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To be found from the lowlands to the lower foothills very often, in meadows, wet shrubbery, hedges and impact corridors and in open woods.

The Elder (Sambucus nigra, Honeysuckle Family -Caprifoliaceae) has all along been a sacred tree.
She protects the house and yard and is so medicated that she was also known as 'Our beloved Hergott's (Gods) Pharmacy'.
It was said that you will be healthy only if you fall asleep in her shadow.
Even the farmers knew that he should take his hat off in front of the Elderberry.
For them, the Elder was sacred, like no other tree.
Following a German folk saying, the hikers should 'bend the knee before the Juniper (Juniperus) and salute the Elder'

Parsifalrain, July 20, 2016

image top: the white Elderflower embody shining light.
The wise woman who emanates graciousness, knowledge and wisdom.
While the ripe black fruit embody the Perchta, that is in the rough nights with Odin, who roared with his fallen war heroes across the land and penetrated into all the houses and stables, when the doors and windows are not properly closed.
But originally the Wild Hunt (Wilde Jagd) was not the symbol of terror, but of fertility and growth.
It was the time of magical moments, where people will find hidden treasures or could pass into the Otherworld.

In late Spring the Elder blooming beautifully.
The forests put on their wedding dresses.
The Elderberry blossoms with its white, fragrant inflorescences are on all edges of the forest.
Her magic we can hardly escape and even people with little knowledge about medicinal herbs know the savory syrup and Elderflower champagne (actually a sparkling wine), which are produced from the Elderflower.

In the fruit ripening, there may be deviations of up to two Months.

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stories and myths
The name of the Elder goes back to the Germanic mother deity of Holda.
She is probably the most original of all legendary figures.
The Great Mother Goddess is, in the broadest sense, Mother Nature and determines both the weather, as well as the Seasons.
Frau Holle is also a patron goddess of water.
Her assistants are nymphs and fairies.
Her waters are rivers, lakes and streams and the fountain.
Such a fountain is found in our Mother Holle tales.
It was she who protected the life of plants and animals and even could cure people of disease.
As protective household spirit she lives in the Elder and were often made sacrifices in honor.

The name of the goddess Holda comes from the german word 'hold' that means 'fair' or 'lovely'.
The actual meaning of her name was 'The Shining, or the Radiant'.
She is a light-bearing Mother Goddess, a wise and kind woman who simultaneously brought closer to the people on earth the goodness of Mother Earth and the radiant light of the Sky.

The goddess become known by the fairy tale of Frau Holle (Holla, Hulda, Heia, Brechta or Holda - to name a few), who rewarded with gold the hardworking girl who comes to her in the underworld, whereas the lazy girl with pitch which stands for misfortune.

In people's visualization were rewarded who lived under the laws of the goddess and walked the path of light (diligence, sincerity, virtue), while bad and lazy people were punished.

Forgotten is sometimes that the goddess Holla is a powerful goddess of upper and lower world, who co-determine the fate of people.

< 'Frau Holle in Elderberry with Gold'
In the tradition of our ancestors of the elder tree was therefore regarded as a tree of the ancestors and the threshold tree.
Under the Elder tree, the doors were easily opened to the Otherworld.

People could get in touch with their ancestors, or visit the beings of the Lower World.

It also said that the Elder tree beings from Earth, like dwarves and gnomes can go in and out, which is why, for a nap, one often dreamed of little dwarfs under the elder tree.

Basically Hulda guards in the Cycle of Death and Rebirth those who have died and are on their way back to life.
The Celts worshiped the Dark Mother as the goddess who brings life.
And just at this time of Birth and Death were closely linked.

    The pagan Friesen buried their dead under the Elder tree that stood near the house
    Deceased were bedded on Elder twigs
    The coffin maker had to measure the coffin with a Elderberry-rod
    In England, undertakers wore a piece of Elder wood with them to protect themselves from dubious spirits.
    In the wake the prayer leader drank Elder blossom tea, so she not also 'falls asleep'
    As Sill tree next to the house, she connects us to the dead ancestors
    In the magical times of the Circle Of The Year one may consult his ancestors for help and advice.

