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Healing with Runes
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1. Teutons had no Gods... and 2. the healing properties of Runes

The Runes are an ancient alphabet font in which each single letter carries both a meaningful name and a meaningful sound.
One but can regard them as signs of certain entities, actions or circumstances that speak for themselves as emblems.
The term 'Rune' is derived from the root run- (gothic runa) meaning 'secret', 'secret council meeting'.
Related to this are the German words 'murmur' (raunen) and 'whisper' (Geraune).
Striking are proper names such as 'Heidrun', 'Gudrun' or 'Sigrun'.
However, the word 'Rune' itself did not emerge until the 17th Century.
Today, some researchers from various, interdisciplinary fields suspect a borrowing of the word from the Celtic Cultural Cycle.

Rune exercises, Rune chimes by Parsifalrain, December 10

Image: ©Ulrich Arndt

Superstitious peoples, prejudiced and thus trapped in the demonic belief system of the desert religion, once listened to Teutons here and there when performing rune exercises.

They saw the Teutons stretch out their arms to Heaven and exclaim certain words.
These recurring words saw the superstitious races as 'invocations' and the spoken words as the 'names' of the invisible Gods that gave the Teutons their powers and abilities. -
Thus the dynamic Rune word became the 'name of the God' and as the number of these words is large and certain words were often used according to the particular radiation of the landscape, a whole army of 'Gods' emerged among the non-understanding peoples also special country - and - local 'Gods'.

The Germans of today would say, 'But we know your Gods and respect them!'
'Gods ?!
We have had no Gods ! '
'You called them, prayed to the Gods!'
'You fools ! Runic exercises we did !'
'But you have called the names of the Gods'.
'These were dynamic-working words that set in motion or stopped and ward off the forces that wanted to work there'.
'So Wotan, Thor, Freya and others were not Gods and Goddesses to you?'
'Wode and Wodan and Odin, and Thor and Tyr and Donar and Loge and Freya and Frigga or whatever else you bring forth, have never been names of Gods and Goddesses in our time, but words that are the key to the forces that make up the world shape.
These words, called or sung on dark Nights, or in the sunshine, in lazy air or in thunderous storm, these words that we spoke, which we sang, which we called, which we bombilated in our Rune Exercises, they shaped what we desired, that of we wanted.
- Gods have never heard us, because there are none !
The powers of Nature in heaven and earth, air and water have obeyed us ! -
That's all'.

'But the Mythology of the Teutons tells of the deeds of the Gods'.
'Mythology ?
Acts of the Gods ?
Mytologies were written when we were no longer alive.
The "Deeds of the Gods" are only successive effects of the Rune words that we sent out as introductory words, introductory words that, when they had done their duty, returned to us as "Mjölnir" whom you call Thors Hammer'.

'Whoever truly attuned to the importance of the race knows that the Rune Exercises are the way of development and secure the development.
- Gods were conceived, delusions of the lazy, romantic and demonic.

Nobody knows the ultimate ground of being.
Good ones are out of pursuit.
Aspirants make the world rich, humanity's most delicious good, culminating consciousness of humanity, which comprehends and dominates all worlds'.

At least 5 million 'Rune Practice Sites' = 'Aufrassungsplätze' (translates best with 'racial improvement' i.e. for the cohesion of the own race) existed in the German Reich, of which one could recognize 600.000 in Germany in the 1920s.

Today, one recognizes most likely these Rune-Sing-Places, whose old name later stunted to 'Thingplätze' and their function faded to court places and so on.
Many old churches were built intentionally destroying on Rune Sites, are therefore aligned in the choir at right angles to the magnetic north pole, in 'inexplicable' deviation from the geographical north / east, but exactly towards the magnetic east, because the Teutons covered the entire cosmos with all rays, knew exactly and used for Millennia.
(The astronomy as the oldest science is the root of the German culture.
It shows the development of the human mind with its respective status.
Already 5.000 years ago, the sky was completely measured.
The result was also the Megalithic mathematics, the measuring technique, the Megalithic measure of unity, which led to a comprehensive Geodesy.
The shape of the Earth was known.
This painstakingly and carefully researched issue is due to researchers such as Alexander Thom, C.A. Newham, Edwin C. Krupp, Rolf Mueller, Hermann Dörr et al.
Europe had developed at that time a strikingly high spiritual science, which of course has also been reflected in the Natural Religious customs of the Teutons, because science and religion were one unit.
They knew, for example, the movement of the solar system / Earth, which is virtually unknown today- to the north - not the north of the rotation, but the north of the magnetic axis of the Earth - which is why the north has been producing and exporting the highest, north-ray-filled spirit for millions of Years).

