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‘Everybody Feels Human Again…We Are the French People’
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The Paris Opera, the Eiffel Tower and over a dozen museums are closed, with shops in high-end neighborhoods planning to close this coming weekend as a precaution against the violence and vandalism of the past several weeks.
The Gilets Jaunes revolt of the French working class in numerous French cities and now spreading to neighboring countries was initially a rebellion against the "green" carbon tax placed on gasoline and Diesel fuel enacted by President Emmanuel Macron per the UN Paris Accord Treaty.
This tax is the most out-of-touch, let-them-eat-cake, ridiculous Neoliberal nightmare imaginable. It was designed to push drivers off the road to lower emissions but it disproportionately affected those who can't afford to live in high-rent cities where there is mass transit.
Historically, the French have beheaded their leaders for less! France is already the highest-taxed country in the developed world and the economy has stagnated in recent years.
Macron was forced to cancel the carbon tax after protesters refused to relent. They remain at an impasse about restoring the wealth tax which he'd canceled and which earned the former Rothschild banker the sobriquet, "President of the Rich".
More rioting and a parliamentary vote of no confidence are expected next week, which could conceivably culminate in Macron's dismissal, given that his popularity sank from 23% to 18% over the past week.
Meanwhile, the incredible stupidity of the Globalist elite, as represented by their minion, Macron appears to have united French workers of every political persuasion. As one protestor says here, "Everybody feels human again...We are the French people."
- Alexandra Burce
Published on 4 Dec 2018
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