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CERN Lied About The MAXIMUM POWER LEVEL!! 1000+ TeV In November! This is HUGE! Tags: Psychopaths Mad Science Cern

URGENT! CERN Lied About The MAXIMUM POWER LEVEL!! 1000+ TeV In November! This is HUGE!

Anthony Patch With URGENT CERN INFORMATION Regarding The Power Levels Set To Be Produced In November

By Kev Baker, October 23, 2015

Today I was contacted by my good friend and one of the leading researchers into CERN concerning something very disturbing indeed. The commonly accepted maximum power expected to be generated at CERN, and this comes from their own Scientists, is 13 TeV, however, worryingly, we are learning that the true power will be over 1,000 TeV!

Yes, you read that right… 1,000 TeV. Below, I have made a video report to help explain this, and then included the work of Mr Patch in article form. Tony Patch will be on Freaky Friday tonight over on TRUTH FREQUENCY RADIO, 23rd Oct 2015 @ 2am UK time, 9pm EST & 6pm PST to explain these truely frightening developments.

LHC Updates by Anthony Patch

The Maximum Power Level for the LHC will be:

  • Nov. 20 – Dec. 13 : 1.15 PeV – THIS FAR EXCEEDS THE LEVEL OF 13TeV seen thus far!

Where does this 1.15 PeV come from and what is PEV?

Collisions of Ions Of Lead (Pb) @ 1,148 TeV (1.15 PeV)

The highest energy to day is 13 TeV with Protons.

NOTE – Tera (TeV) 10 followed by 12 zeroes – 10,000,000,000,000
Peta (PeV) 10 followed by 15 zeroes – 10,000,000,000,000

This is the CENTER of MASS ENERGY of Lead Particles – that is where the 1.14 PeV is coming from

The LHC will power up from 13 TeV – 1,148 TeV
13,000,000,000,000 Electron Volts = the 13 TeV
1,148,000,000,000,000 Electron Volts = the 1,148 TeV = 1.15 PeV
TERA – Trillion
Peta – Quadrillion


The actual maximum poer level the LHC is capagle of has been hidden from the public
All of the publicity has been surrounding their having achieved 13 TeV
No mention of 1.15 PeV has ever been made
Protons have been colliding this year.
Now they are swapping them out for Ions Of Lead (Pb) from NOV 20 through DEC 13


The stated goals of CERN are to….

  • Discover new dimensions… to open one or more
  • Porals to other dimenstion… to make contact

Many Physicists have expressed their concern that this search for other dimensions could have disastrous consequences for us all. Concern for the production of Vacuum Bubbles enveloping not only our Earth, but perhaps even the universe.

Also, the production of Strangelets, the most powerful explosive substance in the known universe.

The fact that the LHC will produce such a massive increase in power of 1.15 PeV, rather than the purported maximum of 14+ TeV, should raise concern aswell.

1,145 Trillion vs 14 Trillion is a big jump!


The beam dynamics and the performance limits with Lead ions are quite different from those of Protons. This is due to the copious nuclear electomagnetic interaction in peripheral collisions of Lead Ions.

The physics of Lead ion beams is qualitatively and quantitatively different from that of Protons.

The Interaction Point #2 for the collisions of Lead ions is within the ALICE detector. The CMS and ATLAS detectors will play a later role in the experiments.

Lead ions will collide head-on, whereas Protons did so at an angle. This contributes to the marked increase in the Centre-of-mass-Energy level.
To put it simply, that is why we see the jump from TeV to PeV.

This increase in power, having been withheld from the public at large, calls into question…. what will be the result? Why hide it?

Repeatedly, the spokespeople for CERN admittedly have no real idea what to expect once the LHC achieves maximum power levels.

Again, just to emphasise the point here….



Imagine this….

Circulation within the 27km long Main Ring of the LHC, not loosely configured subatomic particles… but now what essentially are two SOLID BEAMS OF LEAD, each rotating in opposite directions at 99.9999999991% the speed of light….

And, unlike what previously occured with Protons crossing each other’s paths at an angle, Heavy Lead Ions, the “solid beams”, will collide head-on….
Thus combing all of their Kinetic Energies at one point


*Visit Anthony Patch site….. HERE!


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