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An important message to President Trump
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An important message to President Trump

Parsifal, September 14, 2018.

A concerned American has sent the following message to Trump:

'Get the fucking Marines out of Idlib! Have you gone crazy? Have you gone completely insane? Fire Bolton and Pompeo immediately. Bolton is unstable and dangerous - almost as bad as psychopath McCain was. Get rid of that crazy ignorant woman Niki Haley, who humiliates and shames our country every time she opens her mouth. Change your personal phone number and stop taking calls from these psychos Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson, who don't care if they destroy America as long as they think it benefits Israel and the globalist bankers. Their actions endanger America and all Americans. Putin is the only adult in the room. He is the statesman with real diplomats representing the Russian peoples - while we have radical globalists, madmen pretending to be diplomats.

Please come to your senses. Stop protecting CIA/Al Qaida. Let the Syrians and Russians finish them off so they can begin the reconstruction of Syria and end the suffering and tragedy of these poor innocent people'.


Fully in agreement.
There is no better way to describe the situation and what is necessary in such short terms.

The 'White House' can be reached here.

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