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Antarctica Unveiled: Best Woo-Woo Ever!
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Antarctica Unveiled: Best Woo-Woo Ever!

Thanks to FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE TV for the post on their website and the introduction


This is Part 3 and the climax of an amazing conversation recorded by Forum Borealis, between their host, Al and Clif High earlier this year and finally just now released. For me, listening to this finale of the mind-blowing prequel is pure ear candy! You definitely get you woo's worth!
This totally entertaining talk covers so much ground but a couple of details that stuck out, which might pique your interest involve the anomalous energy bursts we've seen recorded emanating from Antarctica. These have been captured by Memex satellites over the past 2 years and have been the subject of videos put out by YouTubers like MrMBB333, Dahboo77 and others. Clif says that this is an unusual microwave signal that has nothing to do with HAARP and which he suspects may be an exotic energy technology from extreme antiquity recently discovered in Antarctica after being frozen for millennia and now being tested.
Clif also suspects, based on the Web Bot readings he was getting between 1999-2001, that the many reports of high profile people falling ill while visiting the Continent may relate to radiation poisoning from this alternative energy. The two proceed to make jokes and to speculate about the many political and religious leaders, some of them quite physically infirm, from Newt Gingrich, to Buzz Aldrin, to Russian Patriarch Kirill, to John Kerry and Barack Obama, all seemingly making holy pilgrimages to Antarctica during a specific time period, as if they needed to kiss the ring of the true ruler of the world (!)
Clif opines that Antarctica was once and may still be a lair of the Anunnaki extraterrestrial creator gods of Sumerian mythology. The two also discuss the Nazi legend of Neu Schwabenland and how 20,000 blonde Ukrainian women went missing during the war, possibly to serve as breeders for Antarctica's alleged Nazi colony.
Another crazy factoid emerges from Clif's father's experience as a commander in the Vietnam War and early tests with night vision goggles using a photon-based system and translating these signals into the red side of the light spectrum. These revealed terrifying, demonic-looking entities all over the place and literally drove some air gunners mad. The current night vision systems use electrons for input and translate these into green light (Clif informs us that the human eye evolved to see more shades of green than any other color). This end of the spectrum apparently does not "see" the gargoyle beasties but as those who own modern night vision goggles may already know, you can see lots of UFOs with them! (A decent pair can set you back anywhere between $500 to $10,000).
This is just a tip of the Antarctic iceberg and you don't have to believe any of it to be superbly entertained. If, however, you've actually been looking at this confluence of arcane subjects for decades, as I have, the new details and other subtleties, derived from Clif's Web Bots, mainstream news reports and Internet chatter are what make this the best recording about the emerging mysteries of Antarctica that I've heard yet!
Published on 30 Jul 2018
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