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Evacuation proves White Helmets are Terrorists
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Evacuation proves White Helmets are Terrorists

The Syrian Army is freeing more and more territory from the terrorists and therefore they are on the run, including the so-called White Helmets, the propaganda arm of the head cutters and men eaters.
Therefore, Israel has evacuated about 800 members of the West supported White Helmets from Syria to Jordan, to be resettled later in England, Canada and Germany, according to Tel Aviv and Amman.

Why are you actually leaving the country they've helped with rescue operations so far ?

Parsifal, July 22, 2018

There are numerous photographs that prove that members of the White Helmets were fighters for the terror organizations and changed roles at will, such as Ammar al Selmo.

Emmanuel Nahshon, a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, had confirmed on Twitter that'Israel has made humanitarian efforts to save members of a Syrian Civil Organisation (the White Helmets) and their families'. (a name they stole from the real Syrian Civil Organisation)

He added that the evacuees had been 'taken to a neighbouring country'.

What's 'humanitarian' about it ?
Israel has previously admitted on several occasions that it has provided medical assistance to terrorists and treated over 1000 wounded fighters in its hospitals.
Israel, however, was persistent in refusing to accept Syrian refugees.

War Minister Avigdor Lieberman declared last month that Israel 'will not accept Syrian refugees into our territory'.
This proves that Israel works closely with the terrorists, because it leaves them alone across the Cease Fire Line (CFL) and not civilians, the elderly, women and children.

This is not 'humanitarian' but active terror support !
How stupid do they think we are ?

(kill2 member quoting the terror supporting Apartheid Fascist State's Jerusalem Post media as a reliable source)

The terrorists of the White Helmets were ordered in advance to gather on Saturday at the CFL between Israel and Syria on the Golan.
Then Israeli soldiers opened the border and let through the 800 on a list.
They were taken to the border between Israel and Jordan at Allenby Bridge by bus without a stop.

There they were expected and switched to Jordanian transport vehicles.
On Jordanian territory, terrorists will be locked up in a specially designated area, where they will remain for a maximum of three months until they are handed over to one of the Western countries.
Why would Jordan lock them up if they're just paramedics ?

They're not !

It is still unclear how members of the White Helmets, closely linked to Al-Qaeda and ISIS, will be distributed among potential beneficiary countries, including Germany.

If the White Helmets really are what they claim to be, a medical organisation that helps injured people, then they would not have to be afraid of the Syrian Army, nor would they have to be evacuated and brought to Europe and North America.

The evacuation proves that the White Helmets are terrorists and were created, financed and used by the West in the fight against the Syrian Government for propaganda purposes.

Their task was to use a whole staff of cameramen to take pictures of the dead and injured with actors.
Children in particular were abused to stir up the mood against the Syrian Government in the West.

It was a success and the media, politicians and good people in the West fell for the productions.
This girl, for example, has been 'saved' three times:

Another terrorist who became a member of the White Helmets:

That means Hollywood has awarded an Oscar to terrorists and their propaganda !

It's nothing new, because the Taliban (then called Mujaheddin) were honored in 1988 with the Hollywood film Rambo III, because they fought against the Soviets with the help of the CIA in Afghanistan.

The original VHS publication had the dedication at the end:

'This film is dedicated to the courageous Mujahideen fighters',

although this was later changed to 'dedicated to the gallant people of Afghanistan' for the DVD after 9/11.

Ronald Reagan dedicates the Space Shuttle Columbia to the Taliban


mnemotechnic verse:

Good terrorists are those who fight 'our' enemies, like then against the Soviet Union and today against Syria and The Iran.
Evil terrorists are those who fight 'us'.

By the way, most of the film was shot in Israel !

Well then 'have fun' when the mass murderers are brought to America, Europe and also to Germany.
Anyone who thinks that these butchers will suddenly become peaceful and they will integrate is more than naive.

The terrorist attack on the Christmas market in Berlin, the attack on the nightclub in Orlando and the bombings in Manchester, like many others, have carried out so-called 'asylum seekers'.

The Christmas markets and also the Christmas celebrations can then end in a bombastic mood this year.

How completely irresponsible must one be to bring proven terrorists into the country ?

Arriving in Germany, these people put on white helmets and go without papers to the tollbooth or also called offices and express their wishes, where they want to live and what they need.
They may have already come up with another name.
After a few months they will receive a red passport from the European Union/Federal Republic of Germany and will then be listed as Germans.
So it'll be hard to ever hold them responsible for crimes.

German Interior Minister Seehofer said,

'We'll take eight members and their families!'

Aha ! So this is Merkel's increase in nursing care for the elderly ...

It was Trump and Trudeau, as well as May, who asked Israel to evacuate the members of the White Helmets from Syria, as Netanyahu explained.

'President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and others have asked us to help pull hundreds of White Helmet members out of Syria',

Netanyahu said in a video address on Sunday.

Well, the proof, the Anglo-American terror managers get their mercenaries back from Syria, because there they can no longer operate after the liberation of soon the whole country.
Not a single of the 1.000 Al Nusra leaders will go to the United States because they have been trained by the CIA to handle mustard gas, chlorine, lost and sarin.

The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS
jewtube says:

'This video may be inappropriate for some users'.


The Air Force of Terrorists, consisting of F-15 of the Israeli IDF, have fired air-to-ground missiles on targets near the city of Masyaf in the province of Hama in western Syria on Sunday.

The Israeli fighter jets again injured and abused Lebanese airspace in order to hit Syrian military research facilities from there.

It is therefore not a question of combating terrorism but of deliberately weakening the Syrian Army.
In fact, this is a war of aggression between Israel and Syria.

People have become so 'accustomed' to Israel attacking its neighbours and nobody says anything.
In order to understand these criminal acts, what would happen if, conversely, the Syrian Air Force bombed Israeli military installations ?

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