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Song for today - Wimme - Agálas Johtin (The Eternal Journey)
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Wimme Saari - Agálas Johtin (The Eternal Journey)
Joik by Wimme Saari (Album Cugu), sung in Sámi, apparently the oldest Culture in Europe (and alive).
Petroglyphs and archeological findings such as settlements dating from about 10.000 BC can be found in the traditional lands of the Saami who have lived and worked in an area that stretches over the northern parts of the regions now known as Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Russian Kola Peninsula.

Saami - The ski-going people - Early history

Petroglyphs, Häljesta, Vastmanland, Sweden

Traditional Sámi religion can be described as a polytheistic heathendom.

Due to the largeness of Sápmi, there are differences seen in religious as well as nonreligious aspects of Life.

The oldest beliefs are associated with a close connection to Earth, as depicted in the ancestral rock art.

Pantheism and a strong personal spirituality connected to daily Life are key elements of traditional Sámi spirituality.

As in many Cultures, the Sámi divide the cosmos into upper, middle, and lower worlds. Sacrifices and special rituals allow humans to access the different worlds.

In traditional Sámi belief, the Upper World is associated with the South, warmth, life, and the color white. This is the world of the Sun (female) and the Earth Mother figure Máttaráhkká.

The Middle World can be described as the world of everyday life for the Sámi.

It consists of humans and some animals, such as bears.

The color of the Middle World is red.

The Middle World is separated from the Underworld by a river of blood. This river is crossed in one direction by souls of the dead and in another direction by souls of the newly born as they return to the world of the living. The Underworld is inhabited by creatures that dive such as otters, loons, and seals. It is associated with the North, cold, bubbling springs, deep caves, and the color black.

Chart of the three worlds in ancient Sámi spirituality

Copper carving depicting a Sami shaman (noaidi) with drum, Merĺker, Nord-Trřndelag (1767)

Copper carving depicting a Saami Shaman (noaidi) with drum, Merĺker, Nord-Trřndelag

Keep the Sami Culture alive.
Don't let it die.
We need cultural diversity in this world.
If Culture dies, so will the guidance and the wisdom of our Ancestors.
We will be lost, looking for our native roots.
No mixing.


 - Maybe, one Day we can find our roots again - parsifalrain

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