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Bilderberg - Is Hickenlooper next presidential candidate ?
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Bilderberg - Is Hickenlooper next presidential candidate ?

As I have often reported, the Bilderbergs are also 'Kingmakers' and it is no coincidence that many relatively unknown politicians, after attending the Bilderberg conference, are quickly promoted to top positions.
One of those participants I outed participated in Sitges, Spain in 2010 and presented themselves to the Bilderbergs.
Namely Olav Scholz.
Where did he land now ?
Scholz is since March 14, 2018 Federal Minister of Finance and Vice Chancellor in the cabinet Merkel IV.
So at the top as second in the federal government after the Merkel.

Parsifal, June 6, 2018

But this article is about another possible candidate for a high office.
After reviewing the list of participants at the Bilderberg Conference in Turin, I noticed the name John Hickenlooper, the Governor of the State of Colorado.
He was invited by the Bilderbergs.
After a short search, I found out he has ambitions to become the presidential candidate of the 2020 Democrats.

Remember, Bill Clinton also participated as an Unknown Governor of Arkansas at the Bilderberg Conference in Baden Baden in 1991 and lo and behold, two years later he was the candidate of the Democrats and became American President.
There are only two options.
Either the Bilderbergs have an incredibly good sense of often inviting the future leaders, or they clear the way for their candidate to win.

How do they do that ?
About their clique, their money machine and their media.
If you have a lot of money and the media on your side, you will most likely become president.
At Bilderbergn also participate the top bosses of the largest media corporations.
For example, the head of CNN International in Turin, Gerhard Zeiler, and Anne Applebaum of the influential Washington Post is also present.

Other US media representatives include:
John Micklethwait, editor-in-chief of Bloomberg,
Zanny Minton Beddoes, editor of the Rothschild-owned The Economist,
Peggy Noonan, who writes for The Wall Street Journal, and
James Fallows, author and journalist.

Google must also be counted as a powerful medium (Google News) and Hartmut Neven, Director of Engineering, is in Turin, as Jared Cohen, founder and CEO of Jigsaw, the censorship department of Google's mother, Alphabet Inc.

Hickenlooper met with key American political figures in March to discuss his candidacy for the White House against Donald Trump.

'John's feeling for the right time in politics is his mojo.
It served him well when he ran for mayor and then governor. That could also apply to his race in 2020',

said Alan Salazar, Hickenlooper's former political chief strategist.

Also, note that Hickenlooper was on Hillary Clinton's list of potential vice presidents in 2016.
For months, Hickenlooper's interest in applying for the office of president has been a constant topic for speculation in Colorado politics.

I will watch his upcoming career.

Another person who is in Turin and has bigger ambitions is Ursula von der Leyen, the German Federal Minister for war.
She could be the candidate of the Bilderbergs for the succession of Merkel.
Fittingly, the head of the Axel Springer Group is also there.

We know that Bild-Zeitung makes or breaks politicians.

I almost forgot it.
Emmanuel Macron has been President of France since May 14, 2017.
He was in Copenhagen in 2014 at the Bilderberg meeting.
Has gone fast for the Rothschild puppet.

Now some of you will ask, yes, but what about the voters request ?
As there are elections.
Since I have to laugh, because usually the electoral decision of voters is controlled by the media.

You can always put a candidate in the foreground and present him in a good light and make others looking bad or completely ignore them.

There is only one thing that can disturb the Bilderberg's plan, namely, the social and alternative media.
The corporate media was 99 percent for Hillary, but Trump has won through the Internet.
This is why the US State Department and the ultra left blame Trump's success on russian hackers (and the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin) and, undoubtly all the aggravated censorship measures in the www as to avoid future terrible disgrace of such kind.

And finally, I noticed the participation of Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Foreign Minister of the Vatican City.
Why is he at Bilderberg ?
Is it because Parolin, as they say in Italian, is 'papabile', so a possible next Pope ?

If I statistically evaluate the previous 66 Bilderberg meetings, then this relationship between the participation of politicians and their subsequent career leap to top positions is striking.

There goes the wise saying:

'One is none, two is coincidence, three times (and more) is a pattern'.

It is the credit of the independent media that the Bilderbergs can no longer hide completely !
However, a study published today proves that this game of hide-and-seek still works quite well in political science:

In it, political scientists were asked about the Bilderbergers' level of awareness and their assessment of the danger of undermining basic democratic values.

The frightening result in a nutshell:
Almost half have never heard the name Bilderbergs (!) and nobody sees it as a fundamental threat to democracy.
Since such groups belong to the research area of political science, the naive ignorance of it speaks volumes and proves how efficiently secrecy could be practised over decades even in the massively affecting area of university research.


Photos from the NH Lingotto Congress Hotel in Turin, where the Bilderbergs meet:

Copyright by Josh Friedman

Privacy screen, so their faces can not be photographed.

The hotel is now closed to the public.

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