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When the majority of speakers at the EPA hearing were just parroting the usual carbon emissions propaganda, we had four stellar speakers who stood out. The majority who were parroting the propaganda were all representing a company or organization  and were  more or less just reciting how well they are doing their jobs of cutting emissions (from orders given to them from above). 

The speakers who were not being paid by an organization or company within the system were the free thinkers and researchers  who came armed with facts from their research. They covered the ongoing geoengineering programs which effect climate more than does carbon emissions.  These are must hear speeches which are below.


First is James Lee bringing up the topic of leaded gasoline and the effect aircraft induced clouds have on the climate:.


Amanda Bais gives testimony of how she reported a complaint about the spraying and was given the run around by every agency she contacted,.


Patrick Roddie gives the facts of how geoengineering is changing the climate and our skies, the history and proposals of it and the adverse health effects of it. He also says he would not expect the EPA to admit to a covert operation such as the Manhattan project or the covert operations going on now (not verbatim).


Max Bliss among countless scientific and documented facts about the geoengineering programs, Max brings up how acadamia, politicians and entrepreneurs joining in the climate arena for  lucrative funding or more darkly to create a one world government through Agenda 21.


I did not do justice in my summation of these speeches as they were so packed with information and cannot be summarized in one sentence.  I highly recommend you listen to them for yourself.


Bottom line, the EPA cannot deny hearing and receiving the documents that back up the testimonies of these anti-geoengineering activists.  It was also on CSPAN TV and website.  The EPA can no longer deny knowledge of the spraying programs as they've been informed in public.


Jacqueline Bresee


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