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Dear Ukrainians !
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In this lecture from (end of) 2013 Nikolai Starikov, Russia's leading political writer talks about Europe's plan to destroy Ukraine:

According the plans of the EU, Ukraine to become destitute, and completely destabilized as to provide a source of unrest, is the way to harm Russia.

Николаи Стариков на немецком Германия

Translation: Igor Syr

source (nuked):

Setting: Nicholas Alexander

Below transcript carefully translated from German to English by Parsifal, March 07, 2014; clarifications in (brackets)

Epilogue by Parsifal

video (German)


image above Viktoria Fuck The EU Nuland

Nikolai Starikov - Europe's plan to destroy Ukraine

‘One has to analyze very carefully the so suddenly caused request of our Western partners to sign this agreement with Ukraine:

It's all about the Association Agreement, not the EU - Ukraine's accession.

Ukraine will never ever affiliate there, that's quite obvious because there is just no money for it.


I turn now to the Ukrainians, the Russians to all - ask yourself:

It used to input the absolute pro-Western presidents Yushenkov and his presidency was never mentioned completing of this Association Agreement.

Why not?

Hadn’t he not signed?

But he had in fact without a glance.

Bring him 1.000 pages and he signed them all without having read them.

After the Ukrainian nation has understood his nature, he was voted out.

Then came another President, a supposedly pro-Russian.

So it seemed to many at the moment at least.

And in that moment, the West wants to conclude specifically with him this agreement.

Where is the logic?

Why the West makes of all with one with whom it is more difficult to implement and not before, with one which they would not even need to ask?

Was Europe previously unwilling to do this?

Read but this agreement because there is nothing to which Europe should be ready.

Or perhaps laying Ukrainian railroad tracks at own expense.

Under this agreement, Europe is committed to nothing,

Ukraine will have to give up her sovereignty and carry out a series of economic measures that Europe needs.

But which not the Ukraine needs herself.

Here is neither economic nor political logic to find.


As long as we leave out of consideration the following:

It has come the moment when Russia is actively working on the Eurasian Union.

Today there was, for example, the message that Kyrgyzstan handed over the U.S. Embassy a note on the elimination of the military base.

Many laughed and meant this military base will remain there forever.

I have always said that it will eventually liquidated by Russia.

There will be no more military base in Kyrgyzstan.

And (just) in that moment, the Ukraine will be used.


In the final analysis to after there the whole industry was dismantled to create a zone of instability.

There will be neither a paradise nor prosperity.

One can easily imagine what happens when the Ukrainian leadership should be so naive as to sign these documents.


Making a prediction is very simple:

Russia would introduce certain economic barriers so Western goods can not be transported as transit goods through Ukraine to us (Russia).

The Ukrainian companies will lose the Russian market and the western market they can not reach.

In the course of just one year, the Ukrainian industry will have to be changed to Western standards.

This means that the Ukrainian companies even in Ukraine are no longer allowed to sell their goods.

Not only not in Russia or Europe but not even in Ukraine herself, due to the Western standards.

Under this agreement, this (changes) must be performed in the course of a year.

This cost colossal sums, about 20 billion euros - a money, which does not exist.

The companies do not have this money and the (IMF/EU/US) loans are granted for 25% interest.

So the companies are closed, the social unrest will come, unemployment will grow and the quality of life will decline.

Ukraine will begin to ferment.

And at this background already fascist parties like the Swoboda or Islamist organizations (Iraqi/Libyan/Syrian blueprint) stand ready in the Crimea.

An excellent basis to start the game to a complete destabilization of Ukraine.

That is why Europe needs this agreement with Ukraine to provide a platform for the chaos which is prefaced then across Russia's borders into the Eurasian Economic Community.


Just assuming, if the Islamists from Afghanistan will not succeed to break through because the 201th Division and the inhabitants of Central Asia resist then instead the events in Ukraine developed towards a terrible scenario.


And thus, Russia can not keep away as there is also our fleet and our military (stationed).

This means to involve Russia in this conflict will be quite easy.


That's why I want to emphasize it again:


Dear citizens of Ukraine!

No one in the West plans to make your life better.

They thought, think and will think only of themselves.

Ukraine they only need as a basis to reach their own goals.

And in order to weaken Russia they will be willing to split Ukraine.

Think about it and I think you will agree with me’.


Nikolai Viktorovich Starikov is a Russian writer, author of various books on political, social and historical themes and political activist.

He is in favor of the traditional family and an opponent of gay marriage.

Starikov thinks that Mikhail Gorbachev should be impeached for treason before the tribunal and evade the activists of the punk band Pussy Riot the Russian citizenship and banish from the country.




So if you look at the whole situation objectively, take no side, argue only with facts, is an approach of Ukraine to Russia a benefit to the Ukrainian people.

However, Russia has offered the Ukraine 15-20 billion euros, the EU first just under 700 million.

What the EU, America and the IMF offered Ukraine, will not benefit you Ukrainian people but these LOANS will almost exclusively flow back to the banking industrial complex and huge interest rate applied to further indebt the country, plunge into dependences of unelected people and unprotected doomed to dereliction and exploitation.


Let's be honest, any normal thinking person would have accepted the offer of the Russians just because of the total.

Consider these sums.

Although, the first offered 700 million by EU sounds like a lot, but is not.

The West, sarcastically offered some kind of restitution for what he has staged like the destruction of Maidan Nesaleschnosti (Independence Place), not to speak of 96 killed and hundreds of your countrymen wounded.


Consider now the scenario that Ukraine moves closer to the EU.

Take the example of Latvia, which accepted the euro as her currency since January 1, 2014.

Although Latvia has never been a wealthy country, but the people with their salaries and pensions ect. could feed their families.

Now, the euro was introduced and the country moves towards the total bankruptcy.

Child benefit in Latvia is about 20 euros per month.

Since the currency reform, a cucumber costs approx eur 1.50.

So for the bill eight cucumbers a month is enough to feed a child ?

My point is that the prices have not changed.

The Latvian Lats was simply exchanged for eur, but the number in front of it is the same.

For the salaries and pensions, it is different, however.

They are shrunk considerably since the euro is applied.


The conclusion is therefore that the euro has helped to put the Latvian population at the subsistence level.


Now we imagine the Ukraine would join the EU and adopt the euro in 3-4 years.

What would happen then ?

According Klitschko, the Ukraine would do well and the people there were living according to EU standard.

In Klitschkos eyes Germany, where in 2012, already 800.000 households could no longer pay electricity is the EU standard, but it is not.



Official numbers of poverty and statistics by German Federal Office for Statistic

The EU standard prevails in more impoverished and exploited countries like Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Bulgaria, etc.

In many of these countries there was (even huge) resistance growing against an EU membership because it was diagnosed, accedence to the EU is a form of political absorption and assimilation into a centralized government of non-elected rulers of a non-elected politburo.

Our grave concerns have arrived and surpassed by subsequent treaties which restrict member countries parliaments and opened an orgiastic sphere of influence for the insatiable greed of global operating corporations, where not only our natural reserves looted but corporate identity is applied in all areas of life: GMO, Education, Culture, NATO - expansion, Media landscape, Healthcare... to name a few.

Dissent is restricted.


In Ukraine, many people would lose their jobs or have to work for a low-wage, to ever have a job.

I think these facts the majority of the Ukrainian populationis aware of, which is why more and more people distance from Klitschko, the anarchist opposition and The US-backed, George Soros-funded thugs in general.


Ukraine does not need the EU

Ukraine: Vitali Klitschko Traitor or Patriot ?


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