Some 'Singplätze' (Rune-Sing-Places) lay on - possibly artificial - peaks, some in caves, hollows or plains, depending on the maturity of the use of earth / ground / axis / depth or other rays in the free - or festival space, or exercise and initiation, inauguration - stages of singing, gymnastics and dance.

When you sing the tune of a certain Rune which is called 'to galdr', breathe from your diaphragm and really stretch out the sound of each Rune, toning as many consonant/vowel combinations as possible.  
For example, Fehu  can be sung as 'Feeeeeeee, Faaaaaaaa, Fuuuuuuuuu, Faaaaaaaayhuuuuuuuuu!'

Deep throat Rune chanting
@ ancestral places in Germany, the Externsteine in the Teutoburger Wald


From the Externstones to the Pyramids, from ancient 'Gymnasiums' to the Olympic Games, from folk dances, folk music, masques to military exercises, the origins of Rune-Training or 'Aufrassungsplätze' can be discovered all over the world and all peoples.

For example, the 'basic position' of (not only) the Prussian soldiers, that is, the standing posture, which in obedience is taken to the order 'Attention!', was a self-empowermenting exercise in which the Rune 'Is' ('Isa')  or the sound -i- was sung siren-like in certain series of exercises;
Today's soldiers, on the other hand, must inappropriately remain silent in this position, even wait for orders from the outside.
So in marked contrast to the old Rune Exercises, which were up to about the echoing tinge-sounds ('of the polarized spaces, filled with electrical values') into much more differentiated than our present-day singing and speaking and knew exactly how to control and pinpoint the healing effects of the finest variations on the mind, glands, muscles etc.
Prussia and the Third Reich wanted the restoration of the Runic Culture.
How embarrassing modern time singing, sports and medicine look like !

How much the Old Culture was defaced to the contrary, you can see especially well in the churches, which are often still in the right place, but where you have to sing very different things, and even sitting.
Or at the genuflections, instead of the Old Rune Exercises or at least their attenuated mutants as ballet, yoga or tai chi, etc ..

All in all, the books by Friedrich Bernhard Marby convey not only the knowledge of cosmology and theory and the exact, highly complex practice of the Rune-Exercises, but also the history of the last 12.000 Years with the gradual destruction of Nordic Culture and race by the 'Beastmen'; namely in a systematic series of attack-waves from the 'South' on all levels, as these invaders rage again today with particular high pressure.
In addition, psychological insights are given in detail, which go beyond the known and for which one needs strong nerves!
All of today's modern politically correct culture together with today's so-called anti-racism turns out to be in reality anti-racial or destructive to all races.

The 'Racial Gymnastics', the Marby's 'racial improvement path' as I call it, was long ago considered to be the main occupation of many peoples of the Earth, striving for all that today is happiness, health, self-fulfillment, emancipation, enlightenment or perfection of man and all peoples and cultures which would paraphrase 'world peace in solidary'.

Even Chinese use the same exercises because they promote people.

The Chinese Runic Dance:
'Hui Chun Gong', known to us as the 'rejuvenation exercises of the Chinese emperors', is almost identical to a 'Rune Prayer' of the ancient Teutons.
Random matches of two energy systems ?
Or do both cultures draw from the same source ?

HUI Chun Gong
presented by Gabriele Alt, Music Gabriele & Hartmut Alt (c) Quantum Musik 2015

Our body is transmitter and receiver at the same time !
Their effects keep you healthy, vital and give you an excess of vitality and vitality.

The Rune Gymnastics works with sounds and words.
Through conscious postures of the body, vibrations were triggered and put into action by speaking, singing and humming, which correspond to 'Rune Exercises'.
Each posture and body position corresponds to a sound and a word that is intoned.
Thus, the electro-magnetic energy field of humans is favored, his cellular structure charged.
- This is called doing a Rune Exercise.

The russian biophysicist Pyotr Garjajev and his colleagues have further researched the DNA data in the areas of energy fields and biophoton research.
His findings are in the true sense of the word a sensation and confirm Marbys research results.

Thus, among other things under laboratory conditions, a DNA sample was irradiated with electromagnetic fields in certain frequency ranges.
The DNA sample reacted to this with structures of light waves that could be generated in the surrounding air and recorded on film.

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Algiz - The Shield of the Gods

further related
Shamanic Runes
The use of these runes with galdring (singing) and drumming will induce a shamanic state of being.

Your energy will shift so that it can easily pass through the veils between the worlds.


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