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Herbal portrait Cinquefoil
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The healing effect of many Plants was already known to man before the Stone Age*).
Already at the beginning of human history Plants played an important role for humans, one could not go to the 'super'market like we do today and got everything they needed there.
He had to gather food, clothing and medicine in Nature, and he did !
And so he used the Plants for fibre production for ropes and clothing, for nutrition, for oil extraction for lamps and as food, as dye, as medicinal Herb or for psychoactive purposes.

Herbal portrait Cinquefoil [Potentilla anserina]
Tansy, Silverweed, Gänsefingekraut, Rosaceae family, genus Argentina; Cinquefoil is a member of the Rose family - Rosaceae

please note:
Always consult a doctor before using healing remedies and read disclaimer at the end of my abstract.

parsifalrain, July 12

This ancient, magical Herb is known for her healing properties especially for relieving cramp-like conditions, mainly of the smooth muscles.

But she is also a Plant of protection and Nature-essences.
The name 'Gänsefingerkraut' (literally - thus wrong translated to english 'Goose-Finger-Herb') is probably due to the fact that she could spread very well on goose pastures.
The Herb loves well fertilized soil and the geese fertilized these soils very naturally with their excrements.

The Herb also loves hard ground and the geese make this job wonderfully with their wide feet and love this Herb just as much as the peasant who uses Cinquefoil as a miracle cure for his animals - even with colic of the horses.
Silverweed helps very well with cramped menstrual problems.
You can produce an Essence with young girls that helps them to relieve their symptoms.
In the 15th Century, the Silverweed is mentioned by Johannes de Cuba in his Herbal books Herbarius and Gart der Gesundheit.

Cinquefoil as food
Cinquefoil is a versatile food and also a powerful remedy for cramps.
All parts of the Vitamin C-rich Silverweed are suitable as food.
Her delicate Leaves can be boiled in salt water until soft and then processed like spinach.
They have a rather mild taste and can therefore be mixed well with other Wild Herbs or vegetables.
They are also a good addition to salads or cream drinks.
The yellow Flowers can be used as edible decoration on a salad or vegetable dishes.
A Root vegetable can be prepared from the tasty Roots.
Grated raw, they are added to the salad.
It promotes the absorption of minerals and trace elements into the cell and should therefore be enjoyed together with Herbs such as Nettle [Urtica dioica, Urtica urens] or Coltsfoot [Tussilago farfara], especially in cases of calcium deficiency.

Stories and Myths
Cinquefoil is an ancient magical Plant.
It's connected to the creatures of Nature.
It was said that the Fairies and Elves liked to meet at the shiny silver Leaves to chat, celebrate and dance.
Cinquefoil is also an old protective and auxiliary Herb.
Like many other protective Herbs, bushes were hung in front of the house and yard to ward off unwelcome guests.
If one observes the Plant, one recognizes that it protects its leaves in rain around the yellow Flowers.
This kind of protection was also compared to the protective mantle of Mother Mary, the catholic successor of the teutonic-germanic Frigg (Saga), the celtic Brigid, the babylonian Ištar, the old-egyptian Isis, the old-greek Artemis, Demeter und Athene, the roman Diana, ... and the anatolian Kybele Goddesses.
So, Cinquefoil is one of the 'Marian' and Female Herbs.

In Folk Medicine, Silverweed was used to eliminate fever.
The Leaves were crushed, mixed with (then real, unrefined) salt and vinegar and then placed on the soles of the person suffering from fever with the help of an envelope.
For the treatment of calf cramps, in addition to internal application, the Leaves can be placed slightly squashed directly on the affected area.

properties and mode of action
costive at diarrhea

healing purposes
sore throats
gum inflammation and bleeding and the oral mucosa
diarrhea - cramps in the gastrointestinal tract
severe back pain
strong muscles and calf cramps
menstruational complaints
forms of diarrheal disease

She is native throughout the temperate Northern Hemisphere.
We find her in dry and sunny locations with nutrient-rich, well-fertilised soil.
This is why she often occurs at field edges or pastures.
Once she has settled in the garden, usually becomes a faithful companion.
collection tips
The Leaves and Roots of the Cinquefoil can be collected practically all Year round, but from May to August is the best Time.
Especially used are Flowers and Leaves.
We recognize Cinquefoil on her silvery, slightly hairy Leaves.
It is a ground cover Plant and grows only about 30cm in height.

Tannins, flavonoids, tannins, bitter substances, tormentol, calcium and Vitamin C

recipes for healing application
Cinquefoil milk decoction - against cramps
When the fresh or dried cabbage is boiled in milk, this drink helps very well with cramps of all kinds.

Tea for menstrual cramps
Together with Yarrowweed [Achillea millefolium], Goose Cinquefoil can be blended into a good menstrual Tea, which is particularly helpful for painful cramps.

cramp - pillow
Put the dried Herb into a pillow, warm it dry (in the oven) and place it on the belly in case of painful tree cramps.

Silverweed Tincture
An alcoholic extract of Silverweed helps very well with menstrual complaints and other ailments associated with spasmodic pain.

Wound - Herbal Milk
The most common way of preparing Cinquefoil in our ancestors, the ancient Teutons, was probably Herbal milk.
Boil fresh Silverweed in milk and leave to stand for a few minutes.
Milk is used because it contains fat and thus makes the fat-soluble ingredients more accessible to us.
In wounds, this milk was also drunk to protect against tetanus and blood poisoning and the Herb, boiled in milk was placed on the wound.

Baby Belly Oil
Crush 1 teaspoon each of Caraway [Carum carvi], Anise [Pimpinella anisum] and Fennel seeds [semen Foeniculum vulgare] and place in a lockable glass jar.
Add about a handful of slightly dried, finely chopped Cinquefoil and add 200 ml organic sweet Almond oil.
Leave this mixture to stand for about three Weeks.
Remove the Seeds and Plant parts and fill them into brown glass bottles.
For flatulence, warm the oil slightly and massage the baby's stomach.

Massage Oil for menstrual problems
Soak Mugwort [Artemisia vulgaris] and Silverweed equally in good oil and leave in the Sun for a few Weeks.
This oil helps girls very well when they massage it onto their stomach for menstrual problems.

Anyone who uses Herbs acts on his own authority !

*) Wood is man's oldest building material.
The Wood Age was long before the Megalithic Cultures, the Stone Age and the Bronze- and Iron Ages.

This information is supplied without liability, limit or warranty.
Please note - this healing recipes may be subject to change and are without guarantee – always contact a Medical doctor before the application !
The information in this article has been carefully reviewed by me.
However, I decline any liability for any damage or consequences arising from the use or misuse of the information I have provided.
I do not give any medical advice.
If you have serious health problems, you should refrain from self-medication and seek the advice of a Medical doctor or alternative practitioner.

Some Wild Plants are protected regionally, consult the nature conservation authorities.
Collect only individual Plants, so that the stock remains !
Remember – you can only harvest something which belongs to you !

all images from Wikipedia, Wikimedia or self-made unless otherwise stated

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