  - since 2008 adviser for renewable and sustainable energy in 'Credit Suisse'

    - since 2008 in the supervisory board of the 'Rockefeller Foundation'...

- since 2008 in the advisory board of the #Nordic Glitnir Bank' which launched its 'Sustainable Future Fund'

- since 2008 he is a chairperson of 'Indo-China Sustainable Infrastructure Finding'

In the same year he became a manager of the 'Internationally Risk Governance Council in Geneva which was founded by EDF and E.On, two of the biggest power-current groups of Europe to promote 'bio'-energy.

In 2009 Pachauri arose to (senior) strategy adviser for 'Pegasus Investment Fund' as a resident in New York, and he became a chairperson of the advisory board of the 'Asian Development Bank' which very strongly exerts for CDM trade.

The list of the Rajendra Pachauri posts because of his status as a 'Climate Guru' goes on endlessly.

Thus he also became a boss of the 'Climate and Energy Institute of the Yale University' which receives millions of Dollars of the U.S. government, groups and even NGO's...

He is also in the 'Climate Change Council Of German Bank' (Deutsche Bank)

He is also a manager of the 'Japanese Institute Of Global Environmental Strategies and Advisers' for Toyota Motors.

Oh yes, as a railway engineer he is also an adviser of the 'French State Rail' SNCF.

With a home in India, he is active in a whole row of high-powered government committees, including the 'Economic Advisory Committee' which discusses with the prime minister questions of economy, has received various academic posts and gifted a (Yale) honorary doctorate and found time to publish 22 books in spite of his over-busy life stile.


Pachauri is constantly ready to announce the 'fear-message' of the danger about a 'Global Warming' everywhere in the world.

Thus he has also asked EPA to limit the CO2-emmissiones without waiting for the US congress to vote about cap and trade law.

Which was published in a 2010 issue of the TERI news American environmental authority.

In 2010 the EPA has obeyed his council, and has gone even as far as to declare CO2 a 'person-endangering poison'.


Pachauri has appealed, the consumption of ice-cream should be forbade and one should install measuring instruments in hotel rooms to be able to charge the guests the CO2 consumption for electricity, heating and cooling.


On what, however, the very communicative Pachauri never comments is his income from his countless and important posts.

None of the organizations, committees or groups he works he would confess what they pay for his duties, including UN which denies to publish the salaries of its top-official.


Pachauri applies a great trick unveiling his income.

All of his employers 'donate their fee' to him - to pay the TERI institute in India, which publishes no detailed balance about their income -again, officially he works for free.

The clever Pachauri also avoids any private tax payments on his income, in the respective countries, and the corporations can deduct this as a donation of tax.

Thus the question stays open, what happens with all the money TERI and his general manager Rajendra Pachauri receiving ?

And how are these lucrative posts compatible in the economy, with his role as chairperson of the IPCC ?

How can he work 'neutrally' for UN, but at the same time profit from the climate policy, and from the orders resulting from it, in the UN ?


Thus TERI was also the preferential supplier for the clearing work in Kuwait, after which Saddam Hussein left the oil fields in 1991, to the order of Three-Billion dollars issued by the UN.

But this is only one of ten other contracts, which TERI agreed, and UN has financed.

But nobody estimates the services of TERI higher than the EU, which included the institute of Pachauri as a partner, no less than 12 projects were discuss the EU in the Climate Policy, and announces the consequences of the dangers, how to reduce by the IPCC.


As we see under the direction of Pachauri, the more the UN-climate council IPCC pokes at the climate hysteria, the more he profits as a private individual.


The unbelievable thing is, the whole green politicians and environmentalists in Europe and the world do not understand in general, what a massive conflict of interests.

Pachauri runs scandals, and deceptions, and they are even still so stupid to vehemently engage with him.

The policy of a climate warming supposedly caused by the people of the IPCC, even believe the UN-Climate Council.


The climatologists and the governments might mean it honestly, about the climate protection.

All the participants of this Climate Industry but fill only their pockets, and those of their informants, at the expenses of us all.


We obviously live in two parallel worlds.

One is artificial made by the Mainstream Media, the Governments, the corporate media, the opinion-leader-groups (think Tanks, NGO's) and the believers.

The Infantrists of the Warming-Cult for whom it is ALL RIGHT if scientists lie for political purposes, and swindle us; as we, the general public can't afford trillions, for a problem which Does Not Exist, at all.


And in the Real World where the rest of us is living.

Although, I have my doubts...


How the Global Warming Scare Began



NOTE: This research does not contain the hazardous impact on biosphere by Geo-Engineering

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