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Drone for spreading of contaminated mosquitoes
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Drone for spreading of contaminated mosquitoes
(Toxic Mosquitoes Aerial Release System, PatNo.: US 8,967,029 B1)
Yes, you read the heading correctly.
The Pentagon has filed a patent for a drone using a pseudonym and has been awarded a patent to disseminate mosquitoes contaminated with deadly viruses over enemy territory from the air.
The 'purpose' of this system is to bring mosquitoes to the enemy so that they can bite people and infect with a deadly disease.
The patent was filed by a certain S. Mill Calvert in 2014 and approved by the US Patent Office in 2015.
Parsifal, September 16, 2018

The description of the patent states:
'An air release device for mosquitoes comprises a remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle.
It carries a container comprising a central processing unit and a mosquito breeding container which is a self-contained volume containing mosquitoes and a mosquito feed consisting of a toxin that can be transmitted by mosquito bite after the mosquito has used up the mosquito feed.
A release tube is connected to the mosquito breeding container and is dimensioned to release mosquitoes from the mosquito breeding container.
A valve is connected to the release tube and can be operated by remote control so that the mosquitoes have an open path through the release tube out of the container when opened'.

See patent for 'Toxic mosquito aerial release system'


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The inventor of the drone for the release of toxic mosquitoes, a S. Mill Calvert, has patented 42 similar military inventions for the US Army and Special Forces, including stroke balls, in a period of only two years from 2013 to 2015.

A cartridge that fires a bullet with poison that causes a stroke.

Perhaps this explains the many dissenters and opponents of the system who die at a sprightly age of a 'natural' death from a heart attack.
Or in other words, be so eliminated by intelligence services.

A person with this name, however, does not exist in the US citizen register.
The US patent attorney Louis Ventre, who filed the motion, refused to comment on whether this name was a pseudonym and who his client actually was.

But since they are deadly 'inventions' for the military, the Pentagon must be behind them.
Besides, the 'Mill' in the name is the abbreviation for 'Military'.

But the Pentagon doesn't just breed mosquitoes that can spread deadly viruses, it also has a breeding program for ticks [order Ixodida] as a weapon.

See the tender for a tick program from the Department of the Army !

It is possible that the insect-borne disease caused by tick bites, such as meningo encephalitis and Lyme borreliosis, originates from escaped ticks from an American bioweapons laboratory.

The same applies to the increasingly frequent forms of disease transmitted by mosquitoes, such as Malaria and Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, Zika Virus and West Nile Fever.

So you can easily exterminate mankind and blame 'Nature' !

How absolutely diabolical must one be to use a drone that scatters contaminated mosquitoes or other biting insects over people who spread deadly forms of disease ?

The Americans, but also the Europeans, are fed 24/7 by the controlled fake news media with endless lies to keep them ignorant, stupid and happy in the reservation as slaves.

This patent is the true face of Washington.
What more proof is needed to realize that the US is THE 21st century fascist rogue state ?

What Is Bill Gates Biggest Fear ?


At first I was surprised that a patent for a drone, sprading toxic moskitoes with biowarfare agents is needed because bioweapons are known to work well without patents.
After all, the patent offices under the Rothschild family want to earn a little money from war.

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