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Dutchsinse calls media about FAKE pictures of Noah Pozner in Pakistan - THEY ADMIT KNOWING!


Published on 6 Jan 2015

The media says THEY KNOW THAT THE PICTURE IS FAKE! Falsely saying its "all over the news"?! Saying NBC is fully aware?!

After asking my viewers to call their local media across the world to report the FRAUD of Noah Pozners picture being used as a NEW VICTIM in Pakistan.... I decided to call my local news here in St. Louis, Missouri.

Called KMOV (CBS) and KSDK (NBC).. two local affiliates, letting them know a fraud is taking place. Their response is an epic fail. Hands down , this one takes the cake in my personal opinion -- this is EXACTLY what you would expect when a group of people are working together to ignore or hide something.

I Let them know about the pictures, and let them know that Noah Pozner was even given a new fake name. Huzaifa Huxaifa as a fake identity...

I told them about the fake pictures on billboards, commercials, banners, posters, shown in the media, tribute videos, and even placed on the podium AT THE PAKISTAN school in question.

Even being run on Pakistan Today as of today (January 6 2015):

The response was revealing to say the least. Not to mention they confirm they know, but are not covering it ! Then they top it all off by saying "its all over" the news?! More like its all over youtube.

Main stream media ignoring this scandal.

Here is the person calling the BBC to report this fraud: BBC says THEY KNOW too!


I faded out the rant at the end, because it devolved into a swearing fest, and personal insults to all parties involved. Best to just cut that off before it goes too far :)

LOL! The benefits to being a 'conspiracy theorist' and an online video maker are few, but one clear advantage is the rant aspect which people love so much .

Cheers to those interested in the truth during wild times!

I add here the Video from the Person that called BBC and Dutch gave the link above.In case there comes more up, I will add that to the comments. SiNeh~

I Call BBC about A dead sandy hook victim Noah Pozner Who is reported as a dead boy in Pakistan


Published on 5 Jan 2015

why would family of a dead boy in a Pakistan school shooting 2014 give the media a picture of a dead boy from sandy hook school shooting 2012 not to mention this memorial would be put up by the Pakistani authorities so why would they be putting up a picture you can only find on the internet of a boy who is not even Pakistani. LOL

RELATED at the BOLE an Article that will answer the question HOW this can AND does happen.

Project Syndicate - Global Media Control


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