    Of course, a bowl was repeatedly put down with milk, porridge or bread under the farmyard Elderberry.
    Hair, teeth, nails were buried under the Elder, so that no sorcerer could connect to the body parts and could cause damage by black magic spells.
    In the Nordic countries the Elder is also revered as the Birth tree - it will help all pregnant women and women in labor.
    The pregnant woman who touches the branches of the farmyard Elderberry, secures the assistance and the benevolence of the Goddess and her own ancestors.
    The tree can also attract negative forces and diseases - that's why he was NEVER cut, because doing so he would release his negative energy.
    That would bring bad luck.
    The Elderberry was often planted to protect against evil spirits and against lightning as home-tree.
    An old belief is that it is a sign that a deceased person had found his rest when an Elder branch implanted on his grave would begin to grow.
    To cut down an Elderberry tree meant one was declared Outlaw.
    Who the burns Elderberry wood to which the devil comes.

features and effects
Already in ancient times was considered the plant as an important drug and still is the Elder one of the most popular remedies.
Its active ingredients are in the roots, leaves, flowers and berries.
It is deemed an effective blood cleanser, successfully used for bowel regulation and pain relief.
The black berries are rich in vitamin C, potassium and other cell available organic (of course as the goodness gas gone through the herbs process of metabolism) mineral nutrients, therefore it also helps to prevent a heart attack - note that the Red Elder (Sambucus racemosa) has remarkable relationship to the Heart.
Fresh branches of Elder are hung on in rooms to expel the flies.

Popular saying goes: 'Who carries Eder with him, shrinks from adultery'

blood purifier and haemostatic,

medicinal purposes

Colds and flu infections

Flu and common colds
Concentration and learning disability

The Elder occurs more widespread in the Northern Hemisphere, her Southern Hemisphere occurrence is restricted to parts of Australasia and South America.
Preferably, she grows on forest edges, though sometimes a nearby house and yard.
The Elder enjoys soil with a high nitrogen content.

collecting tips
The flowers of the Elder are collected from May to June.
They must be dried quickly and carefully in the shade.

The dark, curative berries of Elder are collected in late Summer (at Lammas – Lugnasad) or preferrably autumn.
However, they should never be eaten uncooked, because they have mild laxative effect in the raw state.

As with any crop, but especially with Elder, you should always, before picking parts of the Elder, contact the Plant Spirit and ask if it is desirable to take now something from the plant.


In the flowers:
    Flavonoids (especially rutin) - expectorant, antibiotic
    Glycosides - stimulate perspiration
    Essential oils

in the berries:
    vitamin C

TIP: Because of these valuable ingredients, the Elderberries fortifies our immune system.
In the fall, therefore it is advisable to take a cure from Elderberry juice.

the Elder as incense-plant
For the ritual smoking, especially the dried flowers are used, or the white pith from the cut wood.

Neither flowers nor mark spread a particular fragrance, so it is advisable to mix the Elderberry with other plants or resins.
Especially well it can be with smoking, together with juniper and spruce resin (galipot).

the effect of the Elder-smoking
It enables us to see the right time.
it will help us if we are to find our life purpose.
it protects us.
It supports us when we ask for healing
the smoke promotes contact with the ancestors and the nature of the lower world
If we were very closely related to a deceased, we can experience the beautiful feelings and memories again and release with the rising smoke and say goodbye in a smoking process.
In earlier times, the rising smoke served as a bridge to the hereafter, and one imagined how the soul through the smoke woud come in the light.

In many situations, we get the helpful support of people we often do not even know or might never see again.
Here we can create a positive balance in which we send loving thoughts and energies our helpers and pass them the smoke with a ritual Thank-you-smoke.
Just the Elderflower assist with her fine smoke these positive thoughts and let us intuitively recognize the right time and the realization that things are really mostly as they are.

An Elder-blossom incense is useful for cleaning, before we move into a new house or a new apartment to exorcise old and make room for new.
Similarly, one can bless his amulets, talismans and healing items, recharge energy and ascribe them protective or healing properties.
So you can transfer your personal messages on an amulet or talisman and create your own individual charms and protection.
The wands of the witch are made from its wood, but you should ask the tree for permission.

In Protection Incenses they belong to these helpers, which emphasize our emotional strength and so provide protection against envy and resentment of others.
Such Incenses can build powerful positive forces against strenuous situations (for example, at work), ill-tempered people, emotional entanglements, but, be carefully, also directed negative energies against us.

Elderflower Incenses direct attention to our spiritual life.
They give concentration, calm and strengthen our intuition.

recipes for medicinal use
Elderberry-bloom tea

Dried Elderflower be used as a tea for colds and flu.
The blooms drive out the sweat when the patient is feverish.

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