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Climate Does Not Follow Computer Models
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For decades the climate scientists tell us the Maldives will soon sink forever in the sea.

They claim by climate change and rising sea levels, the islands are extremely threatened by extinction.

To preserve the Maldives from ruin, global warming must be stopped by the massive restriction of CO2 emissions.

It would be best if all people to stop breathing so climate hysterics requiring.

But it is interesting that the government of the Maldives is soooooo in worry on the increase in sea level, they build a new airport on the seafront.
Parsifal December 14, 2013

The project is expected to cost USD 400 million, be finished in 2014 and would increase the current capacity of 2.6 million passengers per year to 5 million.

Though recently told us President Mohamed Nasheed he has made ​​plans that will save his people from destruction:

He wants to buy land in India or Sri Lanka.

Thither could resettle the inhabitants, when the sea flooded the islands.

Why then the country is investing in a new airport, which is long-term ?

Only I see a contradiction here ?

First, more planes should bring tourists to the islands, twice as many as before.

But exactly these machines to fetch the tourists produce the CO2 which demonize the climate alarmists so vehemently.

Secondly, they build a new airport on the seafront, where it is supposedly flooded soon.

How does this fit together ?

Not at all, so everything is a lie.

Or is the new airport needed to evacuate the Maldivians when the islands sinking into the sea ?

Therefore, do not believe what they tell you about the climate, but what they actually do.

Unfortunately, the do-gooders are so easy to manipulate, they believe every BS the media, politicians and scientists for sale in scary fairy tales telling them.

This scam has only one goal, to convince people on a bad conscience, so that they can still extract more money out of their pockets.

For climatologists large amounts of research funds beckoning, if they paint a big problem on the wall.

Without panic no money.

So all have a motive to spread this lie.

First snow in Cairo since 122 years
Egypt is not known for snow.

On the contrary, there reigns hot climate with extensive desert.

But what experiencing the inhabitants of Cairo ?

They freeze, because snow has fallen on the city and has everything covered white.

A very rare event, the first time in over 122 years !

Most Egyptians have never seen snow in their lives.

Now the children build snowmen, throw snowballs and laugh but not the Rabbis in neighboring Israel...

But the climate liars tell us that the earth is warming up and there will be no more winter.

In this case there is a cold winter even where it otherwise is virtually never, in the desert of Egypt !

Snowfall is something of the past

On March 20, 2000 an article appeared in the British Independent, wherein one of the best known climate experts predicted snowfall is something of the past.

Dr. David Viner of the Climate Change Research Institute at the University of East Anglia said that in the coming years snow to be 'a very rare and exciting event'.

'Children will not know what snow is at all,' he said at the time.

The British Isles have experienced an extremely cold and snowy winter after the other in recent years.

Ski resorts in Scotland enjoy great amounts of snow and good tourist season.

When will people finally wake up and understand that supposedly reputable scientists lie to them full throttle.

They are cheating when they can, where they fake the temperature data.

With these fake data they feed their computer and then turns out a unrealistic climate model and prediction.

Their research is less serious as to bet on a winning horse, and just like pure humbug.

It’s all about money.

Would they tell the climate behaves completely normal, then they do not receive research money.

In this case, the worst that can happen to humanity is not global warming, but cooling.

A warm climate was historically always a blessing, was the flowering time of the cultures, because there was more food.

During the peak of the Roman Empire, there were, for example, no glaciers in the Alps.

In England, the wine was introduced by the Romans.

The decline of cultures took place due to a climate cooling because there were crop failures and famines, and therefore mass extinction.

This means that even if there was a global warming, scaremongering would be completely absurd and unfounded.

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