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Bilderberg - Meet the German Zionist, CEO of one of the biggest Media Houses in Europe
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Bilderberg - Meet the German Zionist, CEO of one of the biggest Media Houses in Europe

(WARNING: Graphic images of war)

Axel Springer SE is one of the largest publishing houses in Europe with a number of multimedia media brands (including TV stations).

Principles of Springer-Verlag, which are binding for all employees:
1) The unconditional commitment to the peaceful restoration of German unity in freedom.
2. to bring about reconciliation between Jews and Germans, including support for the life rights of the Israeli people.
3) The support of the Transatlantic Alliance and solidarity in the free community of values with the United States of America

The Zionist Media Mogul Mathias Döpfner explains what "The 'post-truth' world" means
Parsifal, June 8, 2018

Our colleague Dan Dicks was able to ask the Management Board of Axel Springer and President of the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers, Mathias Döpfner, two questions as multiple participant of the Bilderberg Conferences in front of the conference hotel in Turin.
The whole thing took place at a quick pace, because Döpfner hurried to the entrance.

Dan asked Döpfner: 'As an influential media mogul, is there any reason why they can't tell what's happening in there?'

Döpfner: 'They have decided that it should be a conference that is not public, where people get the opportunity to speak very openly, without press conferences'.
I think it's a very valuable format to do so.
In this world almost everything is transparent, why not hold such an event.
I find it very interesting'.

Then Dan asked, 'What about the topic on the agenda, living in a'post-truth' world, what do they mean?'

Döpfner: 'Isn't this an important topic where fake news is becoming increasingly important? How to find ways to find truth and real content, I mean that is very valuable'.

Media Mogal Mathias Döpfner Confronted At Bilderberg 2018


For more info from Press For Truth visit:
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That's the kind of person who uses all his media to constantly spread fake news and untruth.
The title 'German Fake News Champion 2017' went to BILD (one of the newspaper brands of the Springer Media Corporation) and its editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt.

Here is just one example of a BILD headline: 'Putin would influence the Bundestag elections with slippery means'.

I didn't know myself what the Bilderbergs meant by this topic, so I translated it like this: 'The world after the end of the truth', which, according to Döpfner's explanation that this is the topic of fake news, is probably correct:

Post-Truth: 'How do we deal with alternative reporting people and their content'.

(Steve Jobs once said he hated 'free coverage on the Internet').

Before I forget:

Matthias Döpfner is also part of the Steering Committee of the Bilderbergs


By the way, after this short questioning of Döpfner outside the hotel Dan and his US colleague Luke Rudkowski were arrested again and again by the police and their passports were taken away.

Another colleague told us that during the night he was attacked in his room while sleeping by police storm troopers.
They broke open his bedroom door, broke in, shouted at him and aimed their guns at him while he lay shocked in bed; the raid happened at 3:45.

After a half-hour search and interrogation to find out why he was in Turin and what he was doing here, the police left.
He told them he was American and was a journalist reporting on Bilderberg.
They left a mess and broken door frames with broken locks.

A very clear intimidation attempt of the police of Turin, because the Bilderbergs do not want the independent media to report about them.
As the mainstream media don't do it and shine with a total absence.

Luke said about that:
This is what you get trying to be a reporter. I guess for #Bilderberg2018 journalism is terrorism'.

Hey, we live in the'post-Skripal' and'post-Douma' era - and if the Anglo-American and Zionist heads of state say 'very likely' and without having proof accuse Assad and Putin, then it's up to everyone to immediately chatter this lie so that one is not defamed as a Putinist, conspiracy theorist or anti-Semite.

You know the drill. Just fake news!

Mathias Döpfner: 'I am a non-Jewish Zionist'


Transcript: 'I am a non-Jewish Zionist and do not consider this to be a particularly conspicuous or remarkable observation.
Why should a non-Jew not stand up for the aims of Zionism and for the rights of life and the rights of the State of Israel in a special way?
I do this not only or primarily from the perspective of past guilt according to the motto 'The Germans have done an incomparable and unique misery to the Jews of this world and must now work in a special way to ensure that (Jews) can live safely and unmolested, at least in Israel.
That applies, yes.
But that is not the only or decisive motive, but I believe it is at least as important that we have a long-term interest in Israel as a democratic society and as a society that essentially embraces the values of the Western democracies - alone in this region -
and that this society and this country is strengthened and supported'.

That's right.
Anyone can be a Zionist, just as anyone can be a Communist or a Fascist.

Zionism is an ideology like the other -isms that is completely racist and wants a state for Jews only.

All gentiles are not people in their eyes, but cattle with whom they can do whatever they want: And they really do so.

That is why the Palestinians are discriminated, oppressed, imprisoned, tortured and murdered without any scruples.

This confession by Döpfner explains why his media report as tendentiously and unilaterally as they do, why a journalist must sign a clause in the employment contract never to report badly on Israel.

By the way, Zionism and Judaism are diametrically opposed, because many Orthodox Jews are the greatest opponents of Zionism.

The Zionists use only Judaism as a shield to justify their crimes.

Here is a current example of what the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians:

During the demonstration outside the prison walls of Gaza, Haitham Abu Sabla was hit in the face by Israeli soldiers with a tear gas cartridge.
You can see the bullet sticking in his face and the tear gas smoking out of his mouth and nose.

Sabla was admitted to hospital and the tear gas cartridge from his face was surgically removed.

Here he is connected to the life-support system after the operation.

Since the protests in Gaza began in early April, 120 Palestinians have been murdered by Israeli soldiers and 3,400 injured.

It is known that the IDF has deployed over 100 snipers against the Palestinians, who were ordered to kill the demonstrators with targeted shots... or more precisely, to murder!

A group of Israeli snipers shooting at demonstrators

More murderous snipers

The Israeli soldiers also murdered the 21-year-old paramedic Razan Al-Najar, who was about to provide First Aid to the wounded Palestinians.

The standard lie: 'Israel has the right to defend itself!'

It's significant when Döpfner admits to this Zionist gang of murderers !

Mathias Döpfner: 'I am a Zionist'